11 best bars in Porto: local’s choice

Looking to bar-hop your way through the cobbled streets of Porto? You’re in luck. We’ve got a whole load of bars, boozers and beer gardens to see you through your next city break. Lisbon’s less subscribed (but equally colourful) sister is the stuff of legends. Travellers are tempted with cosy cafes, wine bars and age-old European charm. But don’t let these sleepy streets fool you! Within a maze of medieval alleys lies a sip-tastic nightlife just waiting to blow your socks off. Spoiler alert: there’s plenty of port!

Did you know… Half of the Hostelworld team live in Porto. Yes, our southern co-workers know this city like the back of their hands. Boozers included. After spending years bar hopping (or stumbling) the city three times over, they’re ready to spill the beans. So, buckle up. Here are their top picks for a glass and a half of pure Porto fun.


First up: some saucy suggestions from Andrea, our Product Owner.

1. Aduela

Locals’ favourite, Aduela, is authentic as they come. Chairs and tables spill out onto the street, while a buzzing young crowd sip wine, sangria and moscatel (a super sweet wine from the southern region of Setúbal). Alongside super cheap drinks, you can snack on local delicacies. We see you, cheese boards! According to Andrea, the place is ALWAYS packed. If you’re struggling to find a seat, make like a local and sit on the street!

Address: R. Das Oliveiras 36, 4050-448 Porto


2. Ferro Bar

A new addition to the Porto bar scene, Ferro serves up a strong blend of drinking, dancing and debauchery. With a cracking roof terrace, travellers are perfectly placed to kick back and admire the Porto skyline with the cities’ best Cuba Libre in hand. The place serves cheap creative cocktails and hosts regular DJ nights. Just try not to fall down the hill on your way home!

Address: R. da Madeira 84, 4000-427 Porto


3. Mafa Mood

Lovers of Latino dances will flock across the river to Mafa Mood. This unique cultural centre is a chameleon of good times, shapeshifting endlessly between a bar, restaurant, theatre, concert hall… The list keeps going. For a non-pretentious taste of Porto’s thriving music scene, visit on Sunday evening prime time. Here, you can experience amazing food, friendly vibes and a lot (I mean, a lot) of Brazilian dancing.

Address:  de, R. Telhado 265, Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto


4. Candelabro

Bookworms and boozy-brunchers alike will appreciate this bar in a bookstore. Unashamedly retro, sip a glass of red while admiring the monochrome floor tiles and heaving bookcases. Why not grab a one to read if you’re feeling studious! A homing beacon for creative crowds, the bar is a meeting point for the young and artsy. Not to worry though, party people! It gets busy with upbeat tunes and sporadic gigs at weekends.

Address: Rua da Conceição 3, 4050-215 Porto


Next up is Joao, our Product Design Manager, who came through BIG TIME with his recommendations.

5. Easy at Selina

Hostels do it better. And when it comes to bars, Selina knows a thing or two about showing you a good time. Easy at Selina is famed for its lush terrace and brilliant beer garden. Perfect for travellers and locals alike, spend the day sipping sangria in the Portuguese sun. And when the tank gets empty? Chow down on an insta-worthy feast fit for hostel royalty.

Address: R. Das Oliveiras 65, 4050-449 Porto


6. Tendinha dos Clérigos

Next, head downtown (and underground) for a night to remember. The first bar to swing open its unassuming door in Oporto’s bubbling melting pot is anything other than your typical nightclub. When the clock strikes 2am is when Tendinha comes alive. Rock and roll and ritualistic energy await within their red-lit interior. Be prepared to sacrifice sleep for a night fit for a rockstar. And remember, to get hangovers you have to stop drinking – Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister of Motorhead.

Address: R. do Conde de Vizela 80, 4050-639 Porto


7. Maus Habitos

Next up is locals’ guilty pleasure. Maus Habitos (Bad Habits) lives up to its name, tempting travellers to stay within its walls for longer than they’d like to admit. Is it a bar? Is it a gallery? Maus Habitos is everything it wants to be, and more. Hard to define but easy to love, it’s a place that encourages all forms of cultural expression. Nestled into a riveting rooftop terrace, experience outstanding cocktails, arty spaces, live music and first-class DJs. It’s urban. Modern. Hip and happening. The take-home? Go here for good food, great music and all-night-revelry.

Address: R. de Passos Manuel 178 4º Piso, 4000-382 Porto


8. Hot Five Jazz & Blues Club

Feeling Blue? Hot Five is a seductive shrine to jazz, blues, and a brilliant night out. With music in mind, the interior features round candlelit tables surrounding an elevated stage with iron chairs reminiscent of traditional Jazz clubs. Round the back lies the bar. Serving any and all drinks desired to a tipsy crowd of musical hedonists. On Wednesdays, experience jam sessions from Porto’s Jazz and Blues elite. For a night all about the music, head to Hot Five to find your J-spot.

Address: R. de Guerra Junqueiro 495, 4150-098 Porto


Finally, Lourens, our Database Administrator, finishes off the list with some up-all-night corkers.

9. Torto

Cocktail-o-clock? Torto’s got you covered. This ambient Arabian building is defined by graffiti and neon lighting. The drinks are the highlight here. For a few extra euros, you can experience Portuguese mixology at its best: pretty, unique, and undeniably delicious. With ambient music and sultry mood lighting, this is the place to go if you’re feeling classy. As the owners state: ‘it’s not a bar or a restaurant, nor is it a club. It’s just a place with a reputation that has yet to be soiled.”

Address: R. de José Falcão 199, 4050-199 Porto


10. Fabrica da Picaria

Craft beer buffs listen up: Fabrica da Picaria is your new fave spot. A modern, industrial space in Porto’s old town brings beer making to fabulously foamy life. Visitors to this brewpub are immersed in the brewing process from start to finish… and rewarded with a freshly made cold one. Feel all the factory feels while sipping on a perfect pint that won’t break the bank. What’s more? You can even drink directly from the fermentation vat!

Address: Rua da Picaria 72, 4050-477 Porto


11. Espiga

Let’s head to Espiga. Yet another creative cultural hub blending drinking, dining and a whole lotta drawing. Sip a beer while indulging your artistic soul: the bar (or gallery) frequently holds creative events, exhibitions and workshops. Brushed concrete walls serve up a modern industrial feel, and the terrace is terrific for lazing on a sunny afternoon.

Address: R. de Clemente Meneres 65, 4050-202 Porto


Need a place to lay your head after all those beers? Here’s a list of the best hostels in Porto – some of which even have their own bar for a quick nightcap.


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About The Author

Maya Hawes

Maya is our London-born Junior Copywriter with a love for all things extreme. When she’s not climbing rocks, she’s diving under them; always on the lookout for something new to get her blood pumping. She has a long-standing obsession with Japan, despite the fact she’s yet to go there.