18 Travel Experiences Only A True Backpacker Can Relate To

18 Travel Experiences Only A True Backpacker Can Relate To

Yes, we all know that travelling is an amazing, wonderful, LIFE AFFIRMING experience, but there are also times when travelling becomes irritating AF. Here’s a list of 18 good, bad, and (quite frankly) hideous experiences every ~true~ backpacker can relate to. But hey, we still know you wouldn’t change a thing! ?

1. When you finally arrive at your hostel after 4000 hours on a bus/flight and you’re seriously sleepy

2. When your annoyingly energetic travel buddy tries to wake you up early the next day

3. When the hostel has free breakfast… just pass me the Nutella and a spoon ?

4. When you go and explore your new city and you’re amazed by everything


5. When you have no international data and have to try using a MAP (ew, an actual physical MAP?!)

6. Trying to understand local public transportation

7. When you’re SO HUNGRY but you want to find the cheapest possible place to eat #hangry

8. When you *attempt* to speak the local language but mix up all the words

9. When you see the waiter coming with your food but he goes to the next table

10. When you meet new travel buddies but feel like you’ve known them FOREVER

11. Spending a little (or a lot) more money than you should because everything is just SO amazing

12. Finding out that the hostel organises a pub crawl…

13. … And loads of good looking people have signed up

14. Desperately trying to tick everything off your bucket list when your trip is almost over

15. When you think ‘f*** it’ and treat yourself to a night in a private dorm

16. When you realise you only have one day left of your trip

17. When you show all your travel photos to your friends (who pretend they care)

18. When you start planning your next trip on the plane home


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18 Travel Experiences Only A True Backpacker Can Relate To

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