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Things To Do In Alicante – Month By Month

Things to do in Alicante

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Written by David Mason | @masononsocial | 5th Dec 2023

TLDR: This guide provides essential information for solo travellers exploring Alicante, highlighting the best experiences and practical tips to make the most of this vibrant Spanish city.


  • A must-visit attraction in Alicante is the Castle of Santa Bárbara, offering stunning panoramic views of the city and the Mediterranean Sea. Read more about it below.
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About Alicante

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Alicante, a charming port city on Spain’s Costa Blanca, is known for its beautiful beaches, historic old town, and lively atmosphere. It’s a perfect destination for solo travellers seeking a mix of relaxation, culture, and adventure.

What Else To Know When Visiting Alicante

Things to do in Alicante

Accommodation Tips

Solo Friendly: Choose accommodations in the central areas like El Barrio or near Postiguet Beach. Opt for hostels, guesthouses, or boutique hotels that offer social events and opportunities to connect with other travellers.

Dining Solo

Local Delights: Alicante’s culinary scene is vibrant, with many tapas bars and seafood restaurants along the Explanada de España and in the old town. Be sure to try local specialties like arroz alicantino (rice dish) and fresh seafood.

Safety Tips

Staying Safe: Alicante is generally a safe city, but it’s always wise to exercise caution, especially at night. Stick to well-lit, busy areas and keep an eye on your belongings.

Language and Culture

Language Basics: While Spanish is the main language, attempting a few basic phrases can greatly enhance your interactions. Alicante locals appreciate efforts to speak Spanish, even if it’s just simple greetings.

Getting Around

Transportation: The city centre of Alicante is easily walkable. For travelling to beaches or further areas, Alicante offers a reliable tram and bus system. Renting a bike is also a great way to explore the city’s scenic routes.

Meeting Fellow Travellers

Social Hotspots: The areas around the Marina, El Barrio, and the Esplanada are buzzing with cafes, bars, and restaurants – ideal for socialising and meeting both locals and other travellers.


Cost-Saving Tips: Take advantage of Alicante’s free cultural attractions, like the city beaches and parks. Enjoy affordable dining in local tapas bars, and use public transport for cost-effective travel around the city.

Things to do in Alicante

What’s On In Alicante Month By Month

Throughout the year, Alicante, often referred to as the ‘City of Light’, offers a diverse range of activities, perfect for every season. From lounging on sun-kissed Mediterranean beaches to discovering cultural gems during the cooler months, this guide uncovers the 12 best experiences for solo travellers in this charming Valencian city.

January: Alicante Winter Festival

Expect the weather to be: Cool, around 12°C.

What: A cultural festival featuring music, theatre, and dance performances.

Why: This festival provides a warm, artistic respite from the cooler weather, perfect for those who enjoy cultural enrichment and the opportunity to meet fellow arts enthusiasts in an intimate setting.

Where: Various venues across Alicante, including local theatres and cultural centres.

February: Carnival in Alicante

Expect the weather to be: Mild, around 15°C.

What: A lively and colourful celebration with parades, costumes, and music, embodying the spirit of Alicante.

Why: The carnival’s vibrant and inclusive atmosphere is ideal for solo travellers looking to experience local traditions and join in the fun with residents and other visitors.

Where: Main events occur in the city centre, especially around the Rambla de Méndez Núñez.

March: Alicante Spring Festival

Expect the weather to be: Pleasant, around 18°C.

What: A festival welcoming spring with concerts, food fairs, and cultural events.

Why: It’s a great way to experience the local culture and community spirit, offering diverse activities and opportunities to socialize and enjoy the emerging spring weather.

Where: Held in various locations, including public parks and along the Explanada de España.

April: Alicante Guitar Festival

Expect the weather to be: Pleasant, around 20°C.

What: A celebration of guitar music, featuring performances from classical to contemporary genres.

Why: This festival is perfect for music lovers, offering a chance to enjoy world-class guitar performances and potentially participate in workshops and discussions.

Where: Hosted in several venues, including the Alicante Conservatory of Music.

May: Moors and Christians Festival (Moros y Cristianos)

Expect the weather to be: Warm, around 23°C.

What: A traditional festival with parades, mock battles, and costumes, commemorating historic events.

Why: The festival offers a spectacular insight into local history and culture, with plenty of opportunities to interact with locals and participate in festivities.

Where: Celebrations occur city-wide, with significant events in the old town.

June: Hogueras de San Juan (Bonfires of Saint John)

Expect the weather to be: Warm, around 26°C.

What: A traditional celebration marking the start of summer with bonfires, fireworks, and parades.

Why: This event is a highlight of Alicante’s cultural calendar, offering solo travellers a chance to experience unique local traditions, enjoy the lively atmosphere, and meet people during the long summer nights.

Where: Throughout Alicante, especially on the beaches and main squares.

July: Alicante Jazz Festival

Expect the weather to be: Hot, around 30°C.

What: A music festival showcasing local and international jazz artists.

Why: This event is perfect for unwinding in a relaxed environment, enjoying high-quality jazz, and mingling with other music aficionados.

Where: Takes place in various locations, including open-air venues and clubs around the city.

August: Castell de l’Olla Fireworks

Expect the weather to be: Very hot, around 31°C.

What: A spectacular fireworks display launched from floating platforms in the bay of Altea, close to Alicante.

Why: The display is a visual feast and a great reason to enjoy a warm summer night on the beach, ideal for those seeking a combination of relaxation and awe-inspiring entertainment.

Where: Best viewed from the beaches of Altea, a short journey from Alicante.

September: Alicante Film Festival

Expect the weather to be: Pleasant, around 28°C.

What: A celebration of international and Spanish cinema, featuring screenings, workshops, and panel discussions.

Why: This festival is a great opportunity for film enthusiasts to discover new movies, engage in cultural discussions, and connect with filmmakers and fellow cinephiles.

Where: Screenings and events are held at various cinemas and cultural centres across Alicante.

October: Medieval Market

Expect the weather to be: Mild, around 22°C.

What: A historical market that recreates the medieval period with crafts, food stalls, and performances.

Why: The market offers a chance to step back in time and experience a slice of history, perfect for those interested in culture and looking to enjoy a festive and social atmosphere.

Where: Usually set up in the old town, particularly around the Santa Bárbara Castle.

November: Alicante Gastronomy Week

Expect the weather to be: Cool, around 18°C.

What: A week-long celebration of Alicante’s cuisine, with tastings, cooking workshops, and culinary tours.

Why: An ideal event for foodies to explore local flavours, learn about Mediterranean cuisine, and interact with chefs and fellow gastronomy enthusiasts.

Where: Various locations throughout Alicante, including local restaurants and markets.

December: Alicante Christmas Market

Expect the weather to be: Cool, around 13°C. What: A festive market featuring holiday decorations, crafts, and traditional foods. Why: The Christmas market is a perfect place to soak up the holiday spirit, enjoy seasonal treats, and mingle in a cheerful and friendly environment. Where: Mainly located along the Explanada de España and in the city centre squares.

Heading Back

Alicante captivates solo travellers year-round with its unique mix of festive events, dynamic urban life, and rich historical heritage. Each month brings new opportunities for adventure, ensuring that whether you’re basking in the Mediterranean warmth or exploring the city’s historical landmarks and vibrant neighbourhoods, your solo journey in Alicante will be rich with discovery and meaningful connections.


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