Things To Do In Valencia – Month By Month

Month by month guide things to do in Valencia

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Written by David Mason | @masononsocial | 5th Dec 2023

TLDR: In this solo traveller’s guide to Valencia we look at a month by month overview of what’s on in the city, with a focus on events for those travelling alone.


  • Our top pick of the best thing to do while visiting Valencia, has to be El Tomatina. Check it out here
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About Valencia

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Valencia offers an array of events perfect for those exploring on their own. Each month brings unique opportunities for adventure, cultural immersion, and making new connections. Here’s a curated guide for each month of the year.

What Else To Know When Visiting Valencia

Accommodation Tips

Solo Friendly: Seek hostels or boutique hotels with communal areas to meet fellow travellers. Many places in Valencia offer activities like walking tours or paella nights, perfect for solo visitors.

Dining Solo

Local Delights: Venture into local tapas bars where communal seating encourages conversation. Valencia is known for its paella, a great dish to share with new acquaintances.

Safety Tips

Staying Safe: Valencia is generally safe, but it’s wise to stay aware of your surroundings, especially at night. Keep valuables secure and avoid less populated areas after dark.

Language and Culture

Language Basics: Learn a few Spanish phrases to enhance your experience. Understanding basic greetings and phrases like ‘¿Dónde está…?’ (Where is…?) can be very helpful.

Getting Around

Transportation: Valencia’s compact size makes it great for walking. For longer distances, the city has an efficient public transport system, including buses and a metro.

Meeting Fellow Travellers

Social Hotspots: Check out Valencia’s lively neighbourhoods like Ruzafa or El Carmen, where cafes, bars, and events are great for socialising.


Cost-Saving Tips: Take advantage of free walking tours, eat at local markets for authentic, affordable meals, and use public transport or bike rentals to save on transportation costs.

What’s On In Valencia Month By Month

No matter the time of year, we have filtered down things to do in Valencia on a month by month basis. Whether it’s something for a solo traveller in the sun, or what to do on a short break in the winter, this is our calendar diary of the 12 best things to do in The Capital of the Turia.

January: Three Kings Parade

Expect the weather to be: Mild, around 10°C.

What: A dazzling parade celebrating the Epiphany, featuring elaborately decorated floats, musicians, and performers. This event marks the arrival of the Three Wise Men, a significant part of Spanish Christmas traditions.

Why: The parade’s vibrant atmosphere is perfect for experiencing local customs and meeting people. It’s a blend of culture, history, and festivity.

Where: Through the city centre, starting from the Port of Valencia.

February: Las Fallas Workshop Visits

Expect the weather to be: Cool, around 12°C.

What: Exclusive glimpses into the creation of the ninots (effigies) for the Las Fallas festival. These workshops are bustling with artists and craftsmen, showcasing their intricate work.

Why: It’s a unique cultural experience to see the artistry behind Valencia’s famous festival and interact with the local artisans.

Where: Spread throughout the city, especially in the neighbourhoods of Ruzafa and El Carmen.

March: Las Fallas Festival

Expect the weather to be: Mild, around 15°C.

What: A UNESCO-listed festival with grandiose effigies, fireworks, and street parties. It culminates in the burning of the ninots, symbolising renewal.

Why: The festival’s energy and community spirit make it ideal for solo travellers to immerse themselves in Valencia’s most iconic event.

Where: City-wide, with main events around Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

April: Valencia Boat Show

Expect the weather to be: Pleasant, around 17°C.

What: This show features the latest in nautical design, equipment, and activities, alongside various maritime exhibitions.

Why: It’s a chance to delve into Valencia’s maritime heritage and meet enthusiasts and professionals from the nautical world.

Where: Marina Real Juan Carlos I, about 3 km from the city centre.

May: Turia Gardens Picnics

Expect the weather to be: Warm, around 20°C.

What: The vast, verdant Turia Gardens offer a tranquil setting for picnics, leisurely walks, and cultural events.

Why: It’s a perfect spot for relaxation and casual socialising in one of Valencia’s most beautiful green spaces.

Where: Turia Gardens span the city, easily accessible from various points.

June: San Juan Beach Festival

Expect the weather to be: Warm, around 24°C.

What: A lively celebration on the beach with bonfires, fireworks, and music, marking the start of summer.

Why: The festival’s relaxed beach setting is ideal for socialising and experiencing a traditional Spanish summer solstice celebration.

Where: Along the beaches of Valencia, particularly Malvarrosa Beach, around 5 km from the city centre.

July: Valencia Jazz Festival

Expect the weather to be: Hot, around 28°C.

What: A month-long event featuring a range of jazz performances, from classic to modern styles, by international and local artists.

Why: The festival offers a laid-back environment for enjoying music and mingling with other jazz enthusiasts.

Where: Palau de la Música and other venues across the city.

August: La Tomatina (nearby in Buñol)

Expect the weather to be: Hot, around 30°C.

What: The world-famous tomato fight, where thousands gather for a fun and messy battle with overripe tomatoes.

Why: It’s a unique, high-energy event that’s great for bonding with others in a playful setting.

Where: Buñol, about 38 km west of Valencia.

September: FIB Benicàssim Festival

Expect the weather to be: Pleasant, around 25°C.

What: An internationally acclaimed music festival, featuring an array of artists across genres like rock, indie, and electronic.

Why: The festival’s vibrant atmosphere is perfect for music lovers to enjoy concerts and socialise.

Where: Benicàssim, about 90 km northeast of Valencia.

October: Valencia Film Festival

Expect the weather to be: Mild, around 20°C.

What: A celebration of cinema with a diverse range of films, including screenings, workshops, and talks.

Why: It’s an excellent opportunity for film buffs to engage in discussions and connect with filmmakers and enthusiasts.

Where: Various venues across Valencia, primarily in the city centre.

November: Marathon Valencia Trinidad Alfonso EDP

Expect the weather to be: Cool, around 15°C.

What: A renowned marathon event known for its fast course and enthusiastic spectator support, attracting runners from around the globe.

Why: Participating or spectating, it’s a lively event to experience the city’s spirit and connect with the running community.

Where: Starting and finishing near the City of Arts and Sciences, about 2 km from the city centre.

December: Valencia Christmas Markets

Expect the weather to be: Cool, around 10°C.

What: Traditional markets featuring festive decorations, artisan crafts, and local culinary delights.

Why: The markets offer a cosy atmosphere to enjoy the holiday spirit and indulge in festive traditions.

Where: Various locations, with the main market in Plaza del Ayuntamiento, in the heart of the city.

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