5 ways Glastonbury is like travelling the world

This time last week I was caked in mud, glitter, and cider residue at Glastonbury Festival aka “The Greatest Place on Earth”. The comedown has been brutal, but there may be hope: read on for five awesome things that Glastonbury and travel have in common. Time to pack your bags, people! ✈ ✈ ✈

1. People are nice and it’s not awkward

Fall down at Worthy Farm and ten pairs of unknown hands will reach to pull you up out of the mud. You pass round ciggies, hand sanitizer, water… This sharing and caring vibe is also hands down one of the best things about travel. It may sound cheesy, but cooking dinner with new friends in your hostel or exchanging local tips over a beer are where some of your most lasting travel memories will be made.
Both Glastonbury and travel bring out the best in us socially awkward Brits: people are accepting, chatty, interested, and carefree. You’re thrown together as a community of people and getting back to basics reminds you what’s actually important; getting along, and looking out for each other.

2. You’re free to be your glittery, cape-wearing self

global degree travel
As cheesy as it sounds, you’re free to be and do exactly what you want when you’re at Glastonbury – this freedom is a precious thing, and the only other place I’ve experienced it is when backpacking solo. You can dress how you want, act how you want, party like you want. You can cover yourself head-to-toe in sequins, dress like a seagull, rock a cape, a dressing gown, or your birthday suit. The more flamboyant the better.
You have no one to impress, and nothing to be afraid of so go nuts – skinny dip, get a tattoo, wear the same clothes 6 days in a row. No one will judge you here. And if they do, at least you’ll never have to see them again!

3. It’s scientifically impossible to be unhappy

Glasto mud
This year’s Glasto featured biblical rain, insane 20-hour traffic jams, the bitter news of Brexit, and, worst of all, Coldplay were headlining. But despite these setbacks, I don’t think I stopped smiling for five days. If you’ve ever been travelling, this may sound familiar – no matter how many flights you miss, or weird tummy bugs you catch, you pick yourself back up and carry on – there’s just too much going on to feel sorry for yourself.

4. You see the world with fresh eyes

Global degree travel
At Glastonbury, there are so many weird, wonderful and enlightening things to discover at every stage and in every tent. You pay attention to every little detail, because you don’t want to miss a thing. It’s basically the opposite of your daily commute! Now imagine that feeling magnified by a thousand times – that’s what it’s like to be in a strange new country, exploring their food, history and unique customs.
Like Glastonbury, travel is a magnificent reminder to sit up and take notice of the wonder around us, because when you do, you find magic, music, imagination, love, happiness, friendship… and a whole lot of sparkle!

5. You switch off and realise it feels pretty damn good

About the author
Amy Baker is a writer, traveller and veteran Glasto goer. Follow her adventures over at amybakerwrites.com. Thanks to Global Degree and @guidocarol for the awesome pics.

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