10 jaw-dropping destinations for thrill seekers

Travelling the world is exciting enough in itself, but some of us want to go one step further and head to our planet’s most thrilling destinations! Luckily, it’s possible to travel the world and get your adrenaline fix at the same time. We’ve uncovered the ultimate jaw dropping destinations at the highest of altitudes. So, whether you’re looking to teeter across a glass walkway or take on the world’s highest bungee jump, we’ve got you covered. It goes without saying that if you’re scared of heights, it’s probably best to stop reading right about now… Or, why not conquer your fear in style by taking on these jaw-dropping adventure destinations?!


1.  Tianmen Mountain (Zhangjiajie, China)


Whilst China is known for its culture, it’s also fond of gravity-defying attractions. The latest development is a 100m glass walkway; propelled at 4600ft and spanning the cliff face of Tianmen Mountain, located in the spectacularly beautiful Zhangjiajie National Park. En route to the summit you’ll enjoy amazing avatar-esque views via a cable car, but then it’s down to you to take on the glass walkway – if you dare! The best time to visit Zhangjiajie (a two hour flight from Shanghai) is between September and November where temperatures are cooler and local tourists aren’t as frequent. Admission to the park is priced at 250 yuan (roughly £28).

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2. Macau Tower bungee jump (Macau)

Often overlooked in favour of neighboring Hong Kong, Macau (a mere 55 minutes ferry ride away) is most definitely worth a stop on your China itinerary. With direct flights available from Beijing and Shanghai, many flock for its glitzy casinos, but you thrill-seekers will prefer the Macau Tower: home to the world’s highest bungee jump!

At 4222 MOP (£400) the 233m jump is fairly pricey, but adrenaline junkies will argue that ticking off the world’s highest bungee jump is well worth it! The price for the Guiness World Record attraction includes admission to the tower, a t-shirt and a certificate. The best time to visit is between October and December. Whilst much of China gets chillier during this time, Macau still maintains a mild, pleasant climate.

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3. Skybridge (Sochi, Russia)

Just over 200 meters above Krasnaya Polyana Valley is where you’ll find the spectacular Skybridge: a 439 metre long footbridge with stunning views of the surrounding mountains. It’s the longest suspension bridge in Russia and if the Macau Tower got you in the mood for jumping, don’t worry, you can also bungee jump of this too! Skybridge is located in Sochi, an accessible part of Russia with its own airport for both domestic and international flights (many fly from Moscow or St Petersburg). Sochi is warmest during the Summer months and April – July is an ideal time to visit.

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4. OUE Skyspace (Los Angeles, USA)

Towering at almost 1000 feet above Los Angeles, this open-air observation deck offers stunning views of LA. You’ll be playing ‘spot the landmarks’ with views of the Hollywood sign and Santa Monica Pier etc. all visible from this top vantage point. Looking for something more adventurous? Well why not hop on the ‘Skyslide!’ Yes, it’s as fun as it sounds! A 45ft long glass slide affixed to the outside of the building which whizzes you between the 70th and 69th floor. Admission for the observation tower is £17 or £23 for the tower and slide combo. Personally, weeeeeeee (get it?!) believe between March and May is a great time to visit.

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5. Manhanakhon Skywalk (Bangkok, Thailand)

Bangkok is a backpacker’s paradise and now thrill-seekers can get in on the action too, thanks to Thailand’s tallest building. Along with an observation deck, the building now offers a glass floor; extending off the edge of the building for visitors to walk across, lie on and look down from to the spectacular urban skyline below. What’s more, the rooftop bar comes in very handy for some Dutch courage. We recommend visiting between November and February to avoid monsoon season. Entry price for the deck and skywalk is THB 1050/ £25.

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 6. Arcelor Mittal Orbit (London, England)

Brits don’t always need to leave the country to get their adrenaline fix. In April this year, the UK’s highest freefall abseil launched at Olympic Park’s iconic sculpture (at a cost of £85 a ticket). With unbelievable views of London’s skyline, you can choose to either abseil or slide down Arcelor Mittal Orbit (at a more budget-friendly £16.50 a ticket). And not only is this the UK’s biggest sculpture but the slide itself is the world’s longest tunnel slide. The orbit is easily accessible by central and jubilee line (With the nearest station being Stratford) and is open all year round (although we recommend the summer months).

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7. Jinmao Tower (Shanghai, China)

With its iconic architecture Shanghai is hardly short on skyscrapers, but Jinmao Tower (a five minute walk from Lujiazui Station) is probably the scariest of them all! Thrill-seekers are treated to an outdoor glass walkway that’s completely handrail free. Yep, you read that right! Visitors are instead harnessed to a railing, leaving them to freely walk along or take a pew on the walkway and look down. At 388 yuan (around £44) it’s not cheap but it’s certainly bucket-list worthy. Avoid February and the summer months (the busiest travel time for locals) and take a trip in autumn instead.

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8. El Caminito Del Rey (Malaga, Spain)

If you enjoy living life on the edge, then you might be tempted to take on the ‘walkway of death!’ Despite this off-putting nickname, many still flock to the El Choro gorge (approximately 60km from the city of Malaga) and the suspension bridge that teeters 100 meters above it. After being closed due to a series of deaths in 2000, a newly renovated version opened in 2015 with added safety precautions. You’ll still need to be a fan of heights to take this challenge on, but you’ll be rewarded with incredible views of stunning scenery. Whilst it’s only 10 euros to visit, it’s vital to book in advance (as only 600 visitors are allowed per day).

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9. The Grand Canyon (Arizona, USA)

The Grand Canyon needs little introduction. Yet, whilst it’s a popular tourist attraction (1 million flocked to it last year) it doesn’t mean it’s not worthy of a place in our top ten. There’s something for everyone once you’ve arrived at Grand Canyon West (admission is $50) from its dizzying skywalk at heights of 2000ft (an additional $20), to its 2100ft zipline ride above majestic cliffs (an additional $50) and helicopter tours (which start from $145). We recommended avoiding the sweltering summer months and visiting in either March, May or September.

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10. Victoria Falls (Livingstone, Zambia)

As the largest waterfall in the world, Victoria Falls is a UNESCO world heritage site located at the Zambia Zimbabwe border. Many people visit for the breathtaking natural beauty, but there’s also plenty for thrill-seekers to do. Choose from a 111m freefall bungee jump, a tandem bridge swing or a zipwire that runs 425m across a gorge. The best time to visit is between February and May as the falls are at their most powerful and visually stunning.

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