Krakow Nightlife: The 20 Best Bars In Krakow

Krakow Nightlife: The 20 Best Bars In Krakow

Krakow nightlife is unique to nightlife anywhere else in Europe. Although Krakow’s gorgeous architecture, charming town square and the glow from Wawel Castle give the city a true fairy-tale feel, bars in Krakow are anything but cute. Of course, there are a handful of delightful riverside bars and rooftop restaurants offering fantastic cocktails but the best bars in Krakow are a little harder to find!

Krakow favors the gloomy but gorgeous basement bars. The slightly spooky, shabby-chic establishments adored by locals and travelers alike. Think deep reds, dark wood furnishings and fascinatingly beautiful creeping green foliage.

Follow this guide to the best bars in Krakow and party like a local in this postcard perfect Medieval city. We guarantee you’ll have a Kracking good time!

1. Singer

Best Bars in Krakow - Singer, Izaaka 1, Kazimierz

Spooky chic! 馃摳 @beaupapercompany

The slightly rusty and dusty vibe of Singer cafe gives a real sense of what prewar Krakow might have looked like. The place is in the heart of the hipster district聽Kazimierz聽and was named after the iconic Singer sewing machines, which have been transformed into tables. The granny-chic patterned wall paper, heavy antique furniture and old paintings create a somewhat spooky atmosphere. Although haunted by its own legend, the small Singer space still remains a popular hangout among both locals and expats. Towards the end of the night, people start to dance on those old sewing tables, or sew they say!

Address: Izaaka 1, Kazimierz

2. Ursa Maior

Concept Store and Pub 馃摳@kallamigvadduvill

The rather minimalist interior of Ursa Maior with it’s wholesome, folky vibe is pretty refreshing after visiting many of the vintage-esque hipster bars Krakow has to offer. Ursa Maior is all about craft beers from their microbrewery in the Bieszczady Mountains. You’ll find a fantastic selection of craft beers from Belgian style, smoked and even IPAs. Prices start from $3 for a draft beer and with the really friendly staff always up for a chat you can easily while away an afternoon at Ursa Maior sampling beers and swapping stories.

Address: Plac Wolnica 10

3. Pijalnia W贸dki i Piwa

Best Bars in Krakow - $1 beer and vodka at Pijalnia W贸dki i Piwa

馃摳 @alehladutska

A favorite chain for many Poles, Pijalnia Wodka i Piwa is an old-school bar influenced by Poland’s socialist movement. You won’t find doting waiters or a fancy interior, but if you鈥檙e after a cheap round of drinks, Pijalnia is the place for you. Flavored vodkas and beer cost only $1, (yes, you read it right!), so people always end up staying for more than one. It鈥檚 a good idea to accompany your shots with a typical Polish snack like salted herring or steak tartare, to avoid things getting a little too messy! Pijalnia is the perfect pit stop to rev up an evening or a great place to grab a night cap.

Address: 艢wi臋tego Jana 5

4. Forum Przestrzenie

Best Bars in Krakow - Brunch at Forum Przestrzenie

馃摳 @grdv.nst

The Hotel Forum was built in the Soviet-era and was turned into a bar that has quickly become a hip meeting spot for Krakow鈥檚 youngsters, and with good reason! The Forum Przestrzenie is a makeshift beach right in the heart of the city. Travellers chill on lounge chairs right by the Wisla river and the beach overlooks Wawel Castle giving drinkers the dreamiest of views. We recommend going for a long and聽lazy lunch in the summertime, sipping a beer or homemade lemonade while watching the sunset behind the castle.

Address: Marii Konopnickiej 28

5. Alchemia

Best Bars in Krakow - Alchemia in the Jewish quarter of Kazimierz

The entrance to Narnia!聽馃摳 @freakymafiabanana

Alchemia has earned its reputation as a legendary venue in the bustling Jewish quarter of Kazimierz, also聽home to Oskar Schindler’s factory. Alchemia is a聽kingdom of shabby vintage d茅cor and decadent atmosphere. Expect four different candle-lit spaces combined into one super cool venue, music events, cultural nights, and a fab selection of drinks. Check out their gig calendar where you can find a concert for every type of music lover, Alchemia is a staple in Krakow nightlife!

Address: Estery 5

6. House of Beer

Best Bars in Krakow - Choose from over 200 bottled beers and 12 on tap at The House of Beer

?聽200 bottles of beer on the wall, 200 bottles of beer…聽?聽馃摳 @dutchbeerlove86

A true boozy paradise for any beer fanatic! 聽Choose from over 200 bottled beers and 12 on tap with prices accommodating for every budget, starting at $1.20 for the beer of the day. The perfect chance to taste some Eastern European tipples from Lithuania, Czech Republic, Ukraine and of course Poland. Poland has been experiencing a huge craft beer renaissance over the last couple of years, resulting in a bunch of microbreweries and cool craft beer bars popping up all over the city. House of beer is easily one of the best bars in Krakow, so hop to it!

Address: 艢wi臋tego Tomasza 35

7. Eszewieria

Best Bars in Krakow - Eszewieria


Eszewiera is atmospheric, to say the least. It’s magical and cozy with twinkly fairy-lights and plush armchairs welcoming you in. This little caf茅 bar in the center of the oh-so-trendy Kazimierz district ticks all the boxes. Although Eszeweria follows the quirky ramshackle style of old Krakow, it still manages to boast it’s own unique romantic vibe and has a truly lovely garden in the back. All craft beers are very reasonably priced, don鈥檛 miss their signature lemon vodka for a sour sweet hit. While you’re in J贸zefa Street you might want to check out the local art galleries and antique stores, as well as the High Synagogue. A must see for any Krakow visitor.

Address: J贸zefa 9

8. Multi Qlti

Best Bars in Krakow - Multi Qlti - Tap bar just off Krakow's main square

I’ll take two please!聽馃摳 @pureise

This quirky tap bar is just off Krakow’s gorgeous Main Square. If you’re looking for a cheap afternoon, walk around the stunning Main Square before heading over to Multi Qlti for some cold ones (with the lads). 聽You can order different serving sizes starting at 150ml for only $1. So if you鈥檙e an indecisive beer nut, you can try them all without breaking the bank!

Address: Szewska 21

9. Klub Re

Best Bars in Krakow - Klub Re, 艢w. Krzy偶a 4

Lovely little garden 馃摳聽@ak.alicja89

Although it’s right in the center of Krakow, this edgy basement bar is not so easy to find! Maybe that鈥檚 why it remains so popular among local students and hipsters who bring a chilled authentic vibe to it. Many students decide to study in Krakow not just because of its prestigious university, but rather to enjoy the city鈥檚 varied student life and young energy. During the warm months you can sit outside in a vast beer garden with a glass of a Hungarian wine, cider or a beer for $2. As soon as it gets dark, chances are that the downstairs space will fill up with a lively crowd waiting for an alternative music concert. Time to boogie!

Address: 艢w. Krzy偶a 4

10. Absynt

Best Bars in Krakow - Absynt, Miodowa 28

Gettin’ hot in here聽?聽馃摳 @stevie_b_a_r_r_e_t_t

Stepping into Absynt feels like stepping into your whimsical and, well, slightly loopy aunt’s living room. Instead of cups of tea, expect goblets of smoking cocktails. Absynt bar is another timeless bar in聽Kazimierz and one of the best bars in Krakow. Living up to its name, this bohemian nightlife venue offers absinthe from old-school apparatus, with an intriguing palette of colors. You can be sure to find drinks here that you鈥檝e never tried before, like a burning shot by the name of Hemingway. We’re sure you’ll love this quirky bar, and you know what they say… absinthe makes the heart grow stronger!

Address: Miodowa 28

11. U Romana

Best Bars in Krakow - U Romana, 艢w. Tomasza 43

Krakow looks like a fairy tale!聽馃摳 @s_mamlina

Roman’s, located above the Krakow Music Academy, is a rooftop cafeteria/bar and boasts truly stunning, panoramic views of Krakow. Serving traditional local food for as a little as $3-4 a meal – HELLO Polish milk-bars! – U Romana is a great refuel stop before embarking on your evening. But come on, we bet we had you at panoramic views!

Address: 艢w. Tomasza 43

12. Barka

Best Bars in Krakow - Barka, Podg贸rska 16, Bulwar Kurlandzki

Rustic riverside vibes聽? 馃摳@spasskova

Barka means barge, and that’s exactly what this charming little boat bar docked at the Wis艂a River is! Barka is one of those places you stumble across without even knowing it existed, but you’ll be happy you did. Located right next to the Lovers鈥 Bridge, Barka is a pleasant open-air hangout where you won鈥檛 pay more than $3 for a local beer. In the evening the deck turns into a dance floor, so hold on, dear passengers! This is one boozy cruise!

Address: Podg贸rska 16, Bulwar Kurlandzki

13. Propaganda

Best Bars in Krakow - Propaganda - Miodowa 20

Shabby chic realness 馃摳@bannaners

Probably one of the oldest and most characteristic pubs in the Kazimierz district, Propaganda is full of memories for the Poles who grew up in the era of the Poland People鈥檚 Republic (PRL) before the fall of the Berlin Wall. Propaganda showcases history as well as poking fun at the absurdity of the communist times. Just have a look at the peculiar regime slogans on the walls and chat to the locals for help understanding the translations. Propaganda is wonderful, and the prices even more so!

Address: Miodowa 20

14. Cybermachina

Cybermachina - Video game bar in Krakow

Neon playground 馃摳@maddy_lev

Any Mario Kart or Zelda fans here? Cybermachina is a retro video games sanctuary where you can play the games of your childhood on Nintendo, Xbox 360/One or PlayStation consoles. Not exactly what you would expect from a medieval city! You can just grab a beer for $1.20 and give a vintage arcade machine a try. If you’re not exactly an avid gamer don’t worry – we got you covered! Board games usually win over even the skeptical, and Cybermachina has a huge selection. If you want to geek-gasm聽even harder then check out the super cool and super nerdy game themed cocktails… Pika Pika Lemonade anyone?

Address: Stolarska 11

15. Pi臋kny Pies

Best Bars in Krakow - Pi臋kny Pies is open 24/7 and offers affordable drink prices

Find me in the Klub 馃摳@aleksandrarosikk

Carefully following Krakow鈥檚 recipe for a perfect bar, Pies is seedy, offers inexpensive beer for $2 and cocktails for $4, and has a small music stage. Piekny Pies is open 24 hours a day, every day of the week. There is no doubt that it鈥檚 a Krakow classic and all you marathon party people can find heaven here! A typical Krakow nightlife spot for after any evening, Piekny Pies is always ready to beckon you in!

Address: Bo偶ego Cia艂a 9

16. Winoman

Best Bars in Krakow - Winoman Bodega and Wine Bar

Archway goals聽馃摳 @mishka_jackowska

Poland isn’t the first country that comes to mind when you think of wine production but this doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on your favorite tipple when in Krakow. Fortunately for wine lovers there’s Winoman. Winoman is a cozy bodega right in the center of Krakow. Although good wine is never too cheap, this place offers each wine by the glass starting from $2-3, which is perfect when partnered with tapas starting at $3 a platter. The unpretentious interior design is a delightful setting for a relaxed evening.

Address: Bracka 15

17. Mercy Brown Dive Bar

Best Bars in Krakow - Mercy Brown Dive Bar - Floriana Straszewskiego 28

Creative cocktails聽馃摳 @davreynolds

If you feel like experiencing a little sophistication then the chic Mercy Brown cocktail bar might be the twisted mix you need. Mercy Brown offers cocktail classics, as well as the staff鈥檚 experimental drinks with a Polish twist! All in a stylish art-deco interior with swing and jazz rhythms in the background. Cocktails cost around $5 which is not exactly a budget price by Krakow鈥檚 standards, but the experience makes up for the price! It might be a good idea to reserve a table beforehand as Mercy Brown’s gets busy fast.

Address: Floriana Straszewskiego 28

18. W贸dka Caf茅 Bar

Best Bars in Krakow - W贸dka Caf茅 Bar

Which flavors would you pick?!聽馃摳 @sav_j

This small cellar bar is famous for its long tasting trays with 6 different flavored vodkas for you to enjoy, or… force down! Play it safe with the classics, and go for lemon, raspberry, and quince, or聽spice things up a bit with ginger or chili chocolate!

Address: Miko艂ajska 5

19. Strefa Piwa

Best Bars in Krakow - Strefa Piwa

Beer, glorious beer聽馃摳 @wojto19a

J贸zefa Street is a total winner amongst Krakow’s student population, and Strefa Piwa with its pleasant cellar is one of the best bars in Krakow. You can choose from 18 quality craft beers for less than $2 and snacks at similarly low prices. There are some scarce samples from tiny breweries here that are hard to find elsewhere in Krakow. If you鈥檙e a traveling football freak, Strefa will shelter you and support your addiction by screening important matches on the TVs. Goooaaaal!

Address: J贸zefa 6

20. CK Browar

Best Bars in Krakow - CK Browar

Krakow, you have a lil’ pizza my heart!聽馃摳 @camposeffect

If you’re not a fan of bar hopping and like to spend hours at a time relaxing in the same pub, then CK Browar is the place for you. This basement bar is connected to a restaurant and serves six different types of beer from their own microbrewery at very fair prices. If you鈥檙e going out in a group and feel confident about your drinking capacity, order a cool 3.30l or an impressive 5l beer pipe and pour your own glasses. Don鈥檛 miss their happy hour deals every day until 4pm, when 5l of light beer costs only $12! The wooden tables and chairs and Tiffany-style lamps, together with antique beer memorabilia and bare-brick walls create a classic d茅cor. The atmosphere gets really buzzing in the evening so prepare to party!

Address: Podwale 6-7


So there you have it, our recommendations for the 20 best bars in Krakow. Let us know if you know any that should be included in the comments below!

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Best bars in Krakow

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