11 Toronto Foods You Need In Your Life ASAP

As one of Canada’s premier cities, you’d expect Toronto to have a thriving foodie scene. Thankfully the city lives up to its delicious reputation, with affordable and scrumptious options all over the place. We’ve found some of the very best for you…

Moo Frites

moo frites toronto
Simple, affordable, yummy. Moo Frites specialize in high-quality Belgian-style frites, and you can expect all sorts of toppings and flavours, including chopped onions, peanut, wasabi, crushed nori and so many more. Seriously, don’t let your taste buds miss out, they’ll never forgive you.
Location: 178 Baldwin Street, Kensington Market
Opening Hours:

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11:30am-7pm (sometimes 8pm) every day.

Sweet Jesus

sweet jesus ice cream sundaes toronto
Offering you the very best in “sweet salvation,” Sweet Jesus is the ice cream parlour to end all others. Not only will you find some of the tastiest dairy delights you’ve ever had, but their ice cream looks every bit as stunning and vibrant as it tastes. Go. Now. What are you still doing here?!
Location: Several
Opening Hours: 7am-11pm Every day

The Dirty Bird Chicken + Waffles

dirty bird chicken and waffles toronto
Chicken and waffles are a staple of the southern USA, but the staff at The Dirty Bird have concocted a delightful Canadian version. Their secret ‘Maple Dust’ is basically addictive, so give your taste buds a heads up that they’re in for a wild ride. And don’t worry gluten allergy sufferers, they’ve got you covered, as their chicken is all breaded in their own gluten-free flour! NOM NOM NOM!
Location: Several
Opening Hours: 11am-8pm (open until 10pm on weekends)

Eva’s Original Chimneys

eva's original chimney's toronto
Tongue-tingling Hungarian pastry, baked into a cylinder of joy, and filled with ice cream. Yes you read that correctly! Throw in some additional toppings like Nutella, homemade apple preserves or even butter toffee bits, and you’ve got yourself a food-gasm. #sorrynotsorry
Location: Food truck location schedule
Opening Hours: Variable

Buna’s Kitchen

buna's kitchen toronto
Buna’s offers some of the most tantalizing European dishes you’ll ever sample. Summertime in the city calls for a dose of watermelon salad, summer peach grilled cheese or the refreshing green pesto salad. Their range of quiches and sandwiches will keep even the hungriest of foodies fully satisfied.
Location: 388 Richmond St. W. Unit 5B
Opening Hours: 11am-7pm (open till 4pm and closed weekends)

Fugo Dessert

fugo's dessert ice cream toronto
Simple, sweet, and sooo good! Fugo offers handcrafted ice cream flavours, fresh ingredients and desserts inspired by every corner of the globe. Their Instagram game is on point – just try looking at those pictures without immediately daydreaming of a colourful explosion of dairy goodness!
Location: 205 Dundas St W
Opening Hours: 1pm-9pm (open till 10pm on weekends)

Petit Potato

petite potato toronto
Taiwanese cuisine at its most divine. Petit Potato is all about top notch food, without the top notch prices. Take a bite from one of their tea-inspired snacks (maybe the roasted green tea crème brulee), desserts (perhaps the legendary durian pancake) or exotic appetizers menu (deep fried squid ball, anyone?).
Location: 10 Ravel Road Unit1-2
Opening Hours: 11:30-1am (11am-2am weekends)

Toast Delight

toast delight toronto
Imagine the tastiest, most succulent waffle you’ve ever tasted: thick, rich and the perfect soft-crispy balance. Now imagine that instead of a traditional ice cream cone, filled with mouth-watering dairy goodness. Dream no more – introducing Toast Delight! You’re welcome 😉
Location: Unit 2659-8339 Kennedy Road
Opening Hours: 11am-8pm (closed Tuesdays)

Gushi Japanese Street Food

Gushi Japanese Street Food toronto
Everyone is raving about Gushi, and rightly so. The food is exquisite and very reasonably priced. Their specialty purple rice is full of nutrition, and the street food vibe means it’s perfect for busy travellers needing a bite on the go. Also, try the chicken. Seriously… you’re welcome 😉
Location: 707 Dundas Street West
Opening Hours: 11am-8pm (closed Sundays)

What A Bagel

what a bagel toronto
The stuff of dreams and legends. What A Bagel offers freshly made bagels and pastries made right there in the store, with a whole host of variations. Whether you’re in the mood for sweet or savoury, they’ll make sure you find something that hits the spot, from their gorgeous butter tarts to their delectable croissants.
Location: Several
Opening Hours: 7am-6pm Weekdays. 8am-7pm Weekends

Teara Lab

Teara Lab Toronto
The staff at Teara Lab aim to “create delicious memories,” and they definitely succeed. The menu offers Japanese fusion sandwiches, such as the mouth-watering Teppanyaki Teriyaki Chicken Burger, or the Kalbi Shortrib Sandwich. Once you go Teara Lab you never go back!
Location: 181 College St.
Opening Hours: 11am-8pm every day
Special thanks to Lauren Marinigh, @toridigredorio, Chew Toronto, @remakewithtea, Foodora, Nick Ghattas, @thatsotee, @feedthebearblog, and all of the restaurants featured for their amazing pics!

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