🔥❄️ Christmas In A Hot Country VS Christmas In A Cold Country 🔥❄️

December is a funny time of year. Every advert on TV makes us cry, and we spend the whole month reassuring ourselves that ‘the diet starts next year!’ Aside from this, December is the best month of the year and filled with the anticipation that Christmas is just around the corner! ‘Christmas’ is very different depending which part of the world you live in. If you’re from a country that’s cold during December then you’re familiar with singing in the living room, and watching the snow outside (or at least that’s what the movies tell us!). If you’re from a country that’s hot during December, all those movies about getting lost in a New York snowstorm during Christmas don’t make any sense to you, and you dream about the year that you wake up on Christmas Day and see white outside.

Well, someday you’ll experiene Christmas in a country with a different climate to your own… Here are the main differences between spending Christmas in a hot country, and spending Christmas in a cold country, so you can simultaneously stay toasty and cool AF!

🎄 The beginning of December

🔥 In a hot country

December is here and so are your summer holidays! Of course, you love Christmas, but the idea of spending two months sunning yourself at the beach is more appealing than presents right now. You spend the whole month in your hometown and this is you on Christmas Day:

You try to get into the spirit and buy a Christmas jumper, but you feel ridiculous in 30-degree heat.


❄️ In a cold country

December is here and the Christmas mood is all around! You can feel happiness in the air and you spend the whole month counting down the days until Christmas, eating the chocolates on your Advent Calendar (and quite a few more as well!)

But the warmth, cheery Christmas mood isn’t enough to battle the fierce cold outside. All you want to do is dive under your duvet!


🍻 One week until Christmas

🔥 In a hot Country

The streets are decorated and everyone is fully in the Christmas mood. But every time you try to buy something Christmas related it comes with fake snow and every single Christmas movie shows a reality totally different from your tropical December…

You start to accept that yes, it is very hot, and no, this might not be very ‘Christmassy,’ but you can have a lot of fun, after all… it is beach season!

❄️ In a cold country

Christmas euphoria is so intense that you’re not sure you can handle it anymore. Father Christmases on the streets, people wearing their best Christmas jumpers, advent calendars in your house and in your office and in your dreams. There’s just SO much delicious food to eat in a one month period. You are very happy, but it’s hard to focus on anything but Christmas as the day approaches.

It’s only ten days until the big day and everything is so beautiful. OMG THE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!

🎅 On Christmas Day

🔥 In a hot country

You get together with your family with a lot of delicious food and many stories to tell. No one seems to notice that it’s 40 degrees outside and that they’re sweating through their festive outfits.

You eat A LOT, open your presents, and then run to the swimming pool or to the beach. Trying to watch a Christmas movie with your family, all bundled up on the sofa, looks a little like this…


❄️  In a cold country

You get together with your family with a lot of delicious food and many stories to tell. Inside, your house is very cosy, you play the piano together, bake cookies, and sing Christmas songs. Nothing could be more perfect than this!

🎁 On Boxing Day

🔥 In a hot country

Looking at the weather forecast for the next week likeeeee…


❄️ In a Cold Country

Christmas is over and you have a long time to wait until the warmth of summer unfreezes your cold, cold heart. At least you can look forward to New Years… doesn’t your diet start now?!


🔥❄️ What’s Christmas like in your home country? Let us know in the comments below 🔥❄️

Cover Photo Credits:  @fannouiiille

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