How to Find the Best Parties When Travelling

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Dan Fennessy is Co-Founder and CEO of Party with a Local – a free app that connects travellers and locals that want to party. Party with a Local has a growing community of locals and travellers around the world – connected by a desire to party, to make new friends, and to share experiences.

While it’s not usually the main reason for travel, many people – and especially the hostel-staying crowd – are often looking to party when they are in a new city. And why the hell not? You’re only in a place for a few nights, you want to experience everything a city has to offer, including the nightlife, right?

You can of course have a great time drinking in hostel bars or by joining organised pub crawls – these are normally great for meeting fellow travellers. But how do you find the happening local parties? And how do you make sure you don’t miss out on the best of a city’s nightlife? There’s nothing worse than having an ordinary night out somewhere when you are traveling, then getting back home and hearing ‘Oh, you really should have gone here, it’s an awesome place to party!’

To help out you party-loving travellers, here are a few (free) tips and tricks that can help you find the best parties while traveling:

1. Ask the Hostel Staff

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Most hostel staff usually know their city very well and know what is happening at bars and clubs most nights of the week. Hostels often have live-in staff who also like to party themselves, so if you catch one on a night off they might even join you.

You can of course use the Hostelworld app to research and book a hostel that best suits you. Check out the hostel information, comments and reviews to get a better feel for the atmosphere, and look out for any that are saying they offer the best local (and nightlife) knowledge.

Download Hostelworld for iOS and Android (Free)

2. What’s On Guides

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Most major cities have printed local “what’s on” guides or newspapers that cover many cultural and nightlife happenings in a city, usually for the coming week or month. The best place to find these usually free guides is at hip and happening cafes. While the guides may be in another language, events like live music and club nights (DJ ‘X’ at Club ‘Y’) are usually pretty easy to spot in any language.

If you really prefer your info in English (and digital), you can also find a lot of party agendas and city guide Blogs online, like Awesome Amsterdam. These can often be quite niche or alternative which can help you find hidden nightlife gems to suit any taste. To Google!

3. Ask friends who have recently visited the city you are in

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You probably have at least 300 friends on Facebook. If you are visiting a major city then the chances are at least some of your friends have visited, or even lived (and partied) there.

A handy way to find these friends is to search for a city in the standard search dialogue box on Facebook, e.g. search for ‘New York’. Click on the main ‘City’ which shows up in the results. Scroll down the city page and can see:

‘All your friends who have visited New York: Were here, Have worked here, Have lived here, From here.’

Chat with these people and ask for their insider tips – the chances are at least one of them can give you advice on the best places to party, or introduce you to friends who still live there that can.

4. Party with a Local

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I’m a bit biased here, but who is it that usually knows the best parties going on anywhere, on any given night? The locals. Party with a Local is a free app that connects travellers and locals who want to party. It has a growing community of users around the world – many locals who love to party, to meet new people, and to share nightlife experiences. Because a night out anywhere is better with a local.

Download Party with a Local for iOS and Android (Free)

5. Event apps and websites

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There are plenty of other apps and websites that can help you find the best parties and events happening near you. Some of the best include: Vamos – a location-based app that helps you find the most interesting events in a city, everything from Art & Entertainment, Food & Drinks, Fashion to Clubs & Parties. For the dance music and DJ-loving crowd, check out Resident Advisor website or the Beat Guide app.

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Now you’ve read about it it’s time to experience it. Book your next party trip with Hostelworld.

Have any other tips for finding the best parties while traveling? Love to hear them! Share them in the comments…

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