10 Paradise Beaches Around the World You’ve Never Heard Of

From rugged coastlines with giant rocks, powerful waves, and giant sea-creatures lurking in the deep, to aquamarine-blue waters, calm and warm as bath water, with white sands and lazy palm trees, this world is just full of amazing beaches. Perhaps you’re a connoisseur of beaches, but have you heard of these hidden gems? Here are ten paradise beaches around the world you’ve probably never heard of:

1. Tip of Borneo, Kudat, Sabah, Malaysia

Paradise beaches - Kudat Malaysia

Malaysian Borneo, and peninsular Malaysia, for that matter, boasts some of the most beautiful hidden beaches in the world. Expansive palm forests, wild jungle, and sparsely populated towns pave the way from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah’s capital and largest town, to the almost-private Tip of Borneo. For untouched white sands, incredibly clear and calm waters, and a beach more or less all to yourself without the price tag, there’s not much better than the Tip of Borneo.

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2. Moonstone Beach, Trinidad, California, USA

Paradise beaches - Moonstone Beach California

California is home to some of the most impressive and well-known beaches in the world. Head to what has been dubbed the, “lost coast” in Humboldt County, just two hours south of the Oregon border, to see some coves that almost nobody knows about. Rugged, raw, and beautiful, this stretch of Northern California coastline is nothing short of epic.

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3. Koh Ta Keo, Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Paradise beaches - Koh Ta Keo Cambodia


Accessible by long tail boat from the mainland in Cambodia, Koh Ta Keo is a sparsely populated fisherman’s island without electricity, western toilets, or much of anything, really, apart from relatively unknown beaches and reefs.

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4. Angelsea, Victoria, Australia

Paradise beaches - Anglesea Australia

There’s no doubt that Australia is full of absolutely astoundingly gorgeous beaches, each unique in the constantly changing landscape of the island-continent. Anglesea, however, stands out as it’s located not far from Melbourne and can afford a weekend beach-goer almost-private stretches of sand. The iron-rich rock paints the cliffs an impressive copper color that can be appreciated year-round.

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5. Kellys Beach, Kouchibouguac, New Brunswick, Canada

Paradise beaches - Kellys Beach Canada

Located on the east coast of New Brunswick in Kouchibouguac National Park, Kellys Beach is a favorite amongst cyclists, avid hikers, and bird watchers. Full of dunes and tall grasses and home to seals and sea lions, the park is full of natural protected areas over its 238 square kilometers.

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6. Panari, Yaeyama Island, Okinawa, Japan

Paradise beaches - Panari Japan

At first glance, it appears as though the water at Panari is too clear and blue to be real. Located closer to Taiwan than the mainland of Japan, these islands off of Okinawa maintain a tropical climate. They are so remote, locals speak such a different dialect of Japanese that it is almost another language entirely!

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7. White Island, Camiguin, Mindanao, Philippines

Paradise beaches - White Island Phillipines

Camiguin Island in the Mindanao region of the Philippines is a SCUBA diver’s dream. Not often visited due to Mindanao’s less-than-stellar safety reputation, Camiguin is a rather safe island, not too far from Bohol, that is full of friendly faces and easy access to white sand beaches.

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8. Gili Air – Gili islands, Lombok, Indonesia

Paradise beaches - Gili Air Indonesia

Bali, Lombok, and Gili Trawangan all tend to get the bulk of the tourists in this area of Indonesia. Gili Air, however, is a peaceful island getaway perfect for snorkeling, diving, or R&R away from all the crowds.

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9. Es Trenc, Mallorca, Spain

Paradise beaches - Es Trenc Spain

Want to find a beach in Mallorca that reminds you of the Caribbean? Check out Es Trenc, which is not tied to any resorts and is more isolated, wild and rugged. Though not as remote as some of the other beaches on this list, it is less crowded and touristic than other options in popular Mallorca.

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10. Nosy Be, Madagascar

Paradise beaches - Nosy Be Madagascar

Though Madagascar’s most popular beach, Nosy Be is still relatively off the beaten track for most. Full of beautiful protected areas and a favorite for SCUBA divers, Nosy Be is a great jumping off point for discovery of uninhabited desert islands and nature reserves.

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Kristin Addis is a former investment banker who sold all of her belongings and bid California goodbye in favor of travelling solo throughout the world while searching for off-the-beaten path adventures. There’s almost nothing she won’t try and almost nowhere she won’t explore. You can find more of her musings at Be My Travel Muse. Connect with her on Twitter and Facebook.

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