Why traveling together creates a unique bond

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If you have ever had the opportunity to travel with a friend or group, you’ll know very all about what we are talking about here. Don’t get me wrong, we love to travel alone sometimes. Solo travel is indeed a unique experience in life that everyone should try. However, traveling with a kindred spirit can be quite advantageous…

1. Overcoming fears

Bungee jumping in Australia, swimming with piranha in Brazil or climbing a volcano in Indonesia are all incredible, but having someone by your side will give you a confidence boost to get you going. Your relationship will become stronger with the person with whom you’re travelling. Some of the most wonderful experiences on earth may not even reach you without the influence of a traveling buddy. Courage is always easy in groups!

2. Sharing experiences

Traveling with a person with whom you have a special bond can be an unpredictable adventure. Exploring an unknown country, tasting new flavours together and experiencing a different sunset every night are just some of the great things you’ll share together, and the memories you’ll build will be invaluable.

3. You will never be alone

One of the “problems” of traveling alone is the feeling of homesickness. Sometimes the best way to alleviate this pesky nostalgia is having a traveling companion, for whom you can do the same.

4. Science says it’s better

In a study published in the journal SCAN, Dr. Wagner and colleagues showed a series of pictures to some test subjects while they were undergoing an MRI scan. Before revealing each photo, participants were informed if their friend in the next room was going to see the same picture too. The researchers found that when participants were viewing the same picture as each other at the same time, they showed higher levels of brain activity, in the part of the brain we typically associate as being the “reward system”. The simple knowledge of sharing an experience with someone important to us can make that experience even better.

5. Share difficulties

You find yourself in the middle of La Tomatina festival in Spain, surrounded by tomato-slinging travellers. What do you do? Traveling with a friend means there will always be someone there to fight by your side, and help you overcome obstacles.

6. It’s easier to meet new people

When we said that travel creates a unique bond, we didn’t just mean a bond with your travel buddy. Staying at a hostel will help you meet so many new people from all over the world. Who knows, you might even meet your soul mate or future travelling companion!

7. Share costs

While traveling with other people, you learn to share almost everything: sunsets, surf lessons, boarding on the dunes of the Moroccan desert, meals, and of course, expenses! Your bond always grows with someone with whom you’re splitting the bill 😉

8. Share the excitement

When you return from a wild adventure, you’ll be able to talk about all the crazy experiences you shared and the fantastic places you saw. You’ll be able to reminisce about the sound of the ocean, and the life changing moments you went through together.

9. Your Insta game will improve

True friends are always there for you in times of need. Selfies won’t always cut it! Enough said!
Thanks to Global Degree , MochilerosTV  and Miguel Navaza , Luke Price and Diariocritico de Venezuela for the fantastic photos on Flickr!

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