Pack up and go: what to do after a break-up!

Pack up and go: what to do after a break-up!

So, you’ve just been dumped by the “love of your life”, everyone has been parroting the “everything happens for a reason” line at you and all you can think of is escaping! Now you’re sitting in your room, a tub of ice cream in hand, listening to sad songs and you’re wondering what to do after a break-up. Are you ready to hit the town and party until the early AMs? Or perhaps you’re chasing some much-needed rest and relaxation time. Don’t worry, we have you covered. Put the ice cream down, keep reading and let us guide you to the perfect destination to help you forget your worries!

Queenstown, New Zealand

First up: the party/adventure capital of New Zealand. If you’re looking for a destination that will keep both your mind and body away from overthinking, this is the place for you. During the day you’ll be spoilt for choice with adrenaline activities from white water rafting to skydiving. Come nightfall, chose from the many pubs and clubs in the town. You will also find the Big Night Out pub crawl running five nights a week (a must-do when in Queenstown). If you’re travelling over their winter season, then you can ski or snowboard during the day, and party in the town after dark. On Friday nights you can even kick-start the party up on the slopes of Coronet Peak with night skiing. Be sure to stop by Winnie’s (aka pizza during the day, a nightclub at night). What better way to start mending your broken heart than with comfort food followed by a night of clubbing, all in one location!

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what to do after a break up Queenstown

📍Beer with a view 👌 📷 @sims_happysnaps

Cabo Polonio, Uruguay

If you feel you need some time to think about life while exploring somewhere unique, then Cabo Polonio is perfect for you. Forget electricity, shops, internet and the vibe of a big city, Cabo Polonio is the opposite: a pure and unique place that doesn’t want to lose its roots. Spend the day at the beach and meet sea lions, then, as night falls, you can drink wine under the stars with your new friends from the hostel. The people who visit this place seek a real human connection and you’ll spend the night exchanging stories with people from all over the world under a sky full of stars. Being so isolated from the modern world in this paradise will help put your thoughts in order and decide on the person you want to be from now on. Also, being so close to animals in their natural habitat will bring you an incredible peace of mind and a sense of connection to everything around you. Something you must be struggling to recover from after you’ve ended a relationship, right?

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What to do after a break up Cabo Polonio

📍Clear and calm thoughts 💭 📷 @pazarando

Galway, Ireland

Perhaps, beers (lots of beer) and pubs (lots of pubs) are more your type of party. Ireland, the land known for tasty beers and traditional pubs; how can you resist? Galway is the perfect destination for a unique and memorable pub crawl (depending on how much beer one consumes). I’m sure as soon as you read Galway, Ed Sheeran comes to mind, and if you’ve seen his music video for Galway Girl you will know how traditional yet unique adventures in Galway can be. (Plus, I mean, going where Ed Sheeran has filmed a music video sounds kind of cool, right?) If you’re a whiskey fan be sure to pay Garvan’s Bar a visit and sip on their whiskey platter – we hear they’re tasty (and strong). A short stroll down the street and you’ll land on Tígh Coilí, and with 14 music sessions per week, we’re sure you’ll never have a quiet night here. Whether your heart is on the mend, or you’re celebrating being independent we’re sure Galway won’t disappoint when it comes to beers, pubs, scenery and good times.

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What to do after a break up Galway

📍Cute Galway houses! 😍 📷 @roryhennessey

Camino de Santiago, Spain

Need a trip that will totally change the way you see things? Camino de Santiago is just the place. You don’t have to feel connected to any religion or specific belief; Camino is known for creating a spiritual connection with those who engage in this adventure. You’ll have plenty of time to think about your life and recover from the crush of a relationship ending while enjoying incredible landscapes. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to meet people of all ages, from all over the world, with many different lifestyles, which will make you put your problems in perspective and think of new ways to face this new phase. You can choose any path to walk/bike/drive, so that you feel most prepared, physically and spiritually, and do everything in your time, respecting your body and your limits.

Depending on the route you choose, you’ll have different hostel options. The hostels spread across the Camino de Santiago offer you a place to rest, meet other travellers and recharge your batteries for another day of walking. The famous route, which starts in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port in France, takes a little more than 30 days to finish. The Spanish city of Pamplona is on its route and has many incredible hostels. The Aloha Hostel Pamplona is in the heart of the city and has a super cosy garden for you to relax.

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What to do after a break up Camino

📍Enjoy some alone time and being with nature 🍃 📷 @irongamer

Banff, British Columbia

Nothing will help you forget about your woes like being surrounded by majestic mountain peaks and pristine blue lakes, plus bars and clubs that keep the party going all night. As you pull into Banff and drive down the main road, you’ll notice you’re surrounded by places to have a good night out. Check-in to your hostel and then head into town and dine in style at one of the many boutique mountain restaurants; you deserve it. Once you’ve treated yourself, find your way to Wild Bill’s for a drink and some live music. You might even make some friends to roll with for the rest of the evening. By this point, all your worries will have melted away and you’ll be ready to turn it up a bit: time to head to one of the nightclubs. Dancing Sasquatch is where you’ll find the party; and yes, there really is a dancing sasquatch in the club. If boogying with a stranger in a sasquatch costume doesn’t do it for you, then their speciality drink- the “Time Machine”- will certainly help you dissipate all that pent-up aggression. If you grow tired of Dancing Sasquatch, then look for a change of pace at Aurora where you’ll enjoy the magical lighting. Everything in Banff is so close that you can simply walk back to your hostel at the end of the night. Once the festivities of the evening have come and gone, and you’ve promised yourself you’ll never drink again (again), head to the Banff Hot Springs to recover because, once again, you deserve it!

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What to do after a break up Banff

📍Banff town glowing after some rain ☔

Ubud, Indonesia

How about overcoming this ending with some lush natural surrounds, interesting culture and delicious food? Ubud is known as the cultural centre of Bali and it’s your perfect chance to overcome a broken heart while meeting ancient temples, palaces, museums and the magnificent sanctuary at the Sacred Monkey Forest. After being inspired by all the culture and tradition the city has to offer, you can breathe calmly while enjoying its beautiful landscapes. It’s the perfect place to relax, think about life and put things in perspective in a totally different place than you are used to. If you don’t want to explore the museums and temples alone, we’re sure that you’ll find many travel buddies in your hostel.

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What to do after a break up Ubud

📍Bali 🌴 Love ❤ Peace ✌ 📷 @sims_happysnaps

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Sometimes what to do after a break up is have a good old boogie to sweat out the anger or sadness that you probably feel. Hence, we’re suggesting Rio de Janeiro as a place to jet off to and dance your blues away. Rio’s vibrant dance culture has been around for hundreds of years, so why not try something out of your comfort zone and start the night off with some Samba? To experience the passionate atmosphere of music and dance head to Carioca de Gema where you’ll find not one, but two dance floors to tear up. While you’re in Rio, be sure to attend an informal street party prior to heading out to nearby bars and restaurants. Rumour has it that the south zone is the place to be for street entertainment and parties.

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what to do after a break up Rio de Janeiro

📍Now that’s a view that wouldn’t get old! 💯

Luxor and Aswan, Egypt

This new phase in your life can be your perfect excuse to make an unusual trip by visiting the world’s largest open-air museum in the city of Luxor. The pyramids of Egypt can be beautiful, but let’s not forget this enigmatic city, the true star of Egyptian history, which contains the tomb of 62 pharaohs, including Tutankhamun! Egypt is definitely the right place for you to contemplate the immensity of human history and focus your thoughts on knowing an incredible history of ancient pharaohs. While you’re there, be sure to take a ferry trip to Aswan along the Nile. The city is known to be one of the most beautiful in Egypt, where you can enjoy incredible nature, temples and rich culture. Be sure to take the “felucca”, a traditional boat still used on the Nile and Aswan among other places, to have incredible views of the city with your new friends from the hostel.

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What to do after a break up Luxor

📍The Nile River taking sunsets to a new level ⛵ 📷 @Gloria_euyoque

Thailand, Asia

If you’re after beach parties galore, Thailand is it. Traveller’s flock here during the summer in search of the notorious full moon parties. This backpacker hotspot is home to many islands with a non-stop party atmosphere and beach clubs. Koh Phangan island is where monthly full moon parties take place, with over 12 major sound systems and a ton of dance floors. Here you’ll find picture-perfect white sandy beaches decorated with palm trees for your once in a lifetime beach party/festival experience. Koh Samui is an island of diversity, with an array of different beaches, each with their own unique vibe – we’re sure whatever the type of party you’re looking for you’ll find it here.

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what to do after a break up Thailand

📍Those full moon party vibes 🕺


Kailua- Kona, Hawaii

Let’s be honest: who doesn’t have Hawaii on their bucket list? This warm, friendly place is full of beautiful beaches would already attract most travellers normally, especially those who need good energy to recover. The Kona region is the perfect place for outdoor activities with its (almost) always sunny weather. Enjoy your time in local markets, try some craft beers, hula shows, luaus and be sure to try the famous local coffee. A time on a paradise-like beach will help you with the anxiety of ending a relationship and bring some peace to your days. Meet new friends in the common areas of the hostel and when you need time alone, chill on one of the nearby beaches.

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What to do after a break up Kailua Kona

📍Sometimes people look down on you, with nothing but admiration 👀 📷 @mgolsen



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Pack up and go: what to do after a break-up!


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