Where in the world is your personality type, and why you should go there

If you haven’t done a test to figure out your Myers Briggs personality type, what gigantic rock have you been hiding under?! Everywhere I look these days, these four small letters keep popping up to remind me why I am the way I am (a deep-seated introvert who watches far too much anime, apparently). There’s even an option to add it on Tinder – you didn’t hear that from me. The widely used 16Personalities test can tell you practically everything about yourself, including how you travel. Being endlessly obsessed with self-categorization, I had a look at their site to see where in the world each type is more prevalent. So, here’s the breakdown. Read on to discover which country your personality type is most common in, and exactly why it’s perfect for you!


INTP, Logician – Morocco, 12.97%

As a (not so) loud-and-proud member of the INTP community, I can confirm I am a complete and utter nerd who needs far too much alone time. We’re rare. Probably one of the rarest personality types at around 3% of the Global population. And that’s just how we like it… God forbid we were *gasp* unoriginal. INTP personality types have a boundless sense of curiosity and a desire to learn and explore new places and cultures. As proud introverts and born-to-be solo travellers, we enjoy the freedom and independence that comes with making our own itinerary and going at our own pace.

12.97% of Moroccans are INTPs. And it’s the perfect place to theorise amongst fellow Logicians while sipping the world’s finest glass of fresh mint tea. From hiking between Berber villages clinging to the slopes of the Atlas Mountains; to lazing on the palm-fringed northern Mediterranean coastline; to camping under the stars of the southern Sahara Desert; this northern African country never fails to offer up another opportunity to inspire and amaze. Morocco is known for its colourful (and infinitely complex) souks where travellers can flood their senses with piles of ceramics, textiles, and exotic spices. Don’t bother bringing a map, you’ll just get lost anyway. It isn’t short on cultural spots either. Head to Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, the ancient city of Marrakech, and the imperial cities of Fez, Meknes, and Rabat, to satisfy your Einsteinian (yes, he was an INTP) curiosity.

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ENTP, Debater – Serbia, 9.77%

ENTPs are masters of exploring new ideas and approaches, and therefore are open to trying rather unconventional things while on the road. After all, the status quo was made to be broken. Solo travel suits you just fine. You’re big on independence and prefer to have the freedom to make your own decisions while exploring. This said, you’re still an extrovert and enjoy a spirited debate with any-and-every traveller you come across. The more argumentative, the better. Hugely spontaneous, you often change plans on the fly while enjoying the intense intellectual and cultural sides of your adventure.

Serbia is the spot for the eccentric Debater, and it’s pleasantly untouristy for those wanting some authentic Balkans spirit. Looking to party? Belgrade’s world-class nightlife and Novi Sad’s epic EXIT Festival are legendary for a reason. If you’re on the hunt for intellect, head to the prementioned Novi Sad, European’s Capital of Culture in 2021, to speak its six official languages while exploring the maze of trenches, moats and walls of the legendary Petrovaradin Fortress.

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INTJ, Architect – Poland, 7.64%

As an INTJ personality type, you may approach travel with a sense of purpose and a desire to learn and grow. Independent and self-motivated, you’re a solo traveller through and through. You’re also a keen planner, preferring to plan out your travel itinerary to the last second to ensure you see everything you came there for while challenging yourself along the way.

So, where can you find the Elon Musks of the world? Poland has an INTJ population of 7.64%. And that’s saying something for one of the rarest personality types out there. You Architects will appreciate Poland’s dramatic history born at the crossroads of Europe. Medieval tribes; world wars; dramatic monarchy; communism… There’s certainly no shortage of new stuff to learn. Once your need for knowledge is satisfied, head to the Tatra Mountains to slice through snow-topped peaks and bathe in alpine lakes. Of course, there’ll always be a steaming plate of pierogi to greet you after a long day of exploring.

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ENTJ, Commander – Montenegro, 7.35%

ENTJs are known for their confidence and leadership skills, so you enjoy the challenge of planning a solo trip. You looove researching different destinations and finding the most efficient and cost-effective ways to get there. New and exciting activities are a MUST while travelling, and you’re happy to take the occasional risk to ensure a guaranteed thrill each and every time.

Good things come in small packages, and Montenegro is no exception. Commanders make up 7.35% of this tiny population, and it’s a great place to travel to if you don’t already live there. This is a wildly diverse – and diversely wild – place. Jagged mountain peaks are peppered with green foliage as thundering rivers cascade down in ribbons of electric blue. These national parks offer up plenty of opportunities to satisfy adventure seekers, from hiking the Vrmac Ridge; to rafting through the 1,300m deep Tara Canyon and even ziplining the 865m long zipline across the Tara River. Orange-roofed towns like Kotor and Herceg Novi add welcome splashes of contrast and plenty of opportunities to wander through medieval streets and scoff down Njegusi Prosciutto while looking out across the bay.

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INFJ, Advocate – Portugal, 10.03%

INFJs are often introspective and love any opportunity to reflect and recharge (especially while solo travelling!) Places with a strong sense of history, cultural significance and natural beauty are perfect for your creativity, intuitiveness and deep feelings. You also enjoy activities that allow you to connect with others on a deeper level, such as volunteering. When planning a trip, INFJs prefer to have a sense of structure and enjoy researching and organising in advance.

A visit to Portugal is guaranteed to provide two things: idyllic landscapes and a flamboyant culture. Making up about 10% of the population, this is where Advocates thrive. The Algarve offers up golden coastlines bathed in sunlight where you can lounge about in a swimsuit all year round, Super Bock in hand. Cultural capitals like Lisbon and Porto remain forever colourful, with plenty of opportunities to delve deep into the equally colourful history of one of Europe’s oldest superpowers. Heading to Porto? Sample some of the world’s finest seafood or, if you’re a Harry Potter fan, climb Livraria Lello’s Hogwarts-Esque staircase as surrounding bookshelves melt into intricately carved wood walls.

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INFP, Mediator – Maldives, 20.81%

People with this personality type are known for their creativity, idealism, and deep personal values. More often than not, you’re ‘away with the fairies’; you should really win a medal for your ability to daydream about your next trip. Solo travel or small group trips are your best bets, giving you the opportunity to reflect and connect with your innermost self whilst travelling the world. INFPs are drawn to destinations that offer a sense of beauty and spiritual significance and enjoy activities that allow them to connect with nature or other cultures. You may also be interested in immersive cultural experiences or volunteering opportunities to make a positive impact on the world around you.

The Maldives may conjure up images of honeymoons and lavish luxury. But these white sand beaches and luminous blue waters are just as accessible for backpackers on a budget. Mediators are prevalent here, making up over a fifth of the local population. Your love for beauty makes the Maldives an obvious choice. With 187 inhabited islands – and over a thousand more uninhabited – it’s not hard to stay secluded. Head away from the resorts and visit ‘local islands’ such as Huraa or Hithadoo to experience authentic Maldivian culture while sampling mahi-mahi fresh from the fisherman’s nets. Sea-life lover? Grab your scuba gear and take a dive alongside Whale Sharks that visit the island all year round.

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ENFJ, Protagonist – Fiji, 8.94%

Warm, empathetic, with a great knack for making friends, you extroverted types love travelling with groups of friends or family. In fact, you’re drawn to destinations that offer plenty of opportunities to connect with others. Hello, hostels? Thoughtful and idealistic, ENFJs can’t get enough of immersive cultural experiences or activities that allow them to learn and discover new things. You may also enjoy planning and organising group activities and like to take the reins when coordinating travel plans.

Another tropical island getaway. Nearly a tenth of Fiji is home to the friendly Protagonist. There are plenty of sociable hostels, especially in the nerve centre of Nadi, where you can meet a crew to island hop with. First stop? The Mamanuca islands. Discover your inner mermaid whilst gliding between ancient shipwrecks or splashing about in the warm shallows. Not a water baby? Leap out of a plane for a bird’s eye view of the tropical islands and coral reefs far, far below.

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ENFP, Campaigner – Iceland, 16.98%

Endlessly enthusiastic, ENFPs are drawn to destinations that offer a sense of adventure. Outdoorsy activities are a must, and you can’t get enough of hiking, biking or even sky diving. Meeting people wherever you go is a given, as is your need for meaningful, emotional connections. ENFPs are spontaneous and happy to switch plans at the drop of a backpack. You enjoy the freedom and flexibility of not having a rigid itinerary.

Iceland’s natural playground can turn the laziest traveller lively. With raw volcanic landscapes illuminated by dancing northern lights, it’s hardly a surprise that nearly 17% of Iceland’s population is the outgoing Campaigner. Head to Vatnajökull National Park for a proper (chilly) adventure. This vast frosty district is teeming with networks of frozen glaciers with active volcanoes bubbling below. Here you can explore echoing ice caves and even fly across the snowy landscape in a snowmobile. The rush is very real.

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ISTJ, Logistician – Azerbaijan, 5.78%

You ISTJs are known for your practicality and reliability, which can make you well-suited to planning a trip. Organised and efficient to the very end, you’d rather be seen dead than running late for a flight. While you prefer to stick to a plan, you are also prepared for unexpected changes and can adapt as needed. You’re great at dealing with stressful travel situations, and have the innate ability to stay grounded and logical (even when losing half your money and being stranded in the middle of an unfamiliar country!)

Often overlooked, this small but significant country embodies the East meets West cliché flawlessly. It’s a country of contrasts. From a tug of war between ancient empires to a post-soviet rebirth resulting in 2012 Eurovision’s host country, it’s also home to 5.78% of the humble Logistician. Did I say East meets West? Rather Dubai meets Milan. You’ll find plenty of Turkish, Russian, Persian and European threads running through the capital of Baku’s tapestry of sidestreets. Feeling flashy? Watch the futuristic Flame Towers come alight in the evenings.  If you’re a meat eater, I recommend you try Qutab (a sort of savoury pancake stuffed with minced camel!)

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ISFJ, Defender – Singapore, 11.55%

The friend you can always depend on, ISFJs have a strong sense of responsibility. Rest and relaxation are usually your activities of choice when travelling, preferably somewhere super tranquil. A remote tropical island here and there wouldn’t go amiss! Unsurprisingly, you have a deep love for natural settings and historical spots. It may be worth making your travel arrangements in advance to have a sense of the structure and appeal to your ever-practical nature!

Metropolitan Singapore might not be the first spot that springs to mind for the nature-loving Defender, but 11.55% of the population knows something you might not. Nestled amongst the hustle and bustle are some of the world’s most innovative green spaces – Singapore Botanic Garden, the National Orchid Garden and Gardens by the Bay all deserve a mention – some of which are connected by the 10km Southern Ridges: a series of parks, forest-canopy walkways and futuristic bridges. Who said you couldn’t jungle trek in the world’s most urbanized area?! It’s not all time spent amongst trees, however. When your belly needs filling, head to one of the 100 legendary Hawker Centres for cheap eats that blow your tastebuds away.

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ESTJ, Executive – Ghana, 8.29%

ESTJs just want to relax and recharge after all that hard work. Travel is a welcome break from your high-powered day-to-day lives. You flock to destinations that offer a sense of stability and calm, and you sure don’t shy away from solo travel. Ideally, ESTJs prefer to have a clear itinerary and enjoy researching future trips in advance.

Extraordinary energy, dreamy landscapes and vibrant cities. Ghana has it all. It’s a great spot to whet your appetite for the rest of West Africa, and it’s fast becoming a go-to destination for adventurous travellers worldwide. 8.29% of Ghana are Executives, and you’ll appreciate the local’s laid-back vibe while exploring sandy beaches and national parks just overflowing with wildlife. Head to Accra for your hostel fix, before tracking wild elephants on a walking safari in Mole National Park. Did I mention beaches? Stretches of sand here cater to all traveller types: party all night long on Kokrobite Beach or spend your days snoozing on the white sands of Cape Three Points.

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ESFJ, Consul – Nicaragua, 18.31%

Warm and empathetic, ESFJs want their travel experience to be chock-full of meaningful connections and lifelong friends. You’re happy travelling in a group, but you don’t shy away from solo travel either (as long as you’re staying in sociable hostels and meeting people on a daily basis, duh?!) Immersive cultural activities are a must; you’re keen to speak to locals and understand different people’s way of life. As a judging type, you like planning trips in advance and benefit from a sense of structure.

Where can you find a sh*t tonne of sociable hostels? Nicaragua of course. With nearly a fifth of its residents claiming Consul status, it’s the perfect place to meet friends of a lifetime while exploring this tropical Central American paradise. Nicaragua is a true all-rounder. Want to bodyboard down an active volcano? The charcoal slopes of Cerro Negro await. Want to sip cocktails in the shallows of the Caribbean Sea? Two words: Corn Islands.  Want to let your hair loose in an up-and-coming surfer town? Totally check out San Juan del Sur, dude.

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ISTP, Virtuoso – Lithuania, 4.04%

The perfect recipe for a solo traveller: ISTPs are independent with a love of adventure. You want to explore to your heart’s content, using any means necessary to jam your trip full of adventure. High energy and risk-taking activities get your blood pumping; I wouldn’t be surprised if you picked a 4-day hike over a mere taxi ride. You prefer staying spontaneous and making up your trip as you go along.

There’s a distinctly otherworldly vibe about Lithuania. Like a scene from a Midsummer Nights’ Dream, fairytale castles are reflected in lakes below and moss-covered forests hide demonic statues in their midst. There’s plenty to satisfy the adventurous Virtuoso (4.04% of the population), try windsurfing at Lake Plateliai or cycling the 52km long Curonian Spit. Craving cities? Wander between hidden boutiques and cosy cafés in Vilnius’ Unesco-listed Old Town.

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ISFP, Adventurer – Malaysia, 9.23%

Another born to be solo traveller, although maybe the more relaxed kind. ISFPs love any opportunity to connect with nature, other cultures and of course, yourselves. Your creativity lends you well to areas of beauty; while volunteering opportunities are a great bet for your altruistic nature. You’re fairly spontaneous, although you always take value in researching a destination before you go.

Everything you’d expect from a tropical island nation, Malaysia delivers with interest. Luscious national parks teeming with wildlife? Check. White sand beaches fringed by palm trees? Check. Exotic food that has you drooling at the start of every meal? Check. Check. Check. ISFPs make up nearly 10% of Malaysia’s population, and for creative Adventurers, there’s really no shortage of stuff to do. Climb a kaleidoscope of colourful stairs while the gigantic golden deity, Hindu god Lord Murugan, watches over you; the Batu Caves can be found just outside of Kuala Lumpur. For a textbook island adventure, head to the Perhentian Islands to dive amongst green sea turtles before drying off on golden beaches as far as the eye can see.

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ESTP, Entrepreneur – Albania, 3.81%

As an ESTP, you have a great sense of adventure and a desire to live in the moment. You enjoy seeking out new and exciting experiences and you thrive on the thrill of the unknown. You’re super sociable and love to be the center of attention in whatever group of people you find yourself with. Spoiler alert, there are probably a lot of them. Learning new things and pushing your limits lends you well to immersive cultural experiences (especially the unusual kind). ESTPs prefer to have a general idea of their goals and like to research destinations to a certain extent, but as hugely adaptable personalities you always stay spontaneous.

The up-and-coming Balkans jewel seems to be getting shinier with every Instagram post I see. In the early 90s, Albania swung open its doors to reveal verdant mountain ranges, fairytale old towns and Mediterranean beaches. And now it’s the summer spot on everyone’s lips. Nearly 4% of Albania’s population is reserved for the adventurous and Entrepreneurial ESTP. It’s fabulous for music festivals, check out Kala festival and ION festival if you’re looking to party on the Albanian Riviera. When adventure calls, head to the alpine village of Theth to embark on the country’s best hikes. The Theth to Valbona trail will lead you over 17km of jagged summits, deep valleys, and woodland slopes. The mountain panorama at the top is truly something to write home about — if you manage to make it up there.

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ESFP, Entertainer – Indonesia, 8.37%

ESFPs are hugely excitable and place fun above all else. You’re sociable and outgoing, and enjoy either travelling with a group of friends and/or meeting new people along the way. Unorthodox experiences fuel your adaptable nature and love of learning new things, throw in an active aspect and you’ll be good to go. Bungee jumping anyone?

Where can you find the most Entertainers (and solo travellers) in the world? It’s most likely Indonesia. Bali is the spot that most springs to mind for its brilliant backpacking community, but guys, there are another 17,000 islands to choose from. Whether you value beach bumming above anything else or want to venture far off the beaten track (and deep into the jungle), Indonesia is diverse, adventurous and extremely affordable. So yes, head to Bali hotspots to meet an endless array of travellers from around the world (and experience out-of-this-world nightlife.) But if you’re searching for something different, take a walk amongst real-life dragons in Komodo national park; scale the summits of active volcanoes in Java; or immerse yourselves in ancient megalithic cultures on the island of Sumba.

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