Which star-sign is your travel kindred spirit?

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We all know solo travelling is the cat’s pyjamas – you discover a whole lot about yourself, go on adventures in your own time, return home with waterfalls of independence, and who knows, maybe even some new friends. But as much as we love a good selfie, sometimes you want to share a trip with the people closest to you.
Let’s be honest, travelling with a GF/BF, BFF or the family can be a double-edged sword. Say you’re an early bird, but your bae is a night owl, or maybe you’re a chill planner, but your parents are neurotic about the deets! Or perhaps you want a blowout with beach parties ‘til dawn, but your best mate is up at 6am for that new type of martial art yoga, followed by a post-shavasana kale smoothie. In our regular lives it’s each to their own, but on a trip there’s nowhere to hide and you need to on some level of sync! How can you prevent a disastrous conflict of interests a all come back home as BFFs? Why, with astrology, of course! Read on for the scoop on your compatible zodiac sign travel buddy…

♌️ Leo & Libra ♎️

Lively Leo is a child of fire! They love exuberant things and places, and if you throw in a bit of luxury, they’ll love it even more. But even if they can’t afford the trip of their dreams, they’re able to save money for as long as possible in order to spend and enjoy the rewards to the max!
Leo leadership skills and swagger are attractive qualities to Libras, a zodiac sign that is naturally refined. Libras can’t stand messy, noisy, or aesthetically unpleasant places, but they do love balance and good manners. Therefore, just like Leo, their holiday choices will be based on the destination’s aesthetics and balance. So anywhere sophisticated – even if inexpensive – will always be the first choice of such charming and elegant signs.
Of course Paris, France, is THE destination in Libra and Leo’s holiday plans.  MIJE Fourcy Fauconnier Maubuisson is located in a historical Parisian building, and has everything they could possibly wish for. The place is fancy, comfortable, and it’s the perfect background for Leo’s Instagram pictures – which will all be liked by the Libra, of course!

♉️ Taurus & Virgo ♍️

Taurus is a sign that enjoys comfort and wellbeing, that’s why their holiday trips are planned way in advance. Taurus people are also children of Venus, which means they make calculated choices and are very demanding when it comes to comfort… so they can be a bit stingy. How does one deal with that? Easy – travel with the perfectionist, generous, clean, and also a fan of comfort, the Virgo. Well-organised trips, hostel reservations, and scheduled tours are right up their alley. Virgos are very practical and analytical people, therefore they prefer places where they have access to anything they want, and place where you can learn something and of course, eat and drink well.
Virgo’s element is the earth and even though they enjoy travelling, they have such a strong sense of organisation that routine is their best friend – not following it would be extremely difficult for them. And since earth is also Taurus’ element, they totally get it. By travelling together they’ll be able to check every item off their to-do list, successfully avoid pitfalls, and balance their search for the perfect dim sum with wandering historic streets. And of course, they’ll probably become regulars on the hottest bar around. Europe is the best destination for this duo and they would have the time of their life in Berlin. Wallyard Concept Hostel is in the heart of the city with an edgy design and magnificent breakfast – ideal for these creatures of comforts!

♈️ Aries & Gemini ♊️

Aries are usually very energetic people who like nature and everything outdoors-y. You can count on them for any kind of trip as long as it is thrilling, and that you do something different every day. Whoa! Do you know who else loves getting adventurous and escaping routine? Gemini. Free-spirited and outgoing, Gemini peeps like to travel with movement and freedom. Aries, are kinda bossy and they’ll try to take control of the trip, but Geminis are easy-going creatures and are fine with letting people think they are in control!
Brace yourselves for spontaneous experiences with some crazy stuff on the top. Dead-on destinations for both signs are sunny cities with beaches and an exciting nightlife. What about Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil? There’s the Lemon Spirit Hostel in Leblon, one of Rio’s most luxurious neighbourhoods, and it’s one block away from trendy Ipanema Beach.

♋️ Cancer & Pisces ♓️

Cancers are ruled by the moon, the most sensitive sign of the zodiac. They might find trips easier with people special to them, and they like to plan their trips in detail and way, way in advance. The place must be somewhat romantic, doused in history, with an interesting nightlife and preferably around water. That could be beaches, lakes or even a water parks!
Pisces are shy, romantic and humanitarian. They love visiting historical places, especially if they are connected to nature and the sea. People born under this sign need trips where they can daydream and think about life. Just like Cancers, they are attracted to all things cultural such as music, dance, and the lifestyle of different people they meet along the way. These signs totally understand each other’s universe.
Negril, in Jamaica is perfect for this duo; full of history, interesting people, and bellissimo beaches, this is a place where everybody loves a party. A good choice of hostel is The Sunrise Club.

♏️ Scorpio & Capricorn ♑️ 

Scorpios are recognized as wise souls of the zodiac, and they love travelling. They always choose the anti-destination, preferably in urban or coastal areas where they can meet interesting people and have deep chats. They’re reserved, yet they like to be the centre of attention, even if it’s just by being a bit weird! They tend to choose holidays destinations that share the same characteristics as them, most likely somewhere mysterious. They love historical places and classical architecture.
Capricorn isn’t too keen on travelling, but when they do go, they opt for quiet, unconventional, locations not too far from home with beautiful architecture. It’s not about being up all night for Scorpio and Capricorn. For them, holidays are to be enjoyed by getting some rest and knowledge. That’s why both tend to choose their destinations based on the country’s history and philosophy. Thus, Montevideo in Uruguay is a no-brainer. El Viajero Hostel is a perfect accommodation, with their walls blazoned with street art, a sunny patio where they can relax, and it’s very nicely located.

♐️ Sagittarius & Aquarius ♒️

The strongest characteristic of a Sagittarius is that they love travelling, wherever and whenever! They live to explore and will always put travel opportunities first, and are constantly working to fund their next adventure. Sagittarius is the most sociable zodiac sign, and for them, when travelling making lots of friends comes with the package!
Aquarius’ element is the air, which means they love to move around and they just can’t stand still. People born under this sign love the unexpected, so much so that they can put on a backpack and wander off, letting life happen as they go. This spontaneous nature is something that Sagittarius digs! The two of them simply adore adventures and socialising, and the best thing is that both are incredibly independent so they won’t drive each other mad! They might start off together, but choose different paths in the middle of the trip, and that’s perfectly fine as both signs are so open-minded to new experiences.
There is no better option for these two zodiac signs than the beautiful Budapest. Sagittarius is a born explore and loves unconventional destinations where they can discover new cultures. Aquarius loves unusual activities that will fuel their curious, adventurous side. For this duo, Maverick Hostel will do the trick – it is well-located in a spectacular building, with free wifi, coffee and tea all day long!
Now that you know who is the best person to travel with, how about inviting them for a trip? Browse more hostels here.

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