10 Free Things To Do in Vienna

Vienna is not exactly known around the world for being a cheap city where you can have a beer for a few euros or get into all the major attractions for free. But it is definitely known for beauty that will take the breath away from even the most seasoned traveller: baroque art, beautiful Austrian palaces, green parks and the ever-established hipster scene! We’ve given you some tips on what to do in Vienna, but if your pockets are like ours then don’t miss out on the free things to do in Vienna:

  • Dive into the Danube?

Not recommended in winter (Captain Obvious!), highly recommended in the summer months (a little less Captain Obvious!). Europe’s second longest river (almost 3,000 km) is literally stormed by young Viennese in the summer months. We are fans of the ‘skinny dip‘, you know, but even if you have to wear your costume here, it is a ‘refreshing’ experience. And you can do it absolutely free of charge at An der Unteren Alten Donau.

  • Museums in Vienna


You cannot visit Vienna without seeing at least one of its beautiful museums, even if you are (like us!) more about ‘experiencing’ the city rather than ‘visiting’ it. But you don’t necessarily have to spend 20€ for entry! The first advice we give you is to check the websites of the museums themselves: almost all of them have days when entry is free. Also, all these museums have free entry every first Sunday of the month (hooray!):

  1. Uhrenmuseum
  2. Wienmuseum Hermesvilla
  3. Haydnhaus
  4. Wien Museum am Karlsplatz
  5. Heeresgeschichtliches Museum
  6. Römermuseum
  7. Otto Wagner Pavillion

If that weren’t enough for you, of the major museums, these are free:

  1. Geldmuseum
  2. Kunsthalle am Karlsplatz
  3. Bezirksmuseen
  4. MUSA
  • Special’ museums

Breathtaking statues, paintings and buildings are a healthy touch for your soul but, as in Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, we all have a hidden side, which sometimes has to be allowed to take control. Satisfy your curiosity at these free museums:
Circus and Clown Museum
“Hey, you, hello! You’re the one I’m talking to’. Every one of us has a child inside who until not too many years ago would get excited at the sight of the most extreme acrobatics and the greeting of a red-nosed friend. Go back in time and rediscover what it means to be a child. Once again.
The Emperor Franz Joseph Hat Museum
Hat lovers? Well, even Queen Elizabeth of England had a worthy competitor: Franzy! This (free) museum is definitely Vintage!
The Phantastenmuseum exhibits around 150 works from the Viennese school of realism. You will find yourself thinking, “But why do I like this statue?”

  • Open-air cinema

During the summer months (May to September), the city of Vienna organises screenings of all kinds of films near the main attractions (e.g. Karmelitermarkt, Reithofferpark, Jodok Fink Platz…). How is your German? No fear, many are in English. Bring food and drink and share it with other travellers and locals. One of the best ways to meet other people!

  • See Vienna from above


Just outside the city is a small hill (480m high) that will allow you to have a picnic with a view of the city (not to mention the photos, wow! #Instagram #Vienna #beautiful). Romantic! Take bus 38 and enjoy the view!

  • Enjoy the free Wi-Fi

Anything else to add? Facebook->Location->Vienna->Public. Close to all major attractions and considering that they are all in the city centre and this is not that big..

  • Strolling along the Ringstrasse

Starting from the quiet stadtpark, the Ringstrasse will take you to the main sights of Vienna.

  • Wander around the Naschmarkt


Vienna’s largest flea market is a real treat: take advantage of it to take pictures of every possible and imaginable vintage genre, marvel at the sight of a gramophone and “wow! Look at those forks!”. It will be like going back in time!
You will also find plenty of stalls selling local products here and, at the Naschmarkt, pubs and restaurants are cheaper than in the rest of the city. 😉

  • Visit Vienna’s parks


If the city’s main palaces ask you to pay admission, their parks are absolutely free and equally royal! Start with Belvedere Palace and Schönbrunn!

  • Go to the Zentralfriedhof

Temporary mind you! Vienna’s main cemetery is a real beauty. Of course, respectfully speaking. Very often the cemeteries of major European cities hide beautiful works of art wanted as a last home by the people who made their countries (and the world!) better places. Here you will find, for example, the graves of famous people such as Brahms, Schubert, Beethoven and Strauss.
The 10 free things to do in Vienna:

  • Dive into the Danube
  • Vienna Museums
  • Special’ museums
  • Open-air cinemas
  • See Vienna from above
  • Enjoy free Wi-Fi
  • Strolling along the Ringstrasse
  • Wandering around the Naschmarkt
  • Visiting Vienna’s parks
  • Going to the Zentralfriedhof

Many thanks to Игорь М for the beautiful photo on Flickr!

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