Hostel of the Week: Sophie’s Hostel Prague

If you haven’t been to Prague, you’re absolutely missing out! The city is one of the most historic and culturally significant cities in all of Europe! This week’s hostel of the w

Hostel of the Week: Meininger, Hamburg, Germany

We often post about hostels and budget hotels, and show some great ones that people are convinced must be pricey, because “there’s no way a hostel/budget hotel could be that nice

Hostel of the Week: HI Richmond Hostel

If you’re looking for a bit of ye olde culture America’s oldest city and possibly one of the nation’s best kept secrets, head to the Southern town of Virginia.

Hostel of the Week: MEININGER Munich City Center

If you’re heading to Oktoberfest this year, this contemporary hostel in the heart of Munich is a winner – it’s 1 km away from the main train station and literally around the corner