10 of the best Barcelona skate spots and how to find them

The variety of Barcelona skate spots makes it one of the best cities in the world for travellers who love to skate. There’s iconic street spots, sunny skateparks and super cool skate bars. Apart from all the amazing hostels in Barcelona, it’s also the only city in the world where you’ll find a skate hostel – complete with ramp, boards and pro skater guests. Trust us, you need to experience the unique skate culture in Barcelona to understand just how special it is.
On our most recent trip to BCN, we challenged a bunch of travellers at our hostel to master some inventive skate tricks with the help of pro skaters Barney Page and Nisse Ingemarsson. Watch the video below to see how they got on, or keep scrolling for 10 of the best addresses for skating in Barcelona.

  1. Macba

This is probably the most famous street skating spot in Barcelona, and a rite of passage for every skater passing through the city. The best thing about Macba is the eclectic mix of people you’ll meet. The skating focuses around one huge long single ledge, plus a few other smaller features such as “The Big 3” steps.
Address: Plaça dels Àngels, 1, 08001 Barcelona

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  1. Barcelona Sants Station

This iconic spot is located just outside the main station, with granite benches for grinding and a massive metal sculpture nearby. Some of the granite has been worn away through overuse, but you’ll still find plenty of spots for tricks. The bustle of the station adds to the energy of the place, and the fact it’s partially covered means can keep skating even in the fierce midday sun.
Address: Plaça dels Països Catalans, 08014 Barcelona

  1. Nevermind Bar

Skate Barcelona - Nevermind Bar
This rad bar has its own skate bowl out back, and it’s a great place to meet fellow skaters. Nevermind Bar is known for its friendly atmosphere, and you’ll likely leave with some insider tips for where to skate in Barcelona.
Address: Carrer d´Escudellers Blancs 3, 08002 Barcelona / Carrer Tallers 68, 08001 Barcelona

  1. Skatepark de Les Corts

This is one of the newest Barcelona skate spots, and it’s a beauty. The fact it’s located under an overpass adds to the cool urban aesthetics, plus you’ll find some nice ramps, stairs and other features to perfect your moves. Skatepark de Les Corts will provide an amazing backdrop to any skate video.
Address: Av. d’Albert Bastardas 11, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, 08906 Barcelona

  1. The beach

Skating in Barcelona (c) Joao camilo
One of the reasons Barcelona is such a popular spot is the gorgeous beaches – it’s what sets it apart from all the other cities in Europe for skaters. Head to La Barceloneta where you can cruise along smooth boulevards, before cooling down with a dip in the sea.

  1. Parc del Fòrum

This is the Barcelona skate spot that keeps on giving. Parc del Fòrum is absolutely huge and you’ll keep finding cool features the more you explore – from steps to metal ledges to a full-blown skatepark tucked away. It’s a relaxing place to spend the day – bring a picnic, some mates and your swimming stuff. Originally built for the Universal Forum of Cultures, the park still hosts some of the city’s biggest festivals, so always check in advance to make sure you can access everything.
Address: Plaça del Fòrum 1, 08019 Barcelona

  1. Sant Jordi Sagrada Familia Hostel

Sant Jordi Sagrada Familia skate hostel Barcelona (c) Joao Camilo / Sant Jordi
@jcamilophotography / Sant Jordi Sagrada Familia
Fancy staying in a design hostel with its own skate ramp, boards to hire and staff who can show you a trick or two? Then you need to check out Sant Jordi Sagrada Familia, which is centrally located near some of the best skate spots in Barcelona. The hostel is popular with pro skaters such as Luan de Oliviera and Evan Smith, so you might even get chatting to one of your skate heroes at the regular hostel nights out!
Address: Carrer del Freser 5, Barcelona 08026
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  1. Plaça de la Universitat

Universitat is one of the most famous street spots in the heart of Barcelona. The beauty of Universitat is that there are 3 separate ledges back to back, which means you can go through a big variety of tricks in one single line. And there are always plenty of spectators to help you up your game.
Address: Plaça de la Universitat, 08007 Barcelona

  1. Skatepark De La Mar Bella

Best Barcelona Skate Spots - Skatepark De La Mar Bella
Located right next to the sea and surrounded by palm trees, Skatepark De La Mar Bella is one of the most chilled places to skate in Barcelona. You’ll find beautifully curved bowls and ramps, with plenty of space for bmx-ers, skaters and everything else in between.
Address: Av. del Litoral, 106, 08005 Barcelona

  1. Paral-lel

This place is steeped in skate history and was once one of Barcelona’s most famous street spots, with fun ledges and stairs. It’s now been turned into a skate park and although many locals are unhappy with this decision, it’s still a good place to skate.
Address: Av. del Parallel, 49, 08004 Barcelona
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Did we miss any of your favourite Barcelona skate spots? Let us know in the comments and share a few tips with other skaters in the community.
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