15 cheap places to go in May!

15 cheap places to go in May!

Fancy a trip away in May? Silly question, of course you do! But is your bank balance being an absolute party-pooper, as usual?! SIGH!

Do not fret, there are plenty of cheap and cheerful options to keep the travel dream alive. And because we want to see you living your best life, we have done the hard-work for you and created a list of cheap places to go in May (in beautiful bargain order!)

Feast your eyes on fifteen possible adventures, all under *£42! Take your pick from the list below, treat yourself. You deserve it!

(* Flight prices based on the cheapest return flights from London as shown on Skyscanner. Hostel prices based on the cheapest hostel price per night. Prices may vary slightly but are accurate as of 25/04/2019)


15. Milan (Italy)

Tell your friends you’re off to Milan, guarantee you’ll get an “oooo!” As Italy’s capital of fashion, it may sound pricey, but there are a actually plenty of fab free things to do in Milan. If you’re not a fashionista, don’t you worry – there’s many other sides to Milan. You’ll find canals, beautiful architecture, art galleries and more delicious restaurants than you can shake a bread-stick at! There’s also tonnes of cool cafes and funky bars to keep you hydrated. Don’t forget to explore Milan like a local with our guide to Milan’s Navigli neighbourhood.

✈️ Flights from £27

🛏 Milan hostels from £14.48 per night

💰= £41.48

cheap places to go in may - Milan - Duomo

Photo by 昕 沈

14. Dublin (Ireland)

SNAP up a bargain, enjoy some top CRAIC and POP over to Dublin! (Random Rice Krispies reference!) Yes, booze can be a little pricey in Dublin, but you don’t have to spend all your time in Temple Bar sipping on a Guiness. There are also plenty of free things to do in Dublin, including castles, galleries, museums and picturesque parks. With buzzing night-life and friendly locals, you’re almost guaranteed a good time in Dublin. But be warned, if you dislike the Irish accent, laughter, smiles, drinking and folk music, it’s probably not for you!

✈️ Flights from £25

🛏 Dublin hostels from £13 per night

💰 = £38

cheap places to go in may - Dublin - Temple Bar

Photo by Rudy and Peter Skitterians

13. Stockholm (Sweden)

‘Take a chance’ on Stockholm. With flights and hostels this cheap, it’s well worth the ‘money, money, money!’ The friendly and stylish Swedes welcome you to their stunning coastal capital city, spread across 14 islands which are connected by over 50 bridges. You’ll be treated to stunning architecture, with medieval and modern buildings, plus the famous old town. After you’ve soaked up the sights, embrace the local culture and enjoy FIKA in one of many great cafes! If ‘you’re in the mood for a dance’ Stockholm also offers great nightlife, with many top bars, clubs and pubs. where ‘you can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life.’  ‘Knowing me knowing you,’ we predict you’ll have a great time in Stockholm. Snap up these bargain flights whilst you can, because ‘the winner takes it all.’

✈️ Flights from £23

🛏 Stockholm hostels from £14.05 per night

💰 = £37.05

cheap places to go in may - Stockholm - city view

Photo by Raphael Andres

12. Oslo (Norway)

If you like things natural, (we’re talking fjords and forestry… definitely not nudist beaches) then the Norwegian capital could be your perfect match. Yes, it is rumoured to be one of the world’s most expensive cities, but do not let that stop you exploring this picturesque city. Flights and accommodation are cheap, plus there are plenty of free things to do. You can explore landmarks such as The Royal Palace, City Hall, Parliament House, Akershus Castle & Fortress and many stunning churches. Plus, there’s many gorgeous green parks and sculpture parks to enjoy. There’s even free museums. See, you don’t have to spend a fortune to have fun in Oslo. However, you may have to eat at some point, so check out these affordable restaurants. Now we know you are keen, but if you still can’t convince your friends to join you, just remember, Oslo also spells SOLO! It’s a sign!

✈️ Return flights from £19

🛏 Oslo hostels from £17.51 per night

💰 = £36.50

cheap places to go in may - Oslo - sunset by river

Photo by Arvid Malde

11. Barcelona (Spain)

For those who have yet to go, be prepared to fall in love. Barcelona is one seriously cool city that you’ll probably want to move to. If you want to know why, we’ll just hit you with some buzzwords. Barcelona = Architecture. Football. Art. Food. Bars. Messi. Nightlife. Beaches. Gaudí. Clubs. We also have a list of free things to do in Barcelona, especially for you and your future trip. The only thing left to do is pack!

✈️ Flights from £24

🛏 Barcelona hostels from £11.61 per night

💰= £35.61

cheap places to go in may - Barcelona - Park Güell

Photo by Daniel Corneschi

10. Venice (Italy)

Venice recently featured in our list of 15 places to visit before they disappear. The beautiful floating city is a must-see, and at this price it’s a great time to go, before it’s too late! From gondola rides to escaping the crowds, our insider tips will help you make the most of your Venetian adventure. As well as stunning views, Venice is also home to delicious food. Food and wine lovers are spoilt for choice with mouth-watering options. Here’s our pick of Venice’s top budget restaurants.

✈️ Flights from £25

🛏 Venice hostels from £10.40 per night

💰= £35.40

cheap places to go may - Venice - gondolas on canal

Photo by Gerhard Gellinger


9. Malaga (Spain)

Did you know, Malaga is the warmest city in mainland Europe? Well, now you do! With highs of 24 and lows of 14 it’s definitely short weather in May. It’s not only pleasantly warm, it’s also pleasant on the eye and on the stomach, (we’re talking stunning architecture and tasty tapas!) If you’re still not fully sold, check out 10 reasons why Malaga is the alternative city break of the year. If you’re not fully convinced after that, then A: we’ll be surprised and B: we give up. Alicante instead?

✈️ Flights from £25

🛏 Malaga hostels from £10.40 per night

💰= £35.40

cheap places to go may - Malaga - sea view

Photo by JohannaW

8. Alicante (Spain)

Alicante is a port city on the Mediterranean coast. Look at that beautiful sandy beach! If you hate sand (some people do) then maybe you’ll prefer Santa Cruz, Alicante’s picturesque old town. There’s also scenic harbours to explore and beaut sunset views from Santa Barbara Castle to enjoy. Note: It is hilly, so bring your comfy trainers! Alicante is also home to tasty tapas and deliciously fresh seafood. So in conclusion, Alicante is good for your soul, eyes, belly, thighs and wallet!

✈️ Flights from £23

🛏 Alicante hostels from £12.13 per night

💰= £35.13

cheap places to go in may - Alicante - sea view and mountains

Photo by Nacho Ruiz


7. Prague (Czech Republic)

Fancy a few days in one of the best-value capitals in Europe? Then ‘Czech’ Prague out! This compact capital city is home to beautiful cobbled streets, fairy-tale castles and a charming old-town. After exploring, sit down for a plate of local goulash and dumplings, wash it down with a beverage in a local beer-hall, then hit the town to sample the buzzing night-life. If your still not 100% convinced, there’s also plenty of free things to do. WINNING!

✈️ Flights from £27

🛏 Prague hostels from £5.39 per night

💰 = £32.39

cheap places to go in may - Prague - bridge and river



6. Faro (Portugal)

Want a cheap trip away to Portugal? Faro’nuff! Faro is the perfect package, offering a great variety of things to do and see at affordable prices. There’s plenty to do, with beautiful beaches, a historical old town, a stunning marina, Roman ruins, palaces and more to explore! Also, don’t miss out on the Carmo church, which has walls covered in human skulls and bones. Creepy yes, but very unique and certainly worth a look! Faro also has a vibrant and affordable nightlife, thanks to it’s large student population. The most popular area to get your drink on is Rua do Prior, which has many buzzing bars and clubs.

✈️ Flights from £21 

🛏 Faro hostels from £10.57 per night

💰 = £31.57

cheap places to go in may - Faro - beach at sunset

Photo by adamkontor

5. Cologne (Germany)

✈️ Flights from £20

🛏 Cologne hostels from £11.26 per night

💰 = £31.26

cheap places to go in may - Cologne - cathedral and river


4. Copenhagen (Denmark)

If you’ve not been yet, Copenhagen is well worth a visit. Admittedly, the Scandinavian food and drink prices aren’t very wallet friendly, BUT we have insider tips to combat that. Feast your eyes on our list of best cheap eats and best bars in Copenhagen that won’t break the bank. If you like the sound of colourful buildings, cool nightlife, quirky cafes by canals, then you have to give it a go. As well as having cheap flights and great hostels, the Danish capital is popular for good reason. There’s plenty to do on a budget, plus Christiania is a unique, must-visit area that you certainly won’t forget.

✈️ Flights from £22

🛏 Copenhagen hostels from £11 per night

💰= £31

cheap places to go in may - Copenhagen - river boats - coloured houses

Photo by skeeze

3. Gdansk (Poland)

‘Would Gdansk, if I asked you Gdansk?’ Gdansk really can take your breathe away (yes, that is the first and last Enrique Iglesias pun I will ever use!) But seriously, this beautiful port city is well worth a trip – even more so for this bargain price! Gdansk is home to gorgeous Gothic architecture, street art, parks, heaps of great shops, cafes, restaurants and interesting museums. Once you’ve explored everything on dry land, you can jump aboard a boat museum, a boat bar, a boat restaurant or just a regular boat, to enjoy a scenic river cruise.

✈️ Flights from £25

🛏 Gdansk hostels from £5.06 per night

💰 = £30.06

cheap places to go in may - Gdansk - river

Photo by Andrea Anastasakis

2. Cluj-Napoca (Romania)

Cluj-Napoca, AKA Cluj, is the unofficial capital of the Transylvania region, AKA Dracula’s hood! The city is full of stunning Gothic style monuments, including Saint Michaels’s church, the tallest tower in Romania. As a big university city, Cluj offers great night-life with many cool bars and clubs, including many affordable student bars on Piezsia Street. There’s plenty to keep you entertained during the day also, with beautiful Botanical gardens, large parks, theatres and museums to be explored.

✈️ Flights from £20

🛏 Cluj-Napoca hostels from £9.96 per night

💰 = £29.96

cheap places to go in may - Cluj-Napoca - church

Image by István Mihály

1. Bratislava (Slovakia)

Bratislava is the charming capital of Slovakia, located alongside the Danube River, bordering Austria and Hungary. This cool city is often underrated compared to the likes of Prague and Vienna, but it certainly has its charm and is guaranteed to provide good value for money. Highlights include the medieval old town, cool cafes and restaurants, many stunning churches and cathedrals, plus the iconic Bratislava castle (pic below.) Conquer a few steps and get yourself to the top of the hill to this fairy tale castle, as it provides stunning views of the city and a great sunset pic. Also, if you’ve been down on your luck lately, go see the unique “Man at work” statue. Touching his head will bring you good luck. An adventure in Bratislava offers good times at affordable prices. That’s what we like to hear!

✈️ Flights from Bratislava £20

🛏 Bratislava hostels from £6.50 per night

💰 = £26.50

cheap places to go in may - Bratislava - castle by river

Photo by phtorxp

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