Top Venice Tips – Your Insider Tips for Venice

The Italian city of Venice has long been a popular spot for visitors from all over the world. Over on our Facebook page we asked you for your top Venice tips and here’s what you told us.

Take a gondola ride

John-Michael Page says:

Go on a gondola, despite what you hear, they’re not that expensive, and a must while there! says:

There are so many options when it comes to taking a gondola ride through Venice. They are a great way of seeing the city but they can be expensive. Price a few different options at different times of the day to get the best option.

If you can’t afford a gondola ride

Tony Chan says:

If you can’t afford a gondola ride, take the #1 ferry. That goes along the Grand Canal. You’ll save $ and still get to see the city from the water.

Caroline Brown says:

Traghetto for a cheap gondola ride (as suggested below) – magic!

Sarah Ewing says:

Buy a day pass, bring water and snacks, and then just ride the vaporetti all day.

Michela Altergott says:

Buy a day pass for the vaporetti and then travel out to the islands Murano and Burano and wander around seeing the handmade glass and lace on these islands.

Charles Antrobus says:

It is unbelievably crowded so the best thing is to arrive buy some refreshments and then get on a public bus for approx 6 euros sit back and relax and enjoy the scenary as the bus which in Venice is of course a boat goes around the city.

Visit Murano

Savannah Schnall says:

Go to Murano in the early morning 🙂 says:

The island of Murano lies off the coast of Venice and it has been renowned around the world for centuries because of the glass it produces.

Escape the crowds

Austin Qian Yu says:

Escape those crazy crowded places. Get lost in the small quite alleys in the central to northwest part of the main island. There, you’ll find so many surprises.

Live like a local

Thomas Thrussell says:

Stay in one of the two hostels on the main island and pretend you’re living as a local. It’s surprising it doesn’t take long to get used to waking up and taking a peep out of the window to see the city starting a new morning and get a glimpse of how people used to live in this amazing little island city of dreams.

Map or no map?

Christine Cassanell says:

I have never found my way around Venice with a map! Just walk and look!

Sofia Arriaga says:

Don’t use a map. You’ll spend valuable time on it, and you won’t get to the place you search on it anyways.

My Destination says:

Echo everyone who said don’t use a map – you’ll get lost in it!

Tim Zheng says:

Get the best, most detailed map you can get your hands on. Then find a better one, or else you’re sure to get lost.

Catherine Yuen says:

Give yourself time to get lost (which is easy to do!) That’s when you find the most interesting places that are hidden away from tourists.

Danielle Brady says:

Get lost!

Kiara Gallop says:

Definitely give yourself time to get lost amongst Venice’s maze of enchanting little streets, and also Murano and Burano are well worth a visit!

Nicole Soraghan says:

Ditch the map! Get lost!

Chris Oliver says:

Parroting what Danielle, Kiara and Catherine have already said above… forget the maps, forget the guidebooks. Just leave your room with the specific intention of getting lost everyday. Venice is a small place, but a wonderful maze to simply wander around in. If you can find the locals, you’ll find killer food, happy crowds, etc. Also, save an empty water bottle and find a store selling local wine directly from the barrel. Delicious, cheap and wine always adds to the fun!

Ross Effler says:

Put away the map and get lost.

Fm Chow says:

Throw away your map, you will get ‘lost’ anyway….and that’s the fun part

Dana Guesthouse Bali says:

If you have a map or direction to go! Lets forget it as soon as u can. Completly lost all day long and better ask guide take you arround or use felling to get a nice place to have romantic dinner. And don’t forget get a wine. Wish you best time.

Liz Hatayama says:

Visit the old Jewish quarter and get lost along the way. You´ll avoid tourists and see random bits of Venice life. And take a ferry taxi the long way around to see Venice by water. Just make sure you know when the last ferry passes!

Wendy Comba says:

Getting lost is fun, but if you really need to get somewhere, make sure you know where it is in relation to the big piazzas. There are plenty of signs pointing you in those directions!

Mike Pollock says:

So many tips to chose from. Get lost. Go to caffe del doge. Visit it Italian style by never sitting down except for a spritz and at the bar is the way to go. Avoid the weekends. Don’t go during the summer months, October is stunning. Get lost everyday. Oh wait, I said that already.

Have a Bellini in Harry’s Bar

Edgar Flores says:

Two Bellini’s in the famous Harry’s Bar! In the Hemingway´s table… like Ana Tellez!

Shinji Aoyama says:

Harry’s Bar is a legend bar. Bellini is very good.

Jennifer Mallegni says:

Take a glass of “spritz” or “bellini”. they are produced there and they are really cheap! says:

Harry’s Bar is a popular spot in Venice where the Bellini cocktail was born. The bar dates back to 1931 and has seen many famous faces pass through its doors.

Location: Calle Vallaresso, 1323

Opening hours: Daily 10.30 am to 11 pm

Go sightseeing in the evening

My Destination says:

Our top tips for visiting Venice would be to go and see the main attractions around 5 or 6 in the evening. Venice can get very crowded during the daytime and also it can be very hot during peak summer time season. Go out in the early evening and you will avoid long waiting times for the main attractions and not be packed in like a sardine once you are there.

Visit the islands of Burano and Torcello

Aileen Roantree says:

Hop on the boat going over to the island of Burano – it’s a colourful, miniature Venice and just beautiful. On the way back have a walk around Torcello. says:

Burano is another beautiful island off the coast of Venice in an area known as the Venetian Lagoon.. It is known for its colourfully painted houses as the residents of Burano must apply in writing to the government before painting their homes. Torcello is another island in the Lagoon that is less populated and has some historical sights.

Pick up some Venetian masks

Jocelyn Baires says:

Eat as much pasta and pizza you can; you’ll miss it when you’re gone! Try and learn simple Italian phrases or words (easier said than done, but at least try) this will help you if you get lost cause you most likely will. No matter how sick of seeing little Venetian masks everywhere buy one or two, they really are a great memento and you’ll always look at it and remember how many of them you seen on your amazing trip to beautiful Venice!! ENJOY walking through crowded alleyways then make a right or left turn onto an empty one – it’s a crazy experience. Don’t over think your adventure, just go with the flow!!

Be careful where you spend your money

Bruno Macedo says:

Don’t eat, drink or buy anything near the most famous places. They take advantage of that. It’s really expensive comparing to any other place.

Massimo Viti says:

I second what Bruno said, I visited Venice 7 times and it’s always been too expensive for its own good, even when the rest of Italy wasn’t expensive (pre-euro Italy, to be clear)

Kim Ferris says:

Do remember that a coffee/ cappucino “al bar” (standing) is only 1€, whereas it can easily sum up to 5-6€ if you sit down to enjoy it!

See Venice under water

Sanna Johanna Väre says:

Go there in the spring when it’s acqua alta, it’s amazing! says:

Acqua alta means ‘high water’ and is what happens during Speing in Venice. The tides rise and some streets of Venice are covered in a few inches of water.

When to visit Venice

My Destination says:

Go in the summer and visit the sights in the evening when it’s less crowded

Mark Bucken says:

Don’t go during the summer – too hot, too many tourists and huge lineups…go during a shoulder season.

Paul Devall says:

Go in winter!

Betty Heck says:

Go in winter, super cold but much less crowded, much cheaper, might even snow a little, have pizza and Venetian bakery, yummy!

Leila Viegas says:

Try not to go during holidays, the city gets really crowded and dirty. If you find yourself in that situation, try getting lost. You´ll discover a quiet romantic side of Venice.

Neil Cottam says:

Go in the week when it’s much quieter, and hang out in the parks and people watch while you eat your lunch.

Sit out and take in the views

Cagdas Yetkin says:

Buy a good wine and cheese from a Billa shop. Find a good corner looking to Grand Canal. Just sit, open your wine and enjoy the sunset and watch sea crafts passing by.

Yordan Nikolov says:

Probably it’s already mentioned but try to use BILLA and COOP. Buy some wine and some cold cuts, sit somewhere and enjoy the views. My profile photo is from Venice.

Stay outside of the city

Andy Bent says:

If you want to see Venice but cash is tight, consider staying at Lido di Iesolo and getting the ferry into the city from Punta Sabbioni. You get to save money, arrive in Venice by water – which is much nicer than fetching up at Piazzale Roma and walking to San Marco- AND you can have a day on the beach if you’re getting a bit churched out.

Gap Daemon says:

Camp at Fusina outside the city and save loads.

Louise A Butler says:

I stayed just outside of Venice in Mestre … lovely place and so easy to catch 10min bus ride into town.

St. Mark’s Square

Vinaya Pai says:

St. Marco’ s Square after 7… they play amazing, soul-touching music. You can move from one cafe to another… without having to sit in the cafe’s chairs or buying anything. The most romantic experience ever!

My Destination says:

In terms of what the best attractions are, nothing can beat St Mark’s Basilica, one of the most spectacular and beautiful sights you are ever likely to see.

Try out some of the following suggestions…

Raquel Hickman Thiebes says:

So many great B&Bs available inexpensively directly in Venice. Get your gondola fix by riding in a traghetto, a stripped down gondola at three points across the Grand Canal for only 50 cents. The souvenirs get cheaper the farther you get from San Marcos Square. Go out to Murano in the late afternoon to escape the tourist hoards. If staying a couple days, walk everywhere the first day or two and save the water-taxis for the day you get your 24 hour pass. That day go up and down the Grand Canal, out to Murano and the Lido. Bring galoshes from the Fall to Spring due to high water throughout parts of the city and San Marcos especially. Avoid long lines for Doges Palace tours and get them online. I recommend the Secret tour. Meant to say the B&Bs can be found on Hostelworld. I have my favourites on there!

Louis Francis Monroy-Santander says:

Walk the labyrinth that goes to the San Marcos Playa…you will see the beauty and magic that lives within the walls of Venice.

Ann Van de Velde says:

Drinking a Spritz at one of the very few bars at Giudecca Island watching San Marco Square.

Fernando Nogueira says:

Go to a champagnery close to Rialto Bridge… at the right side for those who come from the station… Follow the Rialto stairway straight and then to the right and you will see a little piazza with a champagnery over there. You can drink and eat on a deck at the river board.

Juanma Capobianco says:

Hermosa venezia, estuve en marzo de 2011 y me enamoro, saludos desde Argentina!

Hannah Curzon says:

Take a trip to a neighbouring island called Lido which has a lovely beach. The water taxis are a lot cheaper than taking a gondola. When I was there having a drink in Piazza san Marco, I was charged for listening to a string quartet that was playing in the background! Had a reasonably priced meal at a restaurant right near the Rialto Bridge. Venice is a magical place and I would definitely go there again.

Tiago Toledo says:

Do not stay at the Venice Museum!!

Trilce Velasquez says:

Walk from the station to the Rialto and then to the plaza San Marcos! And visit Murano.

Kah Ying Lee says:

Overnight at train station, is free of charge! Buy a day pass for unlimited boat ride is worth.

Dale Tidy says:

Give yourself enough time to walk through streets until your all alone, that’s when you discover the magic of Venice!

Kai Li Koh says:

Lose your tracks, if you are not lost you are probably not in Venezia. Visiting Burano, an island that holds the most colourful houses is a must! Never visit the cafe right in the middle of P.S.Marco as it is going to cost you £12 for a coffee. At last, do not visit the public toilet at the Academia Bridge, you will find you are £1.50 poorer with each visit.

Alexander Bartsch says:

My tip: skip Venice and go to another place that’s not so unbelievable crowded.

Michael Goard says:

Bring a date … go in the winter … night time is magic … Stop off at the island of San Michele (graveyards) on your way to Murano glass factories. Be a traveller not a tourist.

Peter Lorentzen says:

Fish with inksauce… Best dish ever! Take the time to visit one of the more serious mask shops and stay away from the bag sellers… If you didn’t know… They are fake!

Hugues Lavergne says:

Instead of going in the Campanille in place St Marco, go to the other one on the south shore, it’s cheaper and you’ll have a great view over Venice and the place St-Marco

Bill Binder says:

If you want to eat late (after midnight), good luck!

Gabriella Cox says:

Make sure to buy yourself a large water bottle, drink it, then go to one of the many wineries that will fill your plastic bottle with the some delicous italian wine for just a few euros.

Christy Will says:

I used Rick Steves podcast on my ipod while on one of the water taxis. It told me all about the buildings and sites along the way!

Danielle Evans says:

They aren’t very friendly or accommodating to single travellers.

Hopefully these top Venice tips will help you make to most of your visit to Venice.

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