5 unmissable stops for your Iceland road trip

It’s been two weeks since I got back from my trip to Iceland, and I’m still suffering withdrawal symptoms. I miss the breathtaking waterfalls, otherworldly landscapes and incredible wildlife.
To help me recover, I’m going to relive the magic and show you the highlights of my road trip around this stunning country.
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Iceland roadtrip

1. Lunar landscapes at Stokksnes

Stokksnes Iceland roadtrip
With its black sand and craggy mountains, this beach near Höfn in the southeast of the island is unlike anything you’ve seen before. We stopped here for hours and didn’t want to leave.

2. Waterfall pitstop at Goðafoss

Godafoss waterfall iceland roadtrip
This stunning waterfall, located on the scenic Sprengisandur Highland Route in the north of the island, is beautiful at any time of year and because it’s right by the road, it’s really easy to plan this stop into your roadtrip.

3. Whale watching in Akureyri

whalewatching Akureyri Iceland roadtrip
Seeing these magnificent creatures in their naural habitat is a moment you’ll never forget. You can hop on a whale watching tour from a few places in Iceland; we chose the tour from Akureyri in the north of the island and we were not disappointed!
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4. Glacier gazing in Jökulsárlón

Jokursarlon glacier iceland roadtrip
Iceland’s biggest glacial lagoon left me speechless with its dazzling colours and the constantly shifting patterns of the icebergs. It really was an awe-inspiring place, and I loved watching the birds and seals larking around in the icy water. A

5. Get wet at Skógafoss

Skogafoss waterfall Iceland roadtrip
This was my favourite place in the whole of Iceland. You’ve probably already seen pictures of this stunning waterfall from your friends‘ instagram feeds, but believe me, the hype is justified. Standing next to this stunning spectacle as the water comes crashing down from 60 metres, reminds you how small we are compared to the power of Mother Nature. Just make sure you pack a raincoat – it gets pretty wet down there!
Got any other must-see tips for Iceland? Leave them in the comments below for extra travel karma points!
About the author:
Yvonne is a student, optimist, and globetrotter from Germany. Follow her on her adventures at lovelyforliving-mag.com.

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