9 Times Google Auto-Complete Showed Us What The World Really Thinks of Americans

9 Times Google Auto-Complete Showed Us What The World Really Thinks of Americans

Every American has Googled themselves, and it looks like the rest of the world have been Googling us too! Travelers from all over have taken to the internet to ask a whole range of questions about Americans and what to expect before they visit certain states.

You might be a little surprised about what people are asking about you but just try not to get too offended! ? The good, the bad, and the totally bizarre! Ok Google, show us what you got…

New Yorkers

1. Why are New Yorkers… so rude? So aggressive? So angry?

Woah, we’re not angry it’s just somet- ‘HEY BUDDY, I’M WALKIN’ HERE!’ 

2. Do New Yorkers… like Brits? Wear shorts? Cook? Have an accent?

Yes, yes, yes, depends who’s asking.

3. Why do New Yorkers… hate New Jersey? Hate Brooklyn? Think they’re special?

C’mon guys, ‘hate’ is a strong word… and hey! We are special ?


1. Do Bostonians… have an accent? Swear a lot? Hate New Yorkers?

 Hahwahya? Wicked! Hah about those f*ckin’ New Yorkers eh, ma?


1. Can Florida residents… buy Disney tickets for family? For friends?

Come on people! There’s more to Florida than Disney World and – OH! Look, Mickey Mouse!!!


1. Do Texans… like the British? Wear Cowboy hats?

The British sure are needy, y’all. *throws cowboy hat into air* 

2. Why are Texans so… proud? Rude? Fat? Dumb?

Maybe we wouldn’t have to be so proud if you stopped insulting us!!!


1. Do Hawaiians like… the British? Spam? Lilo and Stitch?

We think the real question here is who doesn’t like Lilo and Stitch?!


1. Will Montana… legalize weed? legalize pot?

Montanans are just here for a good time!


1. Do Californians… say cali? Have to register bibles? Live longer? Say socal?

Woah dude, that’s – like- soooo cali! 

2. Are Californians… moving to Texas?

Wait, is that where all my friends went?!!? Thanks for the invite GUYS.


1. Do Alaskans… feel American? Get paid to live there?

What does an American ~feel~ like? If we do get paid then my cheque must have got lost in the mail.


1. Why do Midwesterners… say pop? Call soda pop? Like Ranch?

Errr? Why do we like ranch?! ‘Cos it’s absolutely delicious that’s why!! 


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