Meet The World And Visit These 8 Incredible Countries in Central America

Meet The World And Visit These 8 Incredible Countries in Central America

Countries in Central America are some of the most slap-you-round-the-face beautiful in the world.

But Hostelworld’s Meet The World Report has found that countries like Guatemala and Costa Rica are among the least visited on the planet.

Mexico, the gateway to all of Central America’s amazingness, has been visited by just 7% of people across the seven countries we surveyed, with the 23% of Americans who have crossed Mexico’s southern border skewing that number quite a bit.

Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama have all been seen by less than 1% of people, according to our research, so isn’t it about time for a Central American adventure?   Start off in magnificent…


Mexico City attracts jetsetters from right around the world. Yup, it’s a crazy, bustling place, but that’s its appeal! And from DF (that’s what the locals call it, FYI), it’s super-easy to head south.  Make a stop in the street food capital of the country, Oaxaca, and chomp on fried grasshoppers, and then make your way to the coast…

After idling on the idyllic beaches of Puerto Escondido, travel down to pretty-as-a-picture San Cristobal de las Casas in Chiapas. And if you’re able to prise yourself away from that enchanting city (yeh, good luck with that), take a bus to the border of…

Countries in Central America - Mexico


Knock knock. Who’s there? Guatemala. Guatemala who? Guatemala – the backpacking paradise that you need to visit, like, now. The people are just about the friendliest you’ll ever meet, and your backpacker budget will stretch very far in this country.

Your first stop is Antigua, a cute-as-a-button colonial town, before some time at Lake Atitlan, hiking up the San Pedro volcano and dropping into yoga mecca San Marcos. Guatemala City is an experience to say the least – bustling traffic, incredible nightlife, and food everywhere – you need to be there.   Then it’s time to journey on to…


Welcome to the Caribbean in Central America! Get your beach time in and then waste no time in heading to San Ignacio for a back-to-nature experience in the deep of the jungle. Peek at tropical wildlife such as toucans up close, and explore the nearby Mayan ruins while you are there.

And there is just as much under the water as on land. The Belize Barrier Reef is a natural phenomenon of biodiversity that is begging to be explored. Then it’s time to visit…

Countries in Central America - Belize


You may be wondering at this stage how much time we’re spending in Central America. Well, how long is a piece of string? There are few defined routes, which means you can decide which treasures of the region you want to visit and how long you spend there.

Our whim is to enjoy the beyond spectacular Bay Islands of Honduras. Eat seafood until you burst, dive in the crystal clear waters, and then get a boat to the mainland. Tela’s cray-mazing beaches will make you feel like you’ve been dropped into a postcard, and the Mayan ruins at Copan like you’ve stepped back in time. Then on to…

Countries in Central America - Honduras

El Salvador

Feel the history of Santa Ana, before making your way to the capital, San Salvador – a raucous city full of Latin spirit and buzzing nightlife. Below a skyline mixed with modern high-rise buildings and volcanoes, there is a burgeoning arts scene and charm that will make you stick around for much longer than planned.

Recoup some energy with lazy beach days at La Libertad. Top up your tan, eat fresh seafood on the beach, and test out your surfing skills. Then move eastwards to the golden sands of El Cuco for, well, even more amazing beach time. Hard life, eh? And after El Salvador it’s…


Say hello to Leon, Nicaragua’s most visited tourist city – a hotbed of artsiness, political thinking, and intellectualism. By day you’ll love the historic buildings, and at night you can go wild at one (or more) of the many poppin’ night spots in the city.

Get inspired by the world class street art in Managua, and then head to Isla de Omtempe to climb its twin volcanic peaks – a photo opp like no other. And if you can’t get enough of those tropical beach days, squeeze in a jaunt to San Juan del Sur. Then it’s time to visit…

Costa Rica

Nature lovers, you are in luck. Jungle, waterfalls, hills, beaches – Costa Rica is one of the most bio-diverse countries in Central America, if not the world. Get your beach vibes on at Tamarindo and Jacó and if you need to experience city life for a few days, the capital, San José, is the coolest.

The beauty of Tortuguero and Manuel Antonio national parks is almost hard to believe – you will be blown away. Coming to the back end of your Central American odyssey, climbing Cerro Chirripó might seem like a slog you could do without, but being able to see coast to coast on a clear day is everything and more. Trust and believe. Bordering Costa Rica is…

Countries in Central America - Costa Rica



Whether the end of your trip or your entrance to South America, the home of the world’s greatest shortcut offers limitless rewards. Where do we start? There are the dazzlingly clear waters, beautiful beaches, coral reefs, and laid back vibes.   And, of course, Panama City is a must visit. A cosmopolitan city that has world class restaurants and bars but is fringed by mountains and nature.

How many countries in Central America have you seen? If you haven’t been yet, why not? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks to James Willamor, The LEAF Project, kristin klein and Karen Corby for the images within the Creative Commons.

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