Paris by night: 7 plans for every type of traveller

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who said that Paris is only for couples in love? The city of lights is also perfect for a getaway with friends, especially if, after a full day exploring its most special and touristy spots, you want to continue experiencing its nightlife. Because Paris by night is very, very entertaining. We’re going to give you 7 plans to enjoy Paris once the sun has set:

For travellers rich in spirit but poor in pocket

Paris plan de noche📷@mr.matonis

Paris isn’t exactly the cheapest city in the world, but if there’s one thing we brewers have, it’s that we never give up hope. If you’re looking for a bar atmosphere, we recommend The Wall, in the heart of the Latin Quarter. Here you can find pints of beer for 5€ and toast to this trip (and all those to come), chin chin!

where? 51 Rue Lacepede.

An even cheaper alternative is to go to the nearest supermarket and stock up on a few cans of beer (or a bottle of wine for the more romantic ones), something to nibble and have your own picnic at night: remember you’re in Paris, there’s no shortage of scenic spots, we recommend the Saint-Martin canal or Champs de Mars, right in front of the Eiffel Tower.

For disco travellers

fiesta paris📷@helleiine

Sometimes it’s the simple things that work, so why not check out the most fun dance floors in Paris? We recommend these 2 venues:

Le Queen: a Parisian nightlife institution right on the Champs Elysées. Le Queen offers great music, theme nights and a good vibe. Entry with a drink is around 20€, but if you’re travelling with your girlfriends, don’t miss the Wednesday sessions: it’s girls’ night out and you won’t have to pay anything. Sorry guys!

where? 102 Av des Champs Elysées.

Le Duplex: a nightclub with different rooms, a paradise for Erasmus students in the city. Entrance with a drink usually costs around 15€.

where? 2 bis Avenue Foch.

For chameleon travellers

gastronomia paris📷@caroline_elias

If you are among those who prefer to behave like a local and have the ability to adapt to the environment without any problems, like a chameleon in the jungle, you might want to experience the Parisian nightlife as if you were a real Parisian. In this case, don’t miss the “au vin” bars, ideal for sipping a glass of wine while you grab a bite to eat (especially cheeses and charcuterie).

Le Barav is a good example: here a bottle of wine costs around €9 and a cheese and charcuterie platter costs around €14, perfect for sharing a pleasant evening full of conversation and a good atmosphere.

where? 6 Rue Charles François Dupuis.

For rebellious travellers

pizzeria paris📷@lescurares.fanfare

The place we recommend for rebellious travellers is the Da Vito pizzeria, and if you look at it like that you’ll probably think we’re playing a joke that’s not very funny. However, if we tell you to go through that pizzeria and slip down the corridor that opens behind the cold room door to get to a secret bar, things start to change, don’t they? It’s the Moonshiner, a speakeasy where you can while away the hours listening to jazz sessions and be transported back to the prohibitionist era.

where? 5 Rue Sedaine. Metro Bastille.

For atypical travellers

Lucha Libre📷@gianna_schiralli

When you think of Paris, one of the last things that comes to mind is spending the evening sipping margaritas and watching wrestling matches in a ring in the Latin Quarter. If the idea appeals to you, you can make it a reality at Lucha Libre, a curious Mexican restaurant where “macho” fights are organised on Friday nights. Don’t miss the happy hour (17.00-20.00) with beer for €3 and cocktails for €6.

where? 10 Rue de la Montagne Sainte Geneviève.

For singing travellers

karaoke paris📷@positive_vibes_maker

Whether you sing like an angel or you’re more out of tune than a saw, it doesn’t matter: karaoke is always a good idea for a crazy night out (especially after a couple of beers). At Café Rive Droite you can unleash the Rihanna (or the saw, who cares) in you. One thing’s for sure: the night will be legendary.

where? 2 Rue Berger.

For bohemian travellers

cafeteria paris📷@ella_qui_vit_a_paris

Let’s be honest, there is little left of the bohemian Paris of the early 1900s. That said, let’s pay attention to the nuance: “little is left”… which means that there is still something left! We are in luck! Your bohemian Parisian night could start with a shot of absinthe, and who knows, maybe inspiration will take hold of you and you’ll end up being the new bohemian poet of the 19th century! For an authentic Parisian night out, check out these places:

– Vert d’absinthe: 11 Rue d’Ormesson.
Marlusse et Lapin: 14 Rue Germain Pilon.
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