10 Signs You’ve Found the Perfect Travel Buddy

Laura Cordrey writes for BlaBlaCar, a ridesharing service that connects drivers with empty seats to passengers travelling the same way. You can download the app for Andriod and iOS

Finding the perfect travel buddy can be a tricky business, no one wants to end up clashing while you’re on the road. But how do you know when you’ve found that special someone? Simply look for the signs…

1.  They’re inquisitive

2_Curious lambs

Travel is all about discovering new things, and with a travel buddy who is curious about anything and everything, you’re guaranteed to make some amazing memories together.

2. They’re on your schedule

3_Sleepy Bear

An early bird and a sleepy bear will never get along. If you enjoy your lie-ins, don’t travel with someone who wakes up when the sun does.

3. They’re all about respect


Think about it: do you want to travel with someone who will always use the end of your sunscreen, who won’t offer to help with organising the trip or (heaven forbid) forget all about personal hygiene? Aretha Franklin had a great point here; a good travel buddy will know how to give you a little respect.

4. They share your opinion of Instagram

5_Snappy happy

For some travellers, Instagram is an inevitable fact of life, whereas for others, it’s more like #WeDontAllWantToLiveInAnInstagramMoment. Wherever you stand in the epic Insta-debate, be sure to check whether your travel buddy feels the same way, otherwise their snap-happy attitude might clash with your less interested take.

5. Their piggy bank mirrors yours

6_Piggy Bank

If you’re all about saving those pennies and travelling on a budget, you don’t want a co-traveller who only accepts food on a silver platter. Make sure you both have the same budgets before you travel to avoid awkward fall-outs.

6. Comic genius is their strong suit


You should travel with someone who knows how to turn that frown upside down. Things are bound to go wrong when you’re on the road for a lengthy time, but a giggling fit is the best way to break the ice in a tense situation.

7. They’re aiming for the same trip

8_Beach relaxing

Travel buddy 101: Make sure you’re both after the same trip. If all you want to do is chill on a beach, then you need someone who is a chill-axer too. A city-trotter won’t be happy lazing around, so straighten out your intentions before you both set off.

8. They have good chat


If you’re a chatterbox, find someone who likes to natter too. You’ll only get bored on the road if your co-traveller doesn’t want to debate the importance of travel to the grand scheme of life with you.

9. They’re DJ skills are unrivaled


Travelling with someone who has awesome playlists will make any journey fun. Find yourself a travelling DJ and you’re bound to have some great sing-a-longs.

10. They’re super outgoing


If you want to make some unforgettable memories, then take someone as equally unforgettable with you. Travel with someone who will push you to dance with a local, will push you to skydive and will push you to always have the best time possible.

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