10 ways world travel makes you more employable

10 ways world travel makes you more employable

Thinking about taking some time out to travel but worried about the impact on your career? Don’t sweat it – nowadays travel makes you more employable, not less. Here’s why…

Travel teaches you to manage stress


That important presentation you’ve been asked to do will feel like a breeze compared to rushing to catch endless planes or paddling through croc-infested waters. So you’ll be less stressed and more able to focus on the task in hand.

Travel makes you more confident and independent


When you’re in a strange city thousands of miles away from home, there’s no one for you to rely on but yourself. It can be daunting at first, but ultimately liberating. Employers value people who can work independently and won’t pester them every time the photocopier runs out of paper.

Travel turns you into a budgeting pro


Unless your parents are millionaires, it’s likely you had to save long and hard for your travels, and stick to a strict spending plan while you were away. These skills will help you in the workplace, whether you’re managing big marketing budgets or trying to organise the Christmas party.

Travel gives you energy and enthusiasm


Travel makes you a happier person and more fun to be around – something your new colleagues will appreciate. The best thing about travel is that the glow lasts long after you return home and often makes you more appreciative of your old life.

Travel teaches you to multitask and work more efficiently


Your multitasking abilities will be pushed to the limits as you haggle with a taxi driver in broken Spanish whilst mentally converting Mexican pesos into pounds and trying not to get pick-pocketed. And when you’re paying by the minute to use an ancient dial-up connection, you’ll become remarkably efficient at replying to emails.

Travel makes you more open-minded


You’ll come into contact with all sorts of people on your travels. You’ll learn that not everybody sees things the way you do, and that’s okay. In the workplace, compassion and an ability to compromise are essential to getting things done.

Travel makes you smarter


New experiences stimulates the brain in a unique way and have been linked to higher IQ and greater creativity – you’re now an employer’s dream!

Travel helps put things into perspective


Now that you’ve seen a bit more of the world, you’ll start to realise that more money won’t necessarily make you happy. This will help you make better career choices and find something that you’re passionate about. And if you’re passionate about your job, you’re likely to be better at it.

Travel makes you more friendly and easy-going

9The most important soft skill employers look for are “people skills”. After all that practise staying in hostels and talking to new people, you’ll be less awkward in your interactions with clients, partners or colleagues. And sharing your personal space for months on end will also make you more easy-going.

Travel helps you pick up a new language


Okay, so you might not become fluent in ten new languages, but you’ll find it hard not to pick up some basic phrases. Foreign language skills, even at a basic level, look great on your CV.

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