Why Hostelling Is The Hot New Celebrity Craze #HostelStars

Why Hostelling Is The Hot New Celebrity Craze #HostelStars

EXCLUSIVE: When stars including Justin Bieber, Adele and Ed Sheeran were allegedly spotted staying at King Kong Hostel this week ahead of the Rotterdam music awards, the taboo was finally lifted on one of Hollywood’s best kept secrets… We tell you why hostelling is the hot new celebrity craze!

“It’s been going on for years,” explains a source close to the stars, “but until recently they’ve always worn disguises – sunglasses, fake dreadlocks, that sort of thing. You’ve probably shared a dorm with Peter Andre without even realising it.”

Although the likes of Chris Eubank, 50 Cent and Margot Robbie have been outspoken about their love of hostelling, most stars will likely continue to hostel incognito. So why are the super-rich so obsessed with hostelling? Hostelworld spoke exclusively to 5 high-profile celeb backpackers to find out…

[All names have been changed for anonymity]

  1. One less lonely boy

hostelling #hostelstars Wombats city hostel Vienna

“The best thing about hostelling is the people: everyone’s so open minded, and it’s really easy to make friends. I’ve had some amazing adventures with the other travellers I’ve met in hostels.”

– Dustin Beaver, pictured in disguise next to his pet monkey at Wombats City Hostel Vienna

  1. Rolling in the freebies

hostelling #HostelStars Once Again Hostel Bangkok

“Free walking tour, free pancake breakfast, free rooftop yoga sesh… I’m not tight, I’m just careful with my money, and all the hostel freebies mean I have more to spend on my travels.”

– A. D’Elle, pictured in drag helping herself to coffee at Once Again Hostel in Bangkok.

  1. What makes you high security

hostelling #HostelStars Hub New Lisbon Hostel

“Security’s really important to us. Wayne, our stalker, is quite persistent, so it’s reassuring to know hostels have 24hr reception, private lockers, CCTV… we’ve even stayed in a hostel converted from a high security prison. Wayne didn’t stand a chance.”

– Wong Daye Reckshu, pictured hiding from Wayne in the ball pit at Hub New Lisbon Hostel

  1. The A-List Team

hostelling #HostelStars Selina Bocas del Toro

“People think I’m really down to earth, but my friends actually call me the Beyonce of East Anglia. I want the rooftop pools, private beaches, swanky penthouse privates, panoramic views… I want the millionaire lifestyle, but without the price tag. That’s why I hostel.”

– Ted Sheeran, not pictured at Selina Bocas del Toro hostel

  1. When love takes over

hostelling #HostelStars Les Piaules Hostel Paris

“People say to me ‘why do you go to a hostel when you could afford the whole floor of a hotel?’ Zut alors, Isn’t it obvious? I like to make le party! I’m hardly going to meet the next Mrs Ghetto Blaster locked in a hotel room.”

– Daniel Ghetto Blaster, pictured above wearing a fake beard in the bar at Les Piaules hostel in Paris

Is Ricky Gervais watching Netflix in the bunk below you? Has Craig David just offered to cook you baked beans on toast in the hostel kitchen? Join the conversation using #HostelStars and let us know if you think you’ve spotted a celeb in your hostel ?⭐️

hostelling Joe Jonas at King Kong Hostel Rotterdam

UPDATE: Okay, we’re a little bit freaked out right now. It’s a bit like when you have a dream, and then the next day it actually happens… Just hours after our #HostelStars left King Kong Hostel for their tribute awards, Joe Jonas was spotted in the hostel hang out area ahead of his appearance at the MTV European Music Awards that night. It was definitely him – we touched him ???

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