Instagram’s travel photos are a big fat lie? Your views.

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We posted an article on Facebook last week and it got you guys talking! The journalist used a series of photos to display how Instgrammers manipulate their images, to show a less than accurate portrayal of some of the world’s most famous landmarks: The Taj Mahal, Machu Picchu & The Mona Lisa to name a few!

We’re on the fence with this one… having been caught up in the madness at Christ the Redeemer in Rio. Unless you’re an A Lister I’m not sure it’s possible to get up there without at least 100 selfie obsessed tourists. But, totally agree that sites like Machu Picchu are possible to capture in isolated beauty after trekking The Inca Trail, getting up at 3.30am on the final day and marching there (with the few hundred other trekkers!)

You guys shared with us your views and tips. We think you have a fair point and some really useful advice, so here’s what you said…

The article claimed ‘You shouldn’t choose your holiday on Instagram. You’ll only end up disappointed.’ At least 80% of our Facebookers think if you time it right you can get a tourist free shot of the famous landmarks.

Jana Koplová Absolutely, DISAGREE! If you choose right place in right time. As example couple of weeks ago we visited Borobudur – I am sure all travellers know – we avoid the sunrise and arrived around 1 PM, and we had amazing views just for ourselves. Travel photos don’t lie. Travel photos show that you are able to wait for the right moment, the best one that stays in your mind forever.

Sue Pester I disagree too ….I’ve been to many of these places and you can visit most of them without the rest of the world have his wife. I walked for hours on a virtually deserted Great Wall of China and similar at Machu Picchu. It’s all about timing. And sometimes being patient – letting the crowds go home.


Photo: Sue Pester – Borobudur (Java, Indonesia)

Lisette Andrews Disagree, if you travel on your own accord and don’t jump on the over expensive over full buses with hundreds of other people, then you will see the real views and beauty!

Probearoundtheglobe It can be like that, just look at my profile banner of the plaza in Pisa at sunset on an evening in May. It is possible to avoid the crowds without any photoshopping to be done. It’s all about timing and patience.


Photo: Probearoundtheglobe – Plaza in Pisa (Italy)

Tereza Roučková disagree!!! We did the Inca trail to Machu Picchu last year and woke up at 4 am to enter the site by 7 am and saw it exactly the way it looks on the instagram…no crowds, just peace and beauty!

Matthew Burke Disagree. You can choose to take a picture of ‘the wonder’ or you can choose to take a crap picture of people’s heads in front of the wonder. You can also get there first thing in the morning to miss the crowds. Not exactly a secret that one.

Gemma Buttery I stopped over a little longer at Maya bay, phi phi and waited until the crowds went home to appreciate it all the more better.


Photo: Chris Neuman – Machu Picchu (Peru)

However, some of you have got caught up in the lines and cropping out the tourists to create the perfect shot.

Mandy Bailey Haha this is exactly what travelling is really like! Remember Mia Clancy queuing for a pic at Machu Picchu. Reply: Mia Clancy Haha exactly! Thought it was going to co ego blows with line jumpers lol

You also had strong words on the claims that travel photos are over-filtered and basically a lie.

Lisa Marie I think some people work harder, get up earlier, stay later, and have an eye for photography. Others just want a crappy photo for their Facebook, that’s what they get.

Sylvia Odolant Absolutely disagree. I have been to Machu Picchu and other extraordinary sites in the world and you can pick your time and if you are a decent photographer you will snap a great souvenirs pic. Using filters is only to enhance the beauty and make a true reflexion of the emotion you are having,being on that site. At the end of the day no filters and photoshop neither as the crowd that gather there (and you can’t forget you are one of them) will ever translate how breathtaking and how special it is to face mythic sites such as MP, the Taj Mahal or Christ the redeemer in the bay of Rio etc…

Sarah Taylor Disagree. I take all of my own photos and I don’t have fancy equipment. Key is having an eye for composition and some patience.

Some of you chose to remind everyone that it’s not all about the photos!

Claire Leila Chiboub Tried to take a photo by the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen a couple years back and a tourist… tried to push me into the water so she could get her picture. Don’t worry about things looking perfect. Enjoy the sights and appreciate being there and don’t push people to their near deaths!

And a final thought…


Photo: GGemma Buttery – Maya Bay, Phi Phi island (Thailand)

GGemma Buttery Either picture scenario you find when you get there…. At least you got the ambition to get there in the first place!!

We agree, GGemma (is that your real name?!), we agree! Get out there and #MeetTheWorld.

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