Top 5 travel posts of the week August 7th, 2015

Top 5 travel posts of the week August 7th, 2015


It’s time for another “best of the blogosphere” roundup in which we share the top 5 travel posts of the week with you. This time round, we’re sharing stories that will help you with your banking on your travels, that will help you find your way around South America, and more.

Why Southeast Asia Should Be Your First Backpacking Destination by The Global Couple


Choosing the very first place you jet off to on a backpacking adventure is an important decision, and it’s a difficult one to make when you have the whole world at your feet. But The Global Couple make some very compelling arguments for a trip to Southeast Asia.

“One of the best things for a first-time backpacker in Southeast Asia is that the trail has already been forged for you. This is by no means new territory for travellers, and while some may not like that, it makes it very easy to travel around and meet loads of new friends. If it’s your first trip, it’s all exciting and new, anyway!”

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8 Banking Tips For Travelers by Getting Stamped

Travelling is mostly about all the fun experiences that you will have on your trip, but in order to have those memorable experiences, your finances need to be in order. Looking after your finances when you are away from home is easier said than done, but the folks at Getting Stamped give you the inside track on how to be bank-savvy on your travels.

“We have put together a list of our top banking tips for travelers that we have learned from being on the road for two years straight. Some of these have saved us hundreds, if not thousands. Others we learned the hard way and cost us a bunch of money. These banking tips are good for the round-the-world RTW travelers and for someone planning a shorter trip too.”

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Top 5 Apps For Off The Beaten Path Travel by My Itchy Travel Feet

Your smartphone will be your best friend when you are travelling – that is if you utilise the right apps. In this post, Nicole gives you her best tech tips for apps that will help you to find delicious local food, navigate your way around foreign locations, and more.

“Although some may prefer to make travel plans in the heat of the moment, having a little on-the-spot assistance along with way is always helpful. Apps can be a great way to avoid a disaster and can also help you get the most out of your travel experience, no matter where you venture.”

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7 Spectacular Bus Routes Through South America by BootsnAll


South America can be an intimidating backpacking destination simply because of its sheer size. How on earth do you navigate your way around such an expanse of land? One of the most picturesque ways is to go old-school and take the bus. Here, Simone has set out 7 incredible bus journeys that will make your South America trip one to remember.

“South America offers some of the most startling scenery on earth and, if you travel by land rather than by air, much of it can be seen en route to your next exciting destination. Snow-capped mountains, seemingly endless deserts, shimmering salt flats, bizarre rose-hued rock formations shaped by the elements, lush jungles, cosmopolitan cities, ancient ruins and deep canyons can all be viewed through the bus window.”

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Easing Back In: Travelling East Guatemala by Alex in Wanderland


The Caribbean coast of Guatemala is not quite as popular as its colonial cities like Antigua, but this post will show you exactly why you need to make visiting east Guatemala a priority. There aren’t a whole lot of tourist activities set up – but for off the beaten path travel, who cares? You will have the time of your life exploring the natural beauty of this area.

“This part of the country still has a frontier-town feel and doesn’t make it onto too many itineraries, despite being the country’s epicenter for Garifuna culture and a connection point for boats to Belize, Honduras, and beyond.”

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Check back next week for more travel round-up goodness!

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