Rio de Janeiro Highlights – Insider Tips on How to Experience the City

Vibrant, beautiful Rio de Janeiro draws millions of visitors to its shores each year, all searching to find the spirit of the city. But where to start?!Rio De Janeiro Highlights

We asked you to submit your Rio De Janeiro highlights via Facebook. We’ve selected some of the best tips from locals and experienced travellers so you know exactly where to start after you land. Here’s what you told us…




See the city on two wheels

Hamish Seears says:

Cruising along the Copacabana beachfront on a scooter, on your way to Ipanema for a coffee, lunch and afternoon swim! Then maybe a drink with the locals at Bar Urca while enjoying the amazing view at sunset!

Aramyees Broderick says:

I agree there’s too much to miss to wait for a buses. When I had some friends visting Rio we borrowed some scooters. It’s a great way to get around the tourist sites with freedom and while feeling the sweet Brazilian sun on your back. Plus, you typically don’t pay for parking.

Rick Henderson says:

As I ride a bicycle to work every day, I think being able to see the city from the outer limits on a scooter would be a very good choice.

Lourens Dv says:

Rent a scooter; beat the crowd and visit different places! My experience was great.

Johnny Pringle says:

I think, with the awful traffic and lack of cycling lanes, a scooter is a great option. What could be cooler than bombing down Copacabana on a Vespa?!

Rodrigo GK says:

Using a bike on Sunday, crossing Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon.

Juraj Vajda says:

Since the public transport is a mess, often a solution is to rent a bike or a scooter as that will allow you to go to places that are more distant and yet very interesting…Largo do Boticario, Vista Chinesa, Museo do Açude, to name few.

Clarice Guimarães Barros says:

You can’t miss a bike ride in Aterro do Flamengo!


Explore the Sugarloaf Mountain area

Rio De Janeiro HighlightsGuarujá Ilha Hostel – Brazil says:

You can hike Morro da Ursula, just beside Pão de Açucar, and get some exercise added to your sight-seeing at Pão de Açúcar!

AI Hab says:

In Rio, I love Sugarloaf, Lapa at night, Copacabana Beach…

Christina Badstue says:

The sight at the Sugarloaf by night!

Jason Chong says:

Praia de Urca seafront, close to Pão de Açúcar.

Anna Tokarska says:

Pão de Açúcar by night.


Hit the best bars and nightlife

Sandra Bonito says:

Delirium Beer Bar! It’s two or three stops with the underground from the beach.

Pablo Gómez López says:

Barra Tijuca.

Aline Inocencio says:

Few beers in Lapa.

Douglas Spuri says:

Try go to baile funk in Favela da Rocinha … Adrenaline, because sometimes is dangerous, but is cool!

Ale Cordi says:

Nightlife in Lapa! Clube dos Democráticos is the best place for samba!

Jose L Orozco says:

Trying the delicious feijoada at Bar do Mineiros in Santa Teresa!

Daniel Silva says:

The nightlife.

Andrew Groth says:

Lapa street party.

Roberta Silvestre says:

Samba na Lapa!

Michael Berndt says:

Dont miss the favella funk party on Sunday and the party in Lapa on Friday.


See the Escadaria Selarón up close

Gabriel Marques da Rocha says:Rio De Janeiro Highlights

Selarón stairs, Parque Lage and Urca.

Szymon Harasim says:

Lapa stairs and its neighbourhood!

Victor Galan says:

You shouldn’t miss Selarón’s steps; it’s amazing!


Relax in Confeitaria Colombo

Alaciel Campos Dugone says:

Cafe Colombo, downtown. The building is old and gorgeous. To have tea there is marvelous; the deli and sandwiches are really delicious. It’s a must if you go to Rio. Don’t miss it.

Thaís Santos says:

To eat a piece of cake in Confeitaria Colombo!


Find the best coffee around

Re Pac says:

Parque Lage and Escola de Artes Visuais and its delicious cafe!

Magdalena Levy says:

So many things, but probably the best would be having coffee at Forte do Copacabana.


See the beautiful people at Copacabana Beach

Rio De Janeiro HighlightsNat Cerqueira says:

Forte de Copacabana.

Tatjana Schaefer says:

Drinking coconut milk out of a fresh coconut while sitting on the Copacabana watching passersby!

Adnan Kekhia says:

Enjoy caipirinha in Copacabana from one of the stalls near the beach.


Enjoy the sunset over the city

Martha Livier says:

Urca, the sunset from Corcovado & Felice Caffè.

Romulo Araujo says:

You can’t miss the sunset from Rocinha and samba in Lapa.

Marie Panier says:

A walk in Holland Park!


Check out the sports stadiums

Mariana Belizario says:Rio De Janeiro Highlights

Maracanã Stadium…

Ana Luiza Gusmão Meigger says:

Visit the biggest and most famous stadium in Brazil – Maracanã.

Michel Silva Stadium says:

Sao Januario!


Visit picturesque Santa Teresa

Maria Cristina Trevisol Bittencourt says:

Visit Santa Teresa neighbourhood!


Experience the most unique aspects of the local culture

Dan Dan says:

Baile na favela.

Georgina Guillermon says:

New year/Reveillon!!

Diana Troncoso says:

GRES Academicos do Salgueiro, the coolest samba school on earth! It’s in the northern part of the city, in Andarai.

Gisella Mastrantonio says:

Favelas tour.


..and of course, don’t forget Christ the Redeemer

Rio De Janeiro HighlightsSory Vega says:

You can’t miss the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio and, of course, Copacabana Beach.





The Rio De Janeiro highlights are just a starting point for your Brazilian adventure. Strike up a conversation with locals to get even more insider tips, or chat with the other people in your hostel to find out about any highlights we might have missed.


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