WORLD EXCLUSIVE: 14 Incredible Things You Never Knew About Hostels

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: 14 Incredible Things You Never Knew About Hostels

Did you know that hostels exist in some of the most heart-meltingly beautiful locations on the planet?! Maybe you aren’t aware that you can wake up in a private beachfront room on a private Island for €8/night? Have you ever tried the free beach yoga in Miami or flamenco lessons in Seville? If the answer is no, then hold onto your backpacks because you’re in for some hostel revelations and exaltations!

1. Your Backyard Can Look Like PARADISE

It’s totally possible to live the dream by waking up to the Pacific horizon, taking a morning dip in your hostel’s pool before hiking in your hostel’s own private jungle! Or maybe you fancy eating breakfast on a private beach, followed by a day of scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef? Well, you can get down with the marine life every day in hostels where the ocean is your playground. Tropical havens like Bambuda Lodge and Base Magnetic Island are extraordinary, and won’t break the budget.

2. There Ain’t No Party Like A Hostel Party

From pool parties at Freehand Miami to subterranean raves in the uber trendy Generator Berlin Mitte, hostels are where those outrageous travel stories are made! Seriously, these hostel peeps – often travellers and locals –  know how to throw one helluva fiesta. You know you’ve hit the big time when your hostel has a permanent happy hour and its own mixology bar…

3. Hostels Can Soothe Your Mind, Body And Soul

Boosting those endorphins and keeping your Yin and Yang balanced on the road is key for a chilled, happy traveller. Many hostels are dedicated to wellness and offer free classes and healthy meals, such as Casa Zen in Costa Rica. Here you have cardio & yoga classes, surf lessons, and blenders in the communal kitchen to whizz up your own health potion. Living the travel dream and staying healthy for £11/$16/€14 per night ‘aint bad!


USA Hostels Ocean Beach (San Diego, USA)

4. Hostels Have Private Rooms And They Are Fancy AF

Everyone, prepare yourself for the rise of the privates! In this hostel nu-age, you can stay in hotel-quality rooms for microscopic prices, with the added bonus of the social vibes that hostels offer. Private bathrooms, terraces and even penthouses are pioneering the hostel revolution!

Casa Gracia Barcelona Hostel


5. Hostel Dorms Can Be B.O.M.B

These shared spaces have majorly evolved, my friends. Think privacy curtains, your own plug and reading light and mounds of SPACE. Female only dorms are common now and joints like Casa Kessler can banish those urban dorm myths. Just. Look. At. That. Ceiling!

Soul Kitchen (St Petersburg, Russia)

6. There Is Limitless FUN

Nbd, just having a wild time with my new pals in my hostel’s BALL PIT! Nowadays hostels are not just a place to get some shut eye – they are entertainment powerhouses. Cinemas, climbing walls, skate ramps, in-house breweries…! Warning – too much fun is exhausting!

Livingstone Backpackers (Zambia)

7. You Can Look F.R.E.S.H

Need a moustache trim? A new tatt? An aromatherapy massage? If that’s a hell yeah, then there’s no need to leave your poshtel premises – sorry, hostel! Take a seat in Kex Hostel’s barber chair, get some artwork at the vintage tattoo bar in Urban House or steam away in the hostel spa at Equity Point. I repeat, HOSTEL SPA.

Sunset Destination Hostel (Lisbon) 

8. You Can Sleep In Some Weird-Ass Places

Have you ever slept in an 18th century cave in Greece? An Arab mansion in Nazareth? A Turkish Tree house? A COCKPIT?! Well, for hostel prices you can tick them all off! Often these hostels are family or backpacker run, so you’ll get incredible hospitality, local food, and insider tips. Could this BE any more “Meet The World”?!

Jumbo Stay (Stockholm)

9. The Food Is SO Cheap And SO Good

Believe us when we say that hostel meal times can be a trip highlight! Yes, we love a jazzy hostel café but if you look hard enough you’ll find some special hostels that have delicious free food and dinner parties on the reg. The staff at the lovely Lavender Circus in Budapest organise Hungarian dinner parties so you can bond with other travellers over a Hungarian pálinka and Soul Kitchen’s (below) ethos is all about food and drink made with love. A Russian chef regularly visits to cook traditional 3 course dinners, and the cleaner makes apple pie every morning. Travellers, this is a local as it gets!

10. You Can Immerse Yourself In Nature

Nothing gives your weary travel soul more of a boost than a shot of Mother Nature! Many of our hostels are hidden amongst the wonders of the universe, and their locations will make you feel like you’ve hit the jackpot. Feel the magic of its healing vibes with star-gazing in Scotland, hiking in the Malaysian jungle or chilling in a giant hammock facing the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Mmmmm….we can smell the jungle dew from here….

Skyewalker Hostel (Isle of Skye, Scotland) 

11. And Discover Cutting Edge Art & Design

Many hostels are canvases for local artists and are designed to exquisite levels. Take Wallyard Concept Hostel for example, with its edgy hipster vibes and art saloon or Living Lounge Hostel, run and decorated by four Portuguese artists. There is nothing “chain hotel” about these bohemian gems, and if you have a talent, some hostels even offer an art exchange!

Living Lounge Hostel (Lisbon)


12. The Bathrooms Are SO Luxurious

Because nothing seals the deal like a pimpin’ bathroom, amirite?! If you’re looking to crank up that luxury switch, saunas, pampering zones and Jacuzzi sessions can be a part of your daily routine. Tony Montana has nothing on these!

Casa Kessler (Barcelona)

13. You Can Lose Yourself In The Hostel Library

Bibliophiles, this one is for you! For some, a cosy armchair and a shelf stocked with the weird and the wonderful is a home away from home. If reading ‘aint your thang, let’s face it, taking some cherished “me” time to skype home or meditate is essential for a traveller’s sanity 😉

Generator Berlin Mitte

14. There Are Hammocks & Cushions EVERYWHERE

Seriously, hostels have a fetish for these things. Social spaces are often pimped out with mood lighting and colossal comfy things to ensure that you can keep it chill after a long day’s adventuring. There are some lounges dedicated to hangovers! Hostels just…GET us 😀

Selina Hostels Bocas Del Toro (Panama)


Want to learn more about the modern hostel experience and how you can meet new people on the road? Check out the video below!

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