12 best hostels in Cusco, Peru

Cusco is a really well-known destination amongst backpackers and solo travellers. It’s a great place to experience everything this incredible city, the former capital of the Inca empire, has to offer. The most convenient place to stay is by the Plaza das Armas, the city’s main square. But be prepared, it’s chock-full of tourists! So, if you’re looking for somewhere a little quieter, choosing a hostel that’s a few streets over is a good idea!

Another part of the city that’s generating buzz is the artsy, bohemian neighbourhood of San Blás. It’s a bit further from the centre and very hilly, but the view will make the climbing worth all the effort!

Here are our tips for the best hostels in Cusco –  whether you’re looking for hostels where you can party, to have a romantic getaway or somewhere where you can meet other travellers, you’re guaranteed to have an incredible time in Cusco.

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  1. Best hostels in Cusco for solo travellers
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  3. Best party hostels in Cusco
  4. Best hostels in Cusco with private rooms
  5. Best cheap-hostels in Cusco
  6. Best of the rest hostels in Cusco

Best hostels in Cusco for solo travellers

Wild Rover Backpackers Hostel

Best hostels in Cusco - Wild Rover Backpackers Hostel


Hostel highlights:

  • Terrace
  • Bar
  • Free bag storage place
  • Hostel restaurant offering great prices
  • DJ and live music

The Wild Rover Backpackers Hostel provides a perfect balance, with spaces where you can relax after exploring Peru, as well as being a super sociable hostel where you can meet other travellers.  Start the day by having breakfast on the terrace with an incredible view over the city. It’s the perfect opportunity to get to know other guests and to plan your day. Once you’ve explored Cusco, enjoy a drink in the hostel bar while watching the sun set and get ready for a few games of beer pong with your new friends!

This hostel is known for its sociable atmosphere and there’s no lack of events where you can meet other travellers!

🏠 Address: Calle Cuestra Santa Ana 782

🏘 Neighbourhood: Historical centre

🚊 Getting there: We are located right across the Plazoleta Santa Ana (look for the green metal door). Just a few blocks from Cusco’s heart – Plaza de Armas.

Book your stay at Wild Rover Backpackers Hostel now


Pariwana Hostel Cusco

Best hostels in Cusco - Pariwana Hostel Cusco


Hostel highlights:

  • Hostel restaurant serving typical Peruvian food
  • Terrace
  • Bar
  • Free breakfast
  • Events

It’s impossible to be bored when you’re staying at Pariwana Hostel Cusco. As well as being able to explore the city, you’ll have a chance to really get to know the culture and history of Peru, thanks to the hostel’s salsa lessons and walking tours. On top of this, karaoke night is the perfect way to get to know other travellers  on the terrace. The hostel also has a bar with special deals on offer every day during happy hour and themed parties at the weekend. With all this on offer, we can guarantee that Pariwana is the perfect place to meet new friends and have incredible stories to tell.

🏠 Address: Meson de la estrella 136

🏘 Neighbourhood: Historical centre

🚊  Getting there: Take a taxi as they are quite cheap. They don’t recommend taking a bus. Tell your taxi driver you have a reservation in Pariwana Hostel Cuzco, right in Meson de la Estrella 136. The taxi fare should not exceed S/.15 (Aprox. US$5).

Book your stay at Pariwana Hostel Cusco now


Loki Cusco

Best hostels in Cusco - Loki Cusco


Hostel highlights:

  • Terrace
  • Book Exchange
  • Fitness room
  • Sauna

Another sociable hostel, Loki Cusco is perfect for meeting other travellers and heading into town for nights that will leave you with incredible memories to tell your friends about once you get home. There are plenty of sociable spaces in this hostel, make sure you check out the terrace, barbecues, drinking games and the restaurant. There’s also a fitness room if you feel like you’ve overdone things a bit during your trip.

🏠 Address: Cuesta Santa Ana #601

🏘 Neighbourhood: Historical centre

🚊 Getting there: the hostel is located within 4-5 blocks from Cusco’s main plaza. The easiest way to get here is simply to jump in a taxi and ask for ‘Cuesta Santa Ana number 601’, the taxi costs about 10 soles from the airport (less than 3 dollars) and 3 soles from anywhere else in town.

Book your stay at Loki Cusco now


Best hostels in Cusco for couples

Intro Hostels Cusco

Best hostels in Cusco - Intro Hostels Cusco


Hostel highlights:

  • Fire on cold nights
  • Bar and restaurant
  • Travel agency
  • Free breakfast

Intro Hostel Cusco really takes romance to another level. What could be better than spending a few days with your partner in a mansion that’s over 300 years old? On cold nights you can pass the time drinking wine in front of a bonfire while planning your next day of adventures. The hostel also has a restaurant and bar, free breakfast and a whole host of activities in the evening, perfect for socialising with other guests!

🏠 Address: Cuesta Santa Ana 515

🏘 Neighbourhood: Historical centre

🚊 Getting there: Intro Hostels Cusco is easy to find. It’s at the intersection of Cuesta Santa Ana (or Meloc) and Arcopata and only a few blocks northwest of the Cusco’s Main Square.

Book your stay at Intro Hostel Cusco now


Milhouse Hostel Cusco

Best hostels in Cusco - Milhouse Hostel Cusco


Hostel highlights:

  • Free breakfast
  • Bar
  • Terrace with a view over the city
  • Garden
  • Located in a former monastery

How about staying in a former monastery while you’re exploring Cusco? This charming hostel also boasts two lovely gardens where you can enjoy some great music, as well as a hostel bar and homemade pizza.

Milhouse Hostel’s charm, makes it the ideal spot for a few days with your special someone. The hostel is also a perfect place to meet other travellers and to make plans to go out and see the city.

🏠 Address: Calle Quera 270

🏘 Neighbourhood: Historical centre

🚊 Getting there: This hostel is located only 2 streets away from the main square in Cusco, Plaza de Armas

Book your stay at Milhouse Hostel now


Best party hostels in Cusco

Kokopelli Hostel Cusco

Best hostels in Cusco - Kokopelli Hostel Cusco


Hostel highlights:

  • Free breakfast
  • Garden with hammocks
  • Bonfire area
  • Big lobby area
  • In-house agency
  • Cooking lessons
  • Restaurant/bad and extended happy hour

Kokopelli hostel takes all the heritage of a Peruvian house that’s over 200-years-old and infuses it with the incredible energy of Kokopelli, a fertility god and mischievous joker. It’s got a bar with DJs, live music, table football, table tennis and beer pong. Enjoy happy hour at the bar while getting acquainted with travellers from all over the world! The hostel also puts on daily activities so that travellers can get to know each other, such as cooking lessons and barbecues. As if things couldn’t get better, they also have their own travel agency within the hostel where you can arrange all the activities you want to do in the city for a fair price.

🏠 Address: Calle San Andres 260

🏘 Neighbourhood: Historical centre

🚊 Getting there: On foot from the Plaza de Armas, head down Avenida el Sol (the opposite corner from McDonalds, or ask anyone). Take your first right onto Almagro then first left onto San Andres. You’ll find the hostel about halfway down the block on the right-hand side.

Book your stay at Kokopelli Hostel Cusco now


The Point Cusco

Best hostels in Cusco - The Point Cusco


Hostel highlights:

  • Hostel bar
  • Incredible food
  • Terrace
  • Cafe/restaurant

If you’re looking for a party hostel, The Point Cusco is the perfect place for you. The bar stays open until 2am and you’ll be able to get to know the other hostel guests. The staff are really friendly, and you’ll get the chance to socialise with them too in the bar at night. They also serve amazing food here, perfect for curing your hangover!

🏠 Address: Meson de La Estrella 172

🏘 Neighbourhood: Historical centre

🚊 Getting there: once you’re out of the airport take Velsasco Astete, then take Av 28 de Julio. Continue on this avenue and then reach Av del Ejército to General Buendía. Stay on this road until you see Calle Santa Clara, then follow this street up to Meson De La Estrella, your final destination – the hostel!

Book your stay at The Point Cusco now


Best hostels in Cusco with private rooms

Supertramp Hostel Cusco

Best hostels in Cusco - Supertramp Hostel Cusco


Hostel highlights:

  • Pick up from airport and train station
  • Terrace with view over the city
  • Friendly staff
  • Free breakfast

Supertramp hostel in Cusco takes hospitality really seriously, doing everything to make travellers feel right at home. The staff at the hostel are happy to help by giving you plenty of tips about where to go in the city, all while you’re enjoying a wonderful mountaintop view of Cusco.

🏠 Address: Sapantiana 424b, San Cristobal

🏘 Neighbourhood: Sacsayhuaman

🚊 Getting there: To get to the hostel, you can either walk or take a taxi until the end of Choquechaka Street. Climb up the stairs and walk around the big rock. You will find a small football field and an empty pool, where located at the right. Alternatively, you can take a taxi until the end of Pumacurco Street, turn right into “Sapantiana” and enter through the back door (this is recommended if you’re arriving with a lot of luggage or at night).

Book your stay at Supertramp Hostel Cusco now


Sunset House Hostel

Best hostels in Cusco - Sunset House Hostel


Hostel highlights:

  • Free breakfast
  • Bar with happy hour
  • Restaurant
  • Events

Sunset House hostel has a terrace with an incredible view over the city, and if you book a private room, you’ll have a suite with your own terrace too! The hostel’s restaurant  serves food every day, and there’s free breakfast, as well as a bar with a happy hour every night. If this still doesn’t have you convinced, how about yoga classes and rides through the city of Cusco on horseback?

🏠 Address: Tandapata 353-B, San Blas

🏘 Neighbourhood: Historic centre

🚊 Getting there: take a taxi to the neighbourhood of San Blas.

Book your stay at Sunset House Hostel now


Best cheap hostels in Cusco


Best hostels in Cusco - EcoPackers


Hostel highlights:

  • Bike hire
  • Airport transfer
  • Super friendly staff

EcoPackers is situated inside a historic mansion with a past that stretches back around 500 years. Take advantage of the sun-drenched terrace, table tennis and super sociable atmosphere. The best part? It’s a hostel right in the heart of the city that has prices starting from £7 night!

🏠 Address: Calle Santa Teresa, 375

🏘 Neighbourhood: Historic centre

🚊 Getting there: The hostel is situated in the heart of the monumental Cusco zone, twenty meters from the Town Hall and barely a block away from the Main Square. In other words: where everything happens!

Book your stay at EcoPackers now


Puriwasi Cusco

Best hostels in Cusco - Puriwasi Cusco


Hostel highlights:

  • Terrace bar
  • Events
  • Book exchange

Puriwasi Cusco  takes its aim of providing travellers with an experience for a reasonable price really seriously. The terrace bar will be your favourite place during your stay in Cusco. Here you’ll meet people from all the corners of the world while taking in the view over the city. If this isn’t enough to convince you, this 10/10 guest review might help:

“Puriwasi rocks, loved the one in Lima and loved the one in Cusco. The staff always help you to have a nice time. I played beerpong and won 2 games and 4 drinks. Love it here! There are always many people at the bar, I met lot of travellers and we all went to Chango club after. Carlos is always getting people to have fun!”

All this from just 6.60 pounds a night!

🏠 Address: Meson de La Estrella 172

🏘 Neighbourhood: Historic centre

🚊 Getting there: Get out of the airport and take Velsasco Astete. Take this road then take Av 28 de Julio. Continue onto this avenue and reach Av del Ejército to General Buendía. Stay on this road until you see Calle Santa Clara, then take the street up to Meson De La Estrella. You will have arrived at your final destination.

Book your stay at Puriwasi now


Best of the rest hostels in Cusco

Gaia House Hostel

Best hostels in Cusco - Gaia House Hostel


Hostel highlights:

  • Free breakfast
  • Cafe/bar
  • Activities offered by the hostel

Gaia House hostel puts all its energy into making you feel at home and giving you an authentic Cusco experience. For the great price of £9 a night, you can expect a wide range of events organised by the hostel: games, music, walks around the city or outside it, culinary events, stories, sports activities and much more.

There’s also a café in the hostel that’s guaranteed to leave you lost for words after trying their mix of typical Peruvian dishes, as well as cocktails inspired by the country’s famous national drink, Pisco.

🏠 Address: Calle nueva alta 424, Cusco

🏘 Neighbourhood: Historic centre

🚊 Getting there: From the Airport of Cusco by car or taxi: Continue to Velasco Astete, Take Av 28 de Julio, Av. San Martin and Av El Sol to Mantas. Continue on Mantas. Take Siete Cuartones to Calle Nueva Alta.

Book your stay at Gaia House Hostel now


Got other tips about an incredible hostel in Cusco you stayed in? Let us know in the comments! 👇👇

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