The 20 best hostels in Santiago de Chile for every backpacker

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Santiago is Chile’s capital and largest city; where nature, history, and culture collide. The city rests among the towering peaks of the Andes and Chilean Coast Range mountains, offering endless opportunities to experience breath-taking scenery and fresh air. The colonial core juxtaposes Santiago’s high-end financial district, Sanhattan, with neoclassical architecture, large squares, and museums. After a day of drinking in Santiago’s vistas or touring the historic streets, you’ll love the vibrant restaurants, trendy cafes, and up-beat bars. Be sure to indulge in some authentic Chilean cuisine! When you’ve done all that, it’s obviously time to find the best hostel in Santiago. Scroll down to find your favourite hostel as here we have the best hostels in Santiago de Chile for all kinds of travellers!

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  1. Best hostels in Santiago for solo travellers
  2. Best hostels in Santiago for couples
  3. Best party hostels in Santiago
  4. Best youth hostels in Santiago
  5. Best of the rest hostels in Santiago

Best hostels in Santiago for solo travellers

If you’re thinking of a solo adventure, you need a hostel with a social vibe where you can make friends as soon as you get there, right? Well, we have some recommendations for you. Here are the best hostels in Santiago for solo travellers:

Hostal Forestal

Hostal Forestal - Best hostels in Santiago

Hostal Forestal is the perfect place for any solo travellers out there. It’s located in centrally in Santiago with easy access to popular historic and cultural attractions, as well as alternative destinations; just ask the friendly hostel staff to point you in the right direction! Looking to make some friends along the way? Hostal Forestal has a welcoming vibe and great activities to bring everyone together.

Hostel highlights:

  • Social activities
  • Central location
  • Amazing staff

🏠Address: Coronel Santiago Bueras 122, Barrio Lastarria, Santiago, Chile

🏘 Neighbourhood: Lastarria

🚊Nearest Station: Plaza Italia/Baquedano

Book your stay at Hostal Forestal


Hostal Costa Aborigen

Hostal Costa Aborigen - Best hostels in Santiago

Hostal Costa Aborigen is the ideal spot for solo travellers looking for a unique Chilean experience. Hostal Costa Aborigen made it on the list of best hostels in Santiago for a few reasons. The staff are all about passing along the culture of the native people of Chile through activities, services, and surroundings. It’s central and well-connected for your adventure, but still off the beaten path enough to maintain a quiet, traditional feel.

Hostel highlights:

  • Free breakfast
  • Close to attractions
  • Variety of accommodation options (Private rooms, Female/Mixed dorms)

🏠Address: Alfredo Rioseco 238, Providencia, Santiago, Chile

🏘 Neighbourhood: Italia

🚊Nearest Station: Parque Bustamante

Book your stay at Hostal Casa Aborigen


The Princesa Insolente Hostel

The lobby of The Princesa Insolente Hostel - Best hostels in Santiago

The Princesa Insolente Hostel is a colourful, welcoming hostel that is perfect for every type of solo traveller. The variety of people staying there is perfect for a big night out or cracking open a bottle of Chilean wine and having a calm night in, it’s your world! The friendly, inclusive hostel staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have and get you settled into your choice of room.

Hostel highlights:

  • Fully equipped kitchen (and a BBQ!)
  • Private rooms and mixed dorms
  • Weekly activities

🏠Address: Moneda 2350, Santiago, Chile

🏘Neighbourhood: Brasil

🚊Nearest Station: República

Book your stay at The Princesa Insolente Hostel


Aji Hostel

Wine and pasta for meal at Aji Hostel Santiago - Best hostels in Santiago

So why is Aji Hostel one of the best hostels in Santiago? Aji Hostel is a budget solo traveller’s dream. It offers free breakfast AND free dinner (except for Friday nights), which means you can get out and use that hard earned cash to experience even more of Santiago. Friday night is BBQ night, followed by free entrance to one of Santiago’s bustling nightclubs. Looking to learn a bit while you’re in Santiago? Aji Hostel will help you get the most out of your trip with tours and even some Spanish lessons!

Hostel highlights:

  • Free breakfast and dinner
  • Ideally located for Santiago’s nightlife
  • Private rooms, Mixed/Female dorms

🏠Address: Triana 863, Santiago, Chile

🏘 Neighbourhood: Providencia

🚊Nearest Station: Salvador

Book your stay at Aji Hostel


Best hostels in Santiago for couples

Are you looking for private rooms surrounded by a social and fun atmosphere? Check these hostels out!

Eco-Hostal Tambo Verde

Eco-Hostal Tambo Verde - Best hostels in Santiago

Eco-Hostal Tambo Verde is perfect for couples looking for a cosy, comfortable place to call home on their Chilean getaway. There’s a large selection of private rooms and cute outdoor seating areas to chill out with your SO. You’ll be in a trendy area with “bohemian flair and nightlife, bars, restaurants, culture, and historical attractions” – everything a couple could ask for!

Hostel highlights:

  • Private rooms
  • Trendy neighbourhood
  • Near many bars & restaurants for date night

🏠Address: Capellán Abarzúa 131, Santiago, Chile

🏘 Neighbourhood: Bellavista

🚊Nearest Station: Salvador

Book your stay at Eco-Hostal Tambo Verde


Hostel Casaltura

Hostel Casaltura by night - Best hostels in Santiago

Hostel Casaltura is another hostel that couples will love in a trendy area of Santiago. You’ll have the option of private rooms with or without an en-suite bathroom. The rooftop terrace is a great place to relax together after an exciting day of exploring; and you’ll need it, because Hostel Casaltura is near a ton of attractions, like the main square of the city, Plaza de Armas.

Hostel highlights:

  • Near plenty of attractions
  • Rooftop terrace
  • Spacious private rooms

🏠Address: San Antonio 811, Santiago, Chile

🏘 Neighbourhood: San Antonio

🚊Nearest Station: Cal y Canto

Book your stay at Hostel Casaltura


Chile Hostales

Private room in Chile Hostales - Best hostels in Santiago

Without a doubt, Chile Hostales is one of the best hostels in Santiago. Chile Hostales gives couples the complete Santiago experience. It’s right in the city centre, surrounded by the contrasting bohemian and commercial streets, teeming with culture and history. Couples looking to chill out will love the option of having a private room and a quiet atmosphere.

Hostel highlights:

  • Fun neighbourhood
  • Quiet atmosphere
  • Free breakfast

🏠Address: Roman Diaz, 140, Providencia, Santiago, Chile

🏘 Neighbourhood: Providencia

🚊Nearest Station: Manuel Montt

Book your stay at Chile Hostales


Ventana Sur Hostal

Pool party in Ventana Sur Hostal - Best hostels in Santiago

Ventana Sur Hostal is the place to be for couples looking to relax, mingle with fellow travellers, and even have some pool time. The welcoming staff and inclusive atmosphere truly make it a home away from home, just with more friends! Private rooms, free breakfast, and ample social spaces make Ventana Sur Hostal a perfect base for your Santiago adventures.

Hostel highlights:

  • Pool and terrace
  • Free breakfast
  • Helpful staff

🏠Address: Claudio Arrau 0340, Providencia, Santiago, Chile

🏘 Neighbourhood: Providencia

🚊Nearest Station: Santa Isabel

Book your stay at Ventana Sur Hostal


Hostal Vitalia

Hostal Vitalia - Best hostels in Santiago

Travellers wanting more privacy will love the clean, private rooms offered by Hostel Vitalia. Not only does it have a super chill atmosphere, but it’s also in a chic neighbourhood known for being like an open art gallery and where they sell beautiful restored furniture. You’ll love to get out and explore its colourful streets and trendy shops.

Hostel highlights:

  • Plenty of private room options
  • Bohemian, chic neighbourhood
  • Relaxing atmosphere

🏠Address: Avenida Italia 1689, Santiago, Chile

🏘 Neighbourhood: Italia

🚊Nearest Station: Santa Isabel

Book your stay at Hostel Vitalia


Che Lagarto Hostel Santiago

Airy and modern private room in Che Lagarto Hostel Santiago - Best hostels in Santiago

Luxury and affordability meet at Che Lagarto Hostel’s private rooms. There are rooms that sleep up to four people, perfect for groups! One of our guests said: “We had an incredible stay. We arrived very tired after an exhausting 24 hour bus journey, so they gave us a free upgrade to a superb! The staff helped us in many occasions and went above and beyond. The breakfast was delicious. I would go back in a heartbeat!”

Hostel highlights:

  • Modern private rooms
  • Central location
  • Large kitchen

🏠Address: San Antonio N 60, Santiago, Chile

🏘 Neighbourhood: San Antonio

🚊Nearest Station: Santa Lucía

Book your stay at Che Lagarto Hostel


Best party hostels in Santiago

If your goals during your time in Santiago include dancing and drinking until the sun rises, you should look into these party hostels. Best party hostels in Santiago come with big common areas, on-site bars and swimming pools as well as a myriad of activities from pub crawls to drinking games. Oh, and they’re naturally located next to best nightlife areas.

Rado Boutique Hostel

Rado Boutique Hostel - Best hostels in Santiago

Rado Boutique Hostel itself isn’t the craziest party hostel, but the Chilean party spirit is alive and well on the surrounding streets, including samba dancers and drummers!  Its location is perfect for those who want to go out, let loose, and come back to the hostel for a good night’s sleep before it happens all over again the next day. There are private rooms and female/mixed dorms available, so you can have your own space with friends or come solo and make some new pals to hit the town with.

Hostel highlights:

  • Lively nightlife area
  • Terrace
  • Free breakfast

🏠Address: Pio Nono 5, Providencia, Barrio Bellavista, Santiago, Chile

🏘 Neighbourhood: Bellavista

🚊Nearest Station: Baquedano

Book your stay at Rado Boutique Hostel


La Casa Roja

Swimming pool and pool bar in La Casa Roja - Best hostels in Santiago

La Casa Roja is all about good vibes. It has everything a party-animal could ask for: a pool, bar, in-house parties, nearby nightlife, and awesome communal spaces. Get settled into one of the private rooms or mixed/female dorms and let the good times begin!

Hostel highlights:

  • Pool
  • Bar
  • Lively area

🏠Address: Agustinas 2113, Santiago, Chile

🏘 Neighbourhood: Brasil

🚊Nearest Station: Cumming

Book your stay at La Casa Roja


La Chimba Hostel

Colourful wall mural at the La Chimba Hostel - Best hostels in Santiago

La Chimba Hostel is in one of the liveliest areas of Santiago. Restaurants, bars, and nightclubs surround it; and the famous Santiago’s Pub Crawl meets right across the street. You’ll be partying with people from all around the world, enjoying the hostel bar (boasting the cheapest beer in the city!), and making the most of the massive communal spaces.

Hostel highlights:

  • Perfect party location
  • Unreal atmosphere
  • Unique décor

🏠Address: E. Pinto Lagarrigue 262, Barrio Bellavista, Santiago, Chile

🏘 Neighbourhood: Bellavista

🚊Nearest Station: Baquedano

Book your stay at La Chimba Hostel

Best youth hostels in Santiago

If you’re looking for a central, laid back youth hostel in Santiago where you can meet fellow travellers looking for adventures, you should take a closer look at this list.

Origenes Hostel

Common space with comfy sofas at Origenes Hostel - Best hostels in Santiago

Origenes Hostel is in the heart of Santiago, near numerous attractions and landmarks. Not only is it centrally located; it’s also well connected by bus and metro, making it easy to get around Santiago and see as much as possible. The staff are very welcoming, and they organise many activities that make it super easy to meet people!

Hostel highlights:

  • Central location
  • Great transport links
  • Laid-back vibe

🏠Address: General Bulnes 531, Santiago, Chile

🏘 Neighbourhood: Brasil

🚊Nearest Station: Cumming

Book your stay at Origenes Hostel


Hostal Providencia

Hostal Providencia - Best hostels in Santiago

Hostal Providencia is a large centrally located hostel with nearby attractions, restaurants, and nightlife, as well as great public transport options. It has a massive variety of rooms to choose from, so you’re guaranteed to find one that’s right for your adventure. Be sure to check out the unforgettable activities they have planned! Sneak peek: there are free drinks on Mondays.

Hostel highlights:

  • Variety of rooms
  • Awesome activities
  • Centrally located

🏠Address: Vicuña Mackena 92-A, Santiago, Chile

🏘 Neighbourhood: Bustamante

🚊Nearest Station: Parque Bustamante

Book your stay at Hostal Providencia


The Bellavista Hostel

Pool table at The Bellavista Hostel - Best hostels in Santiago

The Bellavista Hostel is a highly social hostel, mere steps from some of the best bars and nightclubs in Santiago. Take a free walking tour during the day and then take advantage of a hostel wine tasting or pub-crawl to get your night started!

Hostel highlights:

  • Close to the nightlife
  • Very social atmosphere
  • Free breakfast

🏠Address: Dardignac 0184 – Providencia, Barrio Bellavista, Santiago, Chile

🏘 Neighbourhood: Bellavista

🚊Nearest Station: Baquedano

Book your stay at The Bellavista Hostel


Best of the rest hostels in Santiago

Didn’t find a hostel good enough for you yet? Keep reading!

Plaza de Armas Hostel

View from the Plaza de Armas Hostel - Best hostels in Santiago

Plaza de Armas Hostel is truly one of a kind, they give free terremoto cocktails every second night! (Top tip: stay more than one night to make sure you get to have the free drinks). The central location means you’re close to all the attractions and public transports you could want; plus, there are tons of restaurants and bars to choose from in the area.  What really makes Plaza de Armas Hostel special is that it directly overlooks Plaza de Armas – it’s hard to beat the view from the balcony!

Hostel highlights:

  • Amazing view and central location
  • Variety of rooms
  • Free breakfast

🏠Address: Compaia 960 Dp. 607, Santiago, Chile

🏘 Neighbourhood: Plaza de Armas

🚊Nearest Station: Plaza de Armas

Book your stay at Plaza de Armas Hostel


Salvador Hostal y Cafe

Salvador Hostal y Cafe - Best hostels in Santiago

Salvador Hostal y Cafe is full of surprises, like free breakfast, BBQ dinners (also free) and a bar! That’s obviously why it’s on our list of best hostels in Santiago. Our guests say: “Loved their free bbq as soon as I came in. The staff were very friendly. The beds were big and comfortable. The dorms had big windows that has a lot of natural light and big lockers for your valuables. Common areas were great to chill in with a good vibe at night”. It has it all: safety, comfort, low prices, and a great location.

Hostel highlights:

  • Kitchen
  • Bar
  • Large communal spaces

🏠Address: Ricardo Matte Perez 0597, Santiago, Chile

🏘 Neighbourhood: Infante Elena Blanco

🚊Nearest Station: Salvador

Book your stay at Salvador Hostal y Cafe


La Casona Hostel

La Casona Hostel front of the building - Best hostels in Santiago

La Casona Hostel’s central location blends art, history, and cuisine into bohemian Santiago. There’s a type of room for every traveller and tons of common space to chill out in as well. The spacious common areas, modern design, and friendly staff will make you feel right at home!

Hostel highlights:

  • Free breakfast
  • Central location
  • Modern design

🏠Address: Almirante Montt, 465, Barrio Bellas Artes, Santiago, Chile

🏘 Neighbourhood: Bellas Artes

🚊Nearest Station: Bellas Artes

Book your stay at La Casona Hostel


Merced 88

Merded 88 - Best hostels in Santiago

Merced 88 is centrally located in a historic building that is sure to leave you with great memories. It’s well connected to buses and the metro, and walking distance to many different attractions. Just in case the amazing building and surroundings aren’t enough, there’s also a rooftop bar!

Hostel highlights:

  • Historic building
  • Well-connected to public transport
  • Rooftop bar

🏠Address: Merced 88, Santiago, Chile

🏘 Neighbourhood: Bustamante

🚊Nearest Station: Baquedano

Book your stay at Merced 88


Which one of the best hostels in Santiago tickled your fancy? Are you visiting Santiago anytime soon? Where are you going to stay? Let us know in the comments below and enjoy Chile!

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