33 Of The World’s Most Instagrammable Hostels 📷♥

We’re not ones to be glued to our phones when travelling, but sometimes the world can be so darn buff that we just need to share our appreciation. And Instagram is our favourite pocket-sized memoir for just that. From the dazzling to the downright weird, hostels can offer some serious feed material. We’re talking hostels under the Northern Lights, hostels in caves, and even hostels in the middle of Vietnam’s rice fields.

Your feed will thank us later….(or will it?)

1. Greengos Hostel, Semuc Champey, Guatemala


Greengos Hostel is hidden in the lush hills of Semuc Champey, Guatemala. You can stay in one of these rainbow huts surrounding a volleyball court and hammocks for £8.67 ?. They also have on site food, including their famous Hummus Shawarma or Hummustella.

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Book your stay at Greengos Hostel

2. Caveland, Santorini, Greece


Away from the resort-dwellers you’ll find this 18th century wine cave run by two backpackers and two dalmatians. This place has intense Instagrammability with fruit trees, a pool and, home-spun decor and an INSANE view looking over the Aegean sea.

Book your stay at Caveland Hostel

3. Lavender Circus, Budapest, Hungary


This small hostel in Budapest is an Instagram treasure chest: “The lobby of our hostel. All of the art work on the walls are the owner’s life’s work ❤?.” – @kaci_p

Book your stay at Lavender Circus Hostel

4. Valencia Lounge Hostel, Valencia, Spain

Valencia Lounge Hostel, Spain

@sneakersandcoconuts & Valencia Lounge Hostel

A boutique hostel in Valencia’s beautiful and historic El Carmen district, Valencia Lounge is a design lover’s dream. Geometric murals. Picturesque breakfast. Pineapple ornaments. You won’t be able to stop!

Book your stay at Valencia Lounge Hostel

5. 7 Fells Hostel, Akaslompolo, Finland

7 Fells Hostel, 7 Fells Hostel, Akaslompolo, Finland

The place to stay for your Finnish light show is the cosy AF lodge-hostel in Akaslompolo. It is run by Tinja, a retired backpacker, who takes aurora hunting seriously. At your request, Tinja will personally send you an SMS when the lights are nigh so you can get your killer shot!

Book your stay at 7 Fells Hostel

6. Treck Hostel, Gent, Belgium


Here you can camp through every season. Guests get their own unique caravan in this former brick factory, plus a communal space inside and outside, with table tennis, ping pong and a piano (below): “This is actually part of our hostel. Unreal. Piano in the corner for very small shows. Acoustics for days ? – @_danstevenson

Book your stay at Treck Hostel

7. Drifter Jack’s, Austin, Texas / USA

Drifter Jack’s, Austin, Texas

A special hostel with the best entrance we’ve ever seen, Drifter Jack’s is ideal if you want to experience the real Austin. It’s located in downtown Austin in a colourful University neighbourhood surrounded by vintage shops, artisan cafes and the Hope Graffiti Gallery is just opposite. Photography heaven!

Book your stay at Drifter Jack's-Hostel

8. Solscape Eco Retreat, Raglan, New Zealand

These guys are all about healthy living – tipis in the woods, yoga classes and and veggie dishes grown in the hostel garden overlooking the Tasman Sea!

Book your stay at Solscape Eco Retreat

9. Yim Huai Khwang, Bangkok, Thailand


All types of travellers visiting Bangkok rave about this hostel, and the crazy colourful interior design is just one reason why! You’ll find two large common areas, and a garden to hang out in – perfect for some peace in the chaos of the city.

Book your stay at Yim Huai Khwang Hostel

10. Hostel Casa Moringa, Taganga, Colombia

Hostel Casa Moringa, Taganga, Colombia


You can’t beat these panoramic views of Taganga Beach and the surrounding mountains. The staff here received a 9.4 rating from travellers, and the extra curricular activities include BBQ Fridays and Super Rico Taco Tuesdays. Count us IN!

Book your stay at Casa Moringa Hostel

11. Riad Dia, Marrakech, Morocco


When your hostel has ALL THE COLOURS! Riad Dia is a kaleidoscopic, traditional Moroccan Riad located next to the main square Place D’Jeema el Fna, Marrakech. Swimming pool and pet tortoise come with!

Book your stay at Riad Dia Hostel

12. Casa Elemento, Minca, Colombia


You’ll never want to leave this hidden gem in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Awake to the sound of monkeys and toucans, take a dip in the pool and watch the sunset where it’s just you, a giant hammock and raw nature.

Book your stay at Casa Elemento Hostel

13. Dar Dadicilef, Chefchaouen, Morocco


You’ll find this quirky hostel hidden down one of the narrow lanes of the luminous Old Medina. Dar Dadicilef (‘Felicidad’ spelled backwards FYI) has everything for the ultimate experience of the Blue City including being surrounded by the beautiful Riff Mountains.

Book your stay at Dar-Dadicilef Hostel

14. Selina Manuel Antonio, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica


We love the tropical décor at Selina Manuel Antonio – think palm print cushions and striking murals. You also have the jungle behind you, the beach in front of you and all sorts of facilities such as yoga classes and a zip line! So.many.photo opps!

Book your stay at Selina Manuel Antonio

15. El Warung Cave Hostel, Gran Canaria, Spain


Prepare to put all other #breakfastwithaview shots to shame! This outdoor terrace means you can eat fruit salad surrounded by the rocky mountains and the volcanic crater of Tejeda. Plus, the rooms are caves moulded following the tradition of the ancient aboriginal tribes of Gran Canaria. Make sure you try Bienmesabe, a local dessert made from locally made honey and almonds from the trees.

Book your stay at El Warung Cave Hostel

16. Comics & Capsule Hostel, Kyoto, Japan


Only in Japan can you sleep in a bookshelf. As one customer said: “Fantastic! The manga library has a small English section and they have Yogibo bean bags to chill on while you read. I absolutely loved my stay at Comicap. The staff is also very kind and helpful.”

Book your stay at Comics & Capsule Hostel

17. Die Wohngemeinschaft, Cologne, Germany

We love this hostel’s hipster vibe and each room is designed in an individual theme. There are huge wall paintings, spaceship pod beds and fairy-tale dorms! Surrounded by chill bars, cute cafes and amazing restaurants, the Wohngemeinschaft is a lush chill-out zone in the centre of Cologne’s hip district Belgisches Viertel.

Book your stay at Die-Wohngemeinschaft Hostel


18. Memory Hostel, Da Nang, Vietnam


A hostel in the exotic city of Danang with an exceedingly strong tile game. Here the hostel staff take you on adventures where you can practice fishing with professional fishers, or ride motorbikes to the Sơn Trà Mountain. If you’re not busy photographing the glittering city skyline, why not learn how to make a traditional Vietnamese cake? DROOL!

Book your stay at Memory Lane Hostel

19. LittleBigHouse, Thessaloniki, Greece


Located in centre of Old City, this hostel is just so pretty! All rooms have a view of the Eptapyrgio Castle and breakfast on this gorge terrace is delicious and free. Several customers call it their favourite hostel EVER: “After visiting many hostels around Europe I can confidently say this was my favorite. Perfect for solo travelers or those looking to meet people and have an amazing time. Just book it dude!”

Book your stay at Little Big House

20. Galeria Isla Eco Hostel, Cartagena, Colombia

Galeria Isla Eco Hostel, Cartagena, Colombia


Life on Rosario Island is all about eating fish patacones, sleeping in a hammocks and jumping into the sea. Galeria Isla is a low key hostel to compliment this chilled lifestyle, with shabby chic interiors and stripey hammocks for afternoon naps. The night plankton tour is highly recommended by customers!

Book your stay at Galeria Isla Eco Hostel

21. USA Hostels Ocean Beach, San Diego, USA



The psychedelic theme of Ocean Beach (it lights up at night FYI) runs throughout. San D’s famous Ocean Beach and the fishing pier are just a minute’s walk away, so hostel activities include bonfires with s’mores and yoga sessions. All this results in a 9.4 customer rating and outstanding reviews.

Book your stay at Ocean Beach Hostel

22. Abbey Court, Dublin, Ireland


Located next to O’Connell Bridge in Dublin’s Temple Bar, Abbey Court’s flowery exterior stands out from miles away. The inside is just as magical, with graffiti, hammocks, a piano and the Mary Poppins-esque ceiling of umbrellas is like something out of a fantastic dream.

Book your stay at Abbey Court Hostel

23. Lucky Lake Hostel, Amsterdam, Netherlands

@athinaalejandra  & @talitarobertastradiotto

Kitsch, colourful and full of mischief, Lucky Lake makes us die and go to Instagram nirvana! It’s a little out of the city in the Dutch countryside so you have your own caravan or cabin, and you guessed it – a huge lake for after-hours skinny dipping. Check. us. in!

Book your stay at Lucky Lake Hostel

24. Madama Hostel & Bistrot, Milan, Italy


Just…WOW. This former police station/liberty building is decorated to perfection and fitted with up-cycled furniture, and some friggin’ insane wall murals! Skint? At Madama Hostel you get free breakfast, dinner AND welcome drink on arrival! Milanese hospitality will be hard to beat after this….

Book your stay at Madama Hostel and Bistrot

25. Mrs Potts, Cardiff, Wales

Mrs Potts is THE place to stay in Cardiff, being 2 mins walk from Central Station. The whole place oozes cuteness, from the lounge to the kitchen, and there are adorable dorms with bespoke cabin beds. The hospitality is also hard to beat: “The scones are a welcome treat and there was one batch that could’ve won Bake Off!” (customer review). Anything involving food gets 5 stars from us.

Book your stay at Mrs Potts Hostel

26. Heyyyy Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand

Heyyy Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand


Oh heyyyy Bangkok vintage Thailand! This boutique hostel is located away from the hustle and bustle of the city on Phatthanakan Road, but with easy access to anywhere in Bangkok with the sky train near. Their motto is ‘Stay East, Live Local’, splendidly portrayed by their hostel cat!

Book your stay at Heyyyy Bangkok Hostel

27. Ccasa Hostel, Nha Trang, Vietnam

Ccasa Hostel Nha Trang, Vietnam

@hostelgeeks & @tramtram_9x

You ain’t never seen a hostel like this before! The interiors are like a game of industrial Tetris with shipping container rooms inspired by “cabin beds on a luxury train”. There are several common areas including the hanging nets and float above, and an outdoor garden with a BBQ.

Book your stay at Ccasa Hostel

28. King Kong Hostel, Rotterdam, Netherlands


A concept hostel in the hipster neighbourhood of Witte de Withstaat. The name and decor echo the movies of yesteryear, and there is obvs a movie basement with Free Netflix and popcorn. Even Joe Jonas has visited and loves it!

Book your stay at King Kong Hostel

29. The Farm Hostel, Canggu, Indnesia


The Farm has a winning combination to make any photo look epic… Awesome pool (check) gorgeous green plants (check) happy, relaxing backpackers (check) chilling under the beaut Bali sun! WINNER! Inside is just as nice too… Beautiful, modern decor, PLUS every room has its own en-suite featuring traditional open-air shower. UnBALIevable!

Book your stay at The Farm Hostel

30. Away With The Fairies, Hogsback, South Africa


Away With The Fairies boasted Bath Tub Goals before you even knew that was a thing! Take a dip in the outdoor tub overlooking the glorious, mountainous South-African landscape. A pic in this tub is bound to clean up your Insta feed a little!

Book your stay at Away with the Fairies

31. Iboih Inn, Iboih, Indonesia


Imagine how smug you’d feel arriving at your hostel only to discover that you’ve bagged yourself a sea view room, on the edge of a jungle, and with a terrace. Now, imagine staying in a hostel in which every room is this special!

Book your stay at Iboih Inn

32. Spicypai Backpackers, Pai, Thailand


A delicious sample of undisturbed Thailand, Spicypai Backpackers offers travellers a – dare we say it – authentic taste of Thai life. The thatched wooden roof and lazy hammocks set the stage perfectly for your totally plandid shot.

Book your stay at Tam Coc Rice Fields Resort

33. Tam Coc Rice Fields Resort, Ninh Binh, Vietnam

Nestled alongside a cliff and absolutely overwhelmed with gorgeous exotic greenery, Tam Coc Rice Fields Resort is simply b-e-a-utiful. AND surrounded by rice fields. No filter needed!

Book your stay at Tam Coc-Rice Fields Resort

Have we missed any? Tell us below or tag us in your Instagram pics here ?♥️


The World's Most Instagrammable Hostels

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