12 Vegan Restaurants NYC Foodies Simply Adore

There are some amazing hostels in New York, but it’s also a city famed for its amazing foodie scene. But it’s not all hot dogs and freak shakes: With over 140 vegan and vegetarian restaurants, it’s safe to say NYC is a plant-based foodie’s dreamland too. In fact, some of the best food is found in the best vegan restaurants NYC has to offer.

Want to know which of NYC’s gazillion juice bars serves the best super food smoothie? Or need some raw vegan lasagna pronto? After a LOT of research (delicious, delicious research) we’ve put together a list of the best NYC restaurants for your vegan and veggie food fix. Just remember to bring your camera because #food porn.

1. By Chloe

vegan restaurants nyc

By Chloe is like the new cool kid in town.  It’s the place to be for Instagram worthy vegan comfort food- think burgers, mac and cheese, ice cream, and smoothies served in the cutest packaging ever.  The only downside to this place is that it feels like all of NYC is as into it as I am- you’ll be hard pressed to find a time when the place isn’t absolutely packed.  My suggestion?  Get your meal to go if the weather permits and enjoy in nearby Washington Square Park (West Village location) or Madison Square Park (Flatiron location).  Don’t for get to check out the bakery too- the chocolate chip cookies are seriously the best I’ve ever had (sorry Mom!).

vegan restaurants nyc

185 Bleeker St., (West Village), 185 B Bleeker St. (Bakery, West Village), 60 W 22nd St. (Flatiron).  Locations in SOHO, Midtown, and Wiliamsburg coming soon.

2. Blossom du Jour

This delicious and 100% vegan “alternative fast food” chain has five locations around Manhattan and an impressive menu for health foodies looking for a quick meal.  An absolute must? Their Butterfinger milkshake. * drool *

Locations in Chelsea, Hell’s Kitchen, Upper West Side, Columbus Circle, and Union Square.

3. Jivamukti Café

Located in the Jivamukti Yoga Studio in Union Square, this cute, earthy café offers up a wide variety of healthy eats including pesto zucchini fettuccine, spicy tempeh salad, and Enlightenment smoothies.  One of the best restaurants in NYC is a perfect way to fuel up after a sweaty yoga class!

841 Broadway 2nd Floor, Union Square

4. Peacefood Café

This bright and cheery café has something for everyone on their well rounded menu.  Seasoned vegans will love the raw lasagna and Brazilian nut chai, while vegan newbies will enjoy the vegan cheeseburger and extensive dessert menu.

This is a great place to check out if you find yourself in the Upper West Side, where vegetarian/vegan restaurants are less common than in other parts of the city.

Locations: 460 Amsterdam Ave. Uptown) and 41 E 11th street (Downtown)

5. The Butcher’s Daughter

vegan restaurants nyc

Delicious healthy vegetarian meals? Check.  Gorgeous Instagram-worthy decor? Check!  This self proclaimed juice bar, café, and “vegetable slaughter house,” is my favourite vegetarian place in the city.  Their every changing menu is 100% vegetarian and dairy free and offers many vegan and gluten free options. Just make sure to arrive early or prepare yourself for a line up!

Locations: 19 Kenmare St. (NOLITA), 581 Hudson St. (West Village), 348 Bowery Street (Stand at the Bowery Markey in NOHO).

6. Dirt Candy

Dirty Candy isn’t just a vegetarian restaurant- it’s a vegetable restaurant.  The entire menu is dedicated to honouring and showcasing vegetables, I,e, dirt candy.  This Lower East Side hot spot was recognised by the Michelin Guide five years in a row, and won awards from Gourmet Magazine, the Village Voice, and many others.

86 Allen Street, Lower East Side

7. Nix

Nix is one of NYC’s decadent vegetarian restaurants that proves a plant based meal can hold its own in the world of fine dining.  Michelin-starred chef John Fraser’s new restaurant features a gourmet dinner and brunch menu.

72 University Place, Greenwich Village

8. Candle 79Candle Cafe

Candle 79 and its predecessor Candle Café, are classics of the NYC vegan scene.  The café has been around since 1994, and Candle 79 was opened in 2003 as a more upscale option.  The focus is on fresh, organic, vegan food, and both are absolute must visits!

Candle 79: 154 E 79th St, Upper East Side

Candle Café: 1307 3rd Ave. (Upper East Side), 2427 Broadway (Upper West Side)

9. DF Mavens

This may not be the only vegan ice cream shop in town, but it is definitely one of the best!  Just in case you need convincing, the founder Malcolm Stogo is the creator of cookies and cream ice cream. Just sayin’.

37 St Marks Pl., East Village

10. Cinnamon Snail

Come here for the “samiches,” the burgers, and the bowls, but above all come here for the donuts.  The donuts at this all vegan spot, located in “The Pennsy,” are seriously next level.

The Pennsy food court at 33rd St. and 7th Ave., and the Cinnamon Snail Food Trucks

11. Erin McKenna’s Bakery (formerly Babycakes NYC)

Refined sugar free, gluten free, wheat free, soy free, dairy free, egg free, vegan, and kosher- and still delicious!  Whether or not you have food restrictions or allergies, you’ll love this adorable bakery in the Lower East Side.  Check out their website for full nutritional and allergy info on all of their menu items.

248 Broome St, Lower East Side

12. Smoothie Bars

vegan restaurants nyc

Looking for a quick healthy snack to-go?  Indulge in one of the cities many smoothie bar locations- they’re seriously everywhere!  Personal favourites include Juice Press (get the Almond Buttercup!!), Juice Generation, and Liquitaria.  Also check out Joe and the Juice for unreal juice combinations.

Locations: Everywhere!

Other notable restaurants in New York include Terri’s, Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit Co. Pala Pizza, Vegetarian Dim Sum House, Pure Food & Wine, Caravan of Dreams.  Wholefoods and Trader Joe’s grocery stores are also located around the city and have lots of great vegan and vegetarian options!

Oh, and if your travel buddy doesn’t share your passion for plant based food, there are tons of non-vegan restaurants that offer lots of vegan dishes.  Check out Latin Beet Kitchen, Two Hands, Bluestone Lane Café, Salud, and Jack’s Wife Frieda.

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About the author: Kate Horodyski is a lifestyle & travel writer based in Halifax, Canada.

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