Why hostels are great for couples

Why hostels are great for couples

If you think hostels are no longer an option once you’ve found your perfect match, think again! All the reasons you love staying in hostels on solo trips or with your friends – the fun vibes, the budget-friendly prices, the cool/interesting/quirky style – makes them great for couples as well. Yup, being in a relationship doesn’t have to mean you’re suddenly all boring and missing out on exciting (and inexpensive) adventures. So here are  three couples who love hostels – plus six great reasons why you should book a hostel for your next weekend away with the one you love!

💘 Couples who love hostels: Jennifer & Jim (English couple)

hostels for couples @jenkg05 Jennifer & JimJennifer & Jim in Lisbon 📷: @jenkg05

Why do you choose to stay in hostels as a couple?

We stay in hostels as a couple because we get bored of each other’s company! I joke, I joke… but staying in a hostel really is the best of both worlds as we get to enjoy time alone, but we can also be sociable. We’re not at a stage yet where we want to jet away on some blissful lover’s retreat so by staying in hostels we keep active and involved in everything which the destination has to offer.

In your experience, what do hostels have that make them better than hotels for couples?

Hostels are a hub of entertainment and activities – I think we’d massively miss out on squeezing the most out of a destination if we stayed in hotels. When you arrive at a hostel, you’re instantly given a wealth of info and activities so it’s way more personal and inclusive than staying in a hotel (which I think can sometimes feel a little sterile!).

Any tips for staying in a hostel as a couple?

Book a private room and don’t attempt to double up in a single bunk bed! It’s obviously a great way to save money but it’s also a great way to instantly lose those friends you’ve just made in the bar.

Which hostel was the best one you’ve stayed in as a couple?

The Lost and Found Hostel in Panama was incredible and perfect for the adventure lovers! Great private rooms, communal dinners and daily happy hours – what’s not to love?!

😻 Reason #1: Hostels are sexier than a private rental

If no one has let you in on the secret yet, then here it is: hostels have private rooms and they’re amazing! Yup, we’re talking big comfy beds just made for two and a stylish space that’s all your own. If you’ve ever booked a private rental as a couple,  you may have discovered that it’s not always such a great idea for a sexy weekend away…. Maybe the bedding was a bit crappy? Or the bathroom was kinda icky? Or it just wasn’t as glam as you were expecting your precious time together to be? Nothing puts a dampener on the excitement of travelling together than discovering your pad doesn’t meet the mark. Instead, turn up the heat on your weekend away (or round-the-world trip) with a private room you won’t actually want to leave. Check out these seriously ‘Do Not Disturb’ hostel rooms below.

hostels for couples Lisbon Calling Hostel

Ooooh La La! You’ll never want to leave your room at Lisbon Calling Hostel

hostels for couples Cocomama Amsterdam

Cocomama Amsterdam will make you want to swing from the chandelier!

hostels for couples TOC BarcelonaDid someone say chic city break? It’s hard not to fall in love with TOC Hostel Barcelona!

🍻 Reason #2: You’ll never get bored of each other

Travelling as a couple means you get to spend A LOT of quality time together. Sometimes, a little too much! Staying at hostels gives you opportunities to hang with other people so you can mix things up a little (and even make some new friends). Social spaces, such as bars, cafes and lounges, mean you’ll never have to stay just in your room. Plus, you can join in one of the tours, activities or parties organised by your hostel.

hostels for couples @nakedtigerhostelMaking new friends in Nicaragua with Naked Tiger hostel 📷: @nakedtigerhostel

hostels for couples La Brisa LocaAlways someone to hang with at La Brisa Loca hostel in Colombia’s Santa Marta

💘 Couples who love hostels: Zoey & Mari (English & American couple)

hostels for couples @lezwandertheworld Zoey & MariZoey & Mari in Sri Lanka 📷: @lezwandertheworld 

Why do you choose to stay in hostels as a couple?

We stay in hostels to meet other people and make new friends. As a couple, you sometimes get stuck doing your own thing, so it’s sometimes nice to stay at a place where you know you’ll meet new people! We also love the fact that most hostels offer private rooms so if we want to get away and just be together, we can. Not to mention, hostels are always cheaper than hotels, and we’re all about budget traveling.

In your experience, what do hostels have that make them better than hotels for couples? 

We absolutely love that hostels always have a community environment. You can walk into a hostel and you’ll immediately feel like you’re part of a family. Also, we met at a hostel in Thailand, so hostels always give us wonderful feelings of nostalgia. It’s that hostel environment that brought us together. Hostels give you seclusion and a give you a home away from home.

Any tips for staying in a hostel as a couple? 

If you’re staying in a dorm room and get lonely at night, you can squeeze into one bed and take advantage of the extreme cuddles! We all love extreme cuddles. If you’re not into extreme cuddles, book a private room but give the cuddles a try. Also, bring earplugs.

Which hostel was the best one you’ve stayed in as a couple?

For nostalgic reasons, Rest Inn Dormitory in Bangkok because that’s where we met.

For absolute comfort, Easytrip Guesthouse in Seoul because the dorm beds were huge and really facilitated the extreme cuddles. Also, there’s a pet golden retriever.

For the party, Base Hostel in Melbourne. The party never stops, literally.

➡ Follow all of Zoey & Mari’s adventures on their blog at www.lezwandertheworld.com

💰 Reason #3: Hostels are better for your budget

If you’re travelling on a budget, then hostels are a no-brainer. Keep your costs low by staying in a dorm for a few nights and then you can #treatyoself to a private room every once in a while too – without leaving the premises! Plus, hostels have so many features to help you save your pennies on the road: we’re talking free breakfasts, free tours and activities, Happy Hour and kitchens so you can cook your own food!

hostels for couples @91loopBunking up at 91 Loop Boutique Hostel Cape Town 📷: @91loop

hostels for couples Wombats City Hostel LondonCook up a storm in this beautiful kitchen at Wombat’s City Hostel London.

👜 Reason #4: Hostels have serious style

Have you heard the word ‘poshtel’ recently. Well, they’re talking about us! Yes, hostels are design-led and super swanky these days – with spaces you’ll actually want to hang out in. From chic bedrooms to cool lounges and bars, hostels are what all your (or your partners) Instagram dreams are made of! Check out these amazingly stylish hostels below.

Soul KitchenFrom Russia with love. The Hoscar award-winning Soul Kitchen in St Petersburg.

hostels for couples Generator RomePut the ROMancE into Rome with this stylish stay: Generator Rome.

@paulabzo - United backpackesWhat a cosy colour scheme at United Backpackers in Melbourne 📷: @paulabzo

💘 Couples who love hostels: Felipe & Lorenzo (Brazilian couple)

Why hostels are great for couples @felipesauer

Felipe & Loreenzo in Stockholm 📷 @felipesauer_

Why do you choose to stay in hostels as a couple?

The hostel vibe allows us to broaden our possibilities while travelling. Just as we can dine in a restaurant, we can also cook our own food with local ingredients for a good price. Go out to a bar and get to know the city’s nightlife is great, but buying a bottle of wine and drink it comfortably in the hostel living room after a long walking day is also incredible. And, of course, there’s always the advantage of hostels being the cheapest option while travelling.

In your experience, what do hostels have that make them better than hotels for couples?

We love that hostels have a sense of community and a welcoming atmosphere. It’s perfect to share experiences and get to know new people. Want to discover the charming coffee shop that sells the best cinnamon roll in town? This and other precious tips can always come up while talking to other hostels guests.

Any tips for staying in a hostel as a couple?

Private rooms are always the best option for a smooth night. If the hostel doesn’t have that option, search for the possibility of staying in a double bed in a shared room. If the room is shared with your friends, that’s even better.

Which hostel was the best one you’ve stayed in as a couple?

Castanea Old Town Hostel for having an intimate vibe and private rooms. On top of everything, it´s located in the heart of Stockholm, what makes possible to explore the whole city by foot (our favourite activity while travelling).

👀 #Reason #5: Hostels are awesome and unusual places to stay

If you’re a couple who love to stay somewhere a little more quirky or interesting than a hotel, then hostels are exactly what you need! From a treehouse in Turkey to Hobbit house in Chile, you’ll discover a world of amazing places to stay with hostels. Plus, once you start Instagramming that cool and unusual places you stay on your travels, everyone will have serious #relationshipgoals envy.

hostels for couples @filipshobot Jumbo Stay SwedenDid someone say mile high club? Jumbo Stay Stockholm 📷: @filipshobot

Unusual places to stay @chili.kiwi.lakefront Chili KiwiYour own little Hobbit house for two at Chili Kiwi Lakefront in Pucon, Chile 📷: @chili.kiwi.lakefront

Hostels for couples @ashkatehunter Calle 11Live it up in former Colombian Cartel Mansion, Calle 11. Hostel in Santa Marta 📷: @ashkatehunter

🍹 Reason #6: Hostels are more fun than hotels

Hotel bars…. they’re renowned for being the last place anyone would actually want to hang out. Hostel bars, on the other hand, are all about FUN. From in-house cocktail gurus in Tokyo to rooftop DJs in Paris, you’re guaranteed a good time at your hostel bar. Plus, hostels are not all about the bars. Yes, we have pools too! Plus, you can play shuffleboard and petanque in Copenhagen, hang in a giant hammock in Colombia, and jump in a ball pit in Lisbon.

hostels for couples @isaespimo Casa GraciaParty time at Casa Gracia hostel in Barcelona 📷: @isaespimo 

hub new lisbon hostel ballpiFeel like a real baller in Hub New Lisbon hostel’s ball pit!

💘 Couples who love hostels: Laura & Stephen (Brazilian & Irish couple)

hostels for couples @astaclivo Laura & Stephen croppedLaura & Stephen in Lisbon 📷: @astaclivo

Why do you choose to stay in hostels as a couple?

We always choose to stay in a hostel because you can feel super comfortable while travelling on a budget. Even if we normally stay in private rooms, it’s great to have a social space where we can meet other people. Our favourite part: getting tips from the hostel staff. We definitely feel that staying in a hostel is a more authentic experience and you’ll return home full of stories to tell, which would never happen if you stayed somewhere else.

In your experience, what do hostels have that make them better than hotels for couples?

When we travel as a couple, we’re still looking for meaningful travel experiences where we can meet people from different cultures and learn new things. In the social areas of the hostel we can always meet new people and have an interesting conversation. When you stay in a hotel you limit your travel experience and don’t really live everything the city has to offer. Traveling is all about opening yourself to new experiences and staying in a hostel where people have the same mind-set definitely helps you to do that!

Any tips for staying in a hostel as a couple?

We’ve stayed in private rooms and shared rooms in hostels together. It’s important not to limit the opportunities to get to know other people and explore the city in a different way while travelling as a couple. You can still have super meaningful experiences that belong only to two while still being open to new travel experiences.

Which hostel was the best one you’ve stayed in as a couple?

A few months ago we stayed in a hostel called Kilronan on Aran Island and had an amazing experience. The staff were really helpful and friendly and gave us a lot of tips on things to do there. This was really helpful because we didn’t have anything planned. The hostel had a nice atmosphere and we could enjoy the common areas together.


❤ Do you love staying in hostels as a couple? Comment below and let us know! 👇


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Why hostels are great for couples

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