99 Unusual Hostels You’ll Never Want To Leave

Times have changed, and so has the world of hostels. Gone are the days of a million dingy beds packed into a single room. Nowadays, hostels are constantly competing to prove that they are the coolest new wanderlust–infused accommodation in town. So much so, that we host our very own awards – the HOSCARS! – for the best hostels according to your reviews each year (make sure you check out the 2018 winners). Travellers all over the globe are discovering places to stay with giant hammocks, hand painted murals, unique designs and yoga sessions that are making backpacking in 2018 even better. We’ve put together a list of the very best! Feats your eyes on 99 of the most amazing and unusual places to stay around the world:

1. Stay in a multi-coloured cabin paradise

Lucky Lake Hostel in Amsterdam

Almost feeling like you’ve stepping straight into the Wizard of Oz, Lucky Lake Hostel in Amsterdam is as charming as it is unusual. They have an outdoor kitchen, bright yellow breakfast bus, and even a shuttle to the metro station. Every day you’ll wake up to free coffee & tea on tap, AND free eggs, pancakes or poffertjes for breakfast.

2. Get up close and personal with the stars

Skyewalker Hostel - Isle of Skye - Quirky Places to Stay


The Isle of Skye is full of exquisite lochs, forests and misty mountains, as well as this gem of a hostel. The Skyewalker Hostel Jedi huts out back are as quaint as they are relaxing, and the glass dome will help you gaze at the cosmos like a seasoned astronomer. You can even stroll down to the sea for water sports, and whale/dolphin watching.

3. Sleep in a jumbo jet


We’ve all dreamed of being able to afford a fancy first class flight around the world, with built-in bed seats and real food instead of economy rations. Jumbo Stay in Sweden offers exactly that, except you’ll have to stay on the ground. The converted jumbo jet even has a cockpit suite for those in search of a truly unique sleeping experience!

4. Get in touch with nature

Tents and fairy lights at Zostel Ooty in India

Whether you’re after a room or a tent in the fairy lit garden, Zostel Ooty is the perfect place to catch a gorgeous Indian sunrise. The local forest and cinematic local scenery make the perfect setting for your soul to unwind. The hostel dogs are also on constant lookout for those in need of serious cuddles!

5. Step up your ink game

Unusual places to stay @merckipedia Urban House Copenhagen

📷: @merckipedia

Urban House in Copenhagen aims to feed our obsession for wanderlust tattoos in its in-house vintage tattoo parlour. The entire place just oozes coolness, with delicious local craft beer and electrifying local music on show in their swanky bar. It’s also definitely worth checking out their yoga and urban running events.

6. Channel your inner yoga master

The Salty Pelican in Portugal offers free yoga classes to its guests

Managed by three backpackers who live and breathe all things travel, The Salty Pelican (Portugal) offers yoga classes for all levels, with sunrise Yang Yoga and afternoon Yin Yoga taught daily. You can also get your surf on at the beach, and make sure you hit up the evening hostel BBQs.

7. Become one with the jungle

A hostel hidden in a tropical rain forest - Sepilok Forest Edge Resort

First of all, who HASN’T day dreamed about adventuring in Borneo?! Secondly, while on said adventure, wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a hostel that offered jungle treks, reflexology at their very own spa? A hostel that is hidden in a tropical rain forest, just a short walk from animal sanctuaries and gorgeous lagoons? Enter: Sepilok Forest Edge Resort.

8. Soak like the snow monkeys

Yudanaka Seifu-So is a Japanese guest house with onsen spas and snow monkeys

Traditional and beautiful, Yudanaka Seifu-So is a Japanese guest house dating back to the 1860’s. One of the more unique places to stay in the world – the surrounding nature is the stuff of legends. Maybe you’ve heard of the local snow monkeys who love a dip in the natural hot springs? The hostel is next level cosy, with four different types of bath, tea and heated blankets on offer.

9. Watch the sun set from a giant hammock

Giant hammocks and tree-house breakfasts at Casa Elemento

📷Alexandre Fantie

Two words: GIANT HAMMOCK. Four more: BREAKFAST IN A TREE HOUSE. Seriously what else could you want in a hostel?! Well the Casa Elemento fresh mountain air, nightly campfires, Sunday night BBQs and Colombian jungle sunsets aren’t too bad either…

10. Find this bamboo backpacker haven

Good Vibes Bungalows offers bungalows on the island of Gili Trawangan

Away from the crowded bars of Bali, you’ll find the stunning island Gili Trawangan, also home to Good Vibes Bungalows. The newly built bungalows each comes with private balconies and free banana pancakes for breakfast.

11. Travel like a rock star

Sant Jordi Rock Palace in Barcelona

Sant Jordi Rock Palace in Barcelona exemplifies what it means to travel like a rock star. Drums and guitars in soundproofed rooms, a décor to make most live music clubs insanely jealous and even a scintillating rooftop pool? Done!

12. Nomads just wanna have fun

Grown-up ball pit at Hub New Lisbon

Travelling the world is a beautiful and educational experience, but it should also be insanely fun! Hub New Lisbon is an unusual place to stay that decided to slap an adult ball pit bang in the middle of their hostel! The hostel itself is amazing and has a lot to offer as well, but come on, it’s a GROWN UP BALL PIT!

13. Hostel heaven is a half pipe

Sant Jordi Sagrada Familia hostel in Barcelona

Travel + Barcelona + Skateboarding = HEAVEN. Sant Jordi Sagrada Familia hostel is all about that skate life. The walls are dedicated to skate history, and there’s even a half pipe ramp in the common area! It also happens to be located in one of the best skating areas of Barcelona.

14. Two wheels and a bed is all you need

Bangkok Bed and Bike

Mixing Thai and Western architecture, each room at Bangkok Bed and Bike follows a different cycling theme, and this quirky place to stay is perfectly located near some incredible food markets. Oh, and that décor though!

15. Sleep in a train carriage

Sleep in a converted train carriage at Railway Square YHA

Australia’s incredible Railway Square YHA give you the opportunity to sleep in converted train carriages! The main building itself has comfy rooms and all the usual trimmings, but why stay in a normal room when you’ve got such a weird and wonderful option available to you?

16. 200-year-old Arab mansion

Unusual Places to Stay - Fauzi Azar Inn located in Nazareth

If you find yourself in The Holy Land, why not stay in a 200 year old Arab mansion? Fauzi Azar Inn is located in Nazareth, surrounded by history and modernised for today’s standards. Make sure to grab the yummy traditional Arabic breakfast.

17. Jazz, books and biscuits

KEX is a former biscuit factory with a barber shop, jazz club and library


Iceland is always a good idea, and it doesn’t come any better than KEX. It’s a former biscuit factory (seriously), has an awesome bar, jazz club and library. If you’re looking for a trim, you’re in luck as KEX has a third generation hostel barber.

18. Live your tree house dreams

Kadir’s Tree House in Turkey has three bars and their own in-house nightclub

Channel your inner Peter Pan at the incredible Kadir’s Tree House in Turkey. The wooden hostel itself boast an in-house nightclub, three bars and their beloved Pizza house, as well as super easy access to every outdoor adventure you can think of. This is definitely one of the most unusual places to stay on the list.

19. 3,600 year old caves

 Caveland in Santorini - Local vanilla, pear and pistachio trees give this 18th century winery a heavenly smell

Located in an 18th Century winery, Caveland in Santorini is surrounded by gorgeous aromas from the local vanilla, pear and pistachio trees. It’s tucked away in the hills, and consists of 8 caves! The tennis courts, lush rooms and scenic terrace (complete with a sea view) have all contributed to the hostel’s 9.5/10 guest rating for value for money.

20. Step into a fairy tale

Lavender Circus Hostel in Hungary

Lavender Circus Hostel hosts legendary Hungarian dinner parties, and the rooms are the stuff of dreams. Best of all, you’ll be in Budapest, home of thermal baths that make up one of the best skinny dipping spots on Earth!

21. Connect with nature


Stay in a hostel inside Uruguay’s wildest areas where you can find a huge sea-lion colony, no wif-fi or electricity and many interesting things to explore. Lobo Hostel Bar is the perfect place to meet other travellers and disconnect from the modern world in a immersive experience in the wild.

22. London calling

Clink78 in London is a former courthouse

The Former courthouse Clink78 once played host to legendary punk rock band The Clash after they were arrested (like in Fremantle Prison, you can also stay in the jail cells). Fun fact: Charles Dickens also worked there as a scribe!

23. Ever spent the night in an aristocratic palace?

Get a taste of the aristocratic lifestyle at Babushka Grand Hostel

Bet you haven’t stayed in a gold gilded, chandelier emblazoned hostel, modelled after the palace of an 18th Century Odessa aristocrat before, have you? All the usual trimmings included of course, as well as TWO balconies and a laundry service at the Babushka Grand Hostel.

24. A healthy respect for history

Hostel Franz Ferdinand

Perhaps unusually themed with décor reminiscent of the First World War, Hostel Franz Ferdinand is the best rated hostel in Sarajevo! Free breakfast? Check! Amazing location? Yup! Security? Top notch!

25. Co-habit like a Hobbit

Unusual places to stay @chili.kiwi.lakefront Chili Kiwi

📷: chili.kiwi.lakefront

Looking for a room with a view? Say hello to Pucón! Here you can choose between a cabin in the trees that overlooks the lake or a double room “hobbit-style” in the garden. You’re definitely in for a treat here as the Chili Kiwi Lakefront was voted best hostel in all of Latin America in this year’s HOSCAR Awards!

26. Vintage goals

Stay in a hostel originally built for the Swiss ambassador to Portugal at The Independente

The Independente was originally built for the Swiss ambassador to Portugal, and the inside makes us long for the past with its vintage décor. There are private balconies overlooking St. George’s Castle, and even a secluded beer lounge for those looking for entertainment.

27. Swedish boats make the best hostels

Want to sleep on a 100-year-old boat? Check out the Red Boat Hostel in Stockholm

100-year-old boat in Stockholm? Sounds like a plan. The Red Boat Hostel consists of two boats docked in the heart of the city. It’s cosy, but offers access to nearby cliffs with an amazing view of the city. Floating hostels? More please!

28. Two bars and three terraces because #whynot

Swanky Mint is a former 19th Century textile factory right in the middle of Zagreb’s Old Town

Croatia knows how to fill its hostels with incredible atmosphere. Swanky Mint is a former 19th Century textile factory right in the middle of Zagreb’s Old Town. The bar is off the chain, with a welcome shot of “rakija” passed out upon arrival, three terraces and a brand new pool. Also, the breakfast is unearthly: burek (traditional pastries), waffles, Nutella, fruit, croissants, and fresh coffee.

29. Get motivated

Happynest Inspiring Hostel

Good vibes abound at Happynest Inspiring Hostel. There are motivational quotes plastered all over the walls, and the hostel itself is comfy, classy and perfect for backpackers visiting SE Asia.

30. Boutique hostels are so dreamy

Check out Bread & Jam in Bali for a quirky place to stay

Bread & Jam is seriously quaint. It’s walking distance to the beach and central Kuta. The whole place is private (the have some awesomely cosy pods), comfy and epitomises the very best of boutique hosteling. Oh and you better believe they offer free breakfast with a name like that!

31. Ultimate solo escape


Perfect for Solo travellers. Perfect for groups. Whatever your travel mission is, Superbude is what you’ve been waiting for. The rooms are incredible, and so is the St. Pauli Kitchen Club, which serves organic and Fair Trade tea, muesli, cornflakes, breads, local meats and cheeses, fresh fruits and Superbude waffles (just add Nutella).

32. Swanky decor

Sputnik is Moscow's first design hostel

Just look at this place! Moscow’s first design hostel, Sputnik, has a swanky interior, complete with all sorts of rooms. The private sleep boxes will recharge your soul for the next day of adventuring, and there’s a killer lounge in the attic.

33. Get creative!

Art. Art. Art! Onas Hostel in Argentina is covered in eclectic artwork, and is a perfect for creative travellers in search of a unique place to stay. The surrounding neighbourhood is brimming with life and culture, and breakfast is free!

34. Wooden POSHtel

Beimen Wow

Beimen Wow really is a POSHtel! It’s comfy, stylish and the wooden decor is unparalleled anywhere else in the hosteling world, and they’ve even teamed up with a local studio to organise language and culture exchange programs.

35. Rock and roll Hogwarts

Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage in London

You’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve just stepped off the Hogwarts Express and into an enchanted castle right in London! Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage are all about that “spacious, lovely old mansionette” vibe, and totally pull it off. Oh, and they sometimes throw spontaneous concerts featuring incredible musicians.

36. Memories > Things

Memory Hostel in Vietnam

Memories are so much better than things, and you’ll feel that at Memory Hostel in Vietnam. Every room is packed full of traditional Vietnamese culture and aesthetic, the rooftop bar is specially designed to maximise the social vibes and the owner is a professional bartender. Memories will be made!

37. 10/10 baby!

Mountain Hostel Tarter is a top-rated hostel in Andorra

Goodness gracious, this hostel! Mountain Hostel Tarter is in the beautiful Andorra and has a 10/10 rating in FOUR different categories: security, location, staff and cleanliness. It’s a sublime mountain getaway that’s totally eco-friendly too, so you’re helping to save the planet at the same time. Nice work!

38. It’s all about the concept

Wallyard Concept Hostel in Berlin

It doesn’t get much more hipster than Wallyard Concept Hostel, Berlin. Far from mainstream, the casual interior is adventurous, artistic, and urban all rolled into one. It’s the perfect balance of modern design and comfort. Make sure to grab the homemade breakfast and check out the art salon.

39. Next level rooftops

Sunset Destination Hostel in Lisbon

Sunset Destination Hostel in Lisbon is ULTIMATE rooftop goals.  The lofty bar overlooks the river, there’s a chill out dome, roof pool and even an urban garden for you to plant your own sunflowers. Friday nights are packed as the resident DJ powers the party vibes into the night!

40. Travel in your sleep

Cube Hostel in Belgium

Retro, vintage, classic. The boutique-style Cube Hostel in Belgium is like stepping right into someone’s passport. The décor just emanates wanderlust – even the reception desk is built upon a stack of vintage suitcases!

41. Spend the night behind bars (without getting arrested)!

A former military prison in Slovenia is now the stunning Celica Art Hostel

Celica Art Hostel is one of the most inspiring places to stay in Europe. It’s a unique old military prison that now serves as a rest stop for backpackers in Slovenia. You can spend the night in old prison cells, and each room has artistic installations and elements that will awaken your inner creative spark.

42. Look after yourself

Stay Hostel in Rhodes was the best hostel in Greece at this year's HOSCARS

This year’s “Best Hostel in Greece” Hoscar award winner, Stay Hostel in Rhodes is beautiful and nourishing for the mind, body and soul. They have a bangin’ happy hour, delectable pizza and souflaki nights, live music, yoga, massages, and even a gym. The 9.7 guest rating for atmosphere ain’t too shabby either 😉

43. Changing outdated perceptions

Local food, bike trips and a fireplace at Hello I’m Local Boutique Hostel in the Netherlands

Twelve unique rooms with private showers and gorgeous décor? Hello I’m Local Boutique Hostel in the Netherlands is helping to change outdated perceptions of hostels everywhere. Local food, bike trips to the beach and a private patio with a fireplace boost it to the top of most people’s hostel bucket lists.

44. By backpackers, for backpackers

Hostel Gastama

Hostel Gastama is run by backpackers and they totally get what it means to be a traveller in 2017. The atmosphere is genuine, the range of rooms fit all budgets, and if you’re able to stay in the loft, you’ll feel like backpacking royalty.

45. Tee-pees and snuggles

Indoor tee-pee at the Ecomama hostel in Amsterdam

As you enter Ecomama, Amsterdam the scent of roasted coffee will hit your nostrils as you walk through the front doors and past the arty café  to get to the reception made of vintage books. The large communal kitchen and dining space with banquet-style tables are ideal for feasting and bantz with other travellers. But if you’re in the mood for a cheeky snooze or a movie, head to the fairy-lit tee-pee and snuggle down.”

46. #HostelStars

King Kong Rotterdam has en-suite rain showers, an in-house gym a movie screening basement


King Kong Rotterdam has en-suite rain showers, an in-house gym a movie screening basement, an in-house Barista and luxury breakfast buffet. Where else can you stay on your travels that has their own bespoke lemonade bar?! *Cue the Beyoncé!* Oh yeah and they even attract a few celebs from time to time…

47. Former brothel

Cocomama is a hostel in a former brothel. Can you guess which city?

Cocomama is a hostel in a former brothel (when in Amsterdam ;)). It’s an old converted 1930’s townhouse that still clings on to bits of its…urmmm…fascinating past. It’s perfect for solo travellers, and Joop the cat is usually wandering around looking for new nomadic friends.

48. Perfect for new solo travellers

Q4 hotel in New York


“The staff at Q4, NYC reception were unwaveringly helpful and friendly. One of them even asked if I was still going to be here on karaoke night! I wish! I went to check out the basement immediately, which turned out to be the perfect chill zone, ha! As well as an open plan kitchen area there was a pool table, a movie projector, books, guitars and even a cute little cave lined with cushions and bean bags. It was the most social and enjoyable experience I’ve ever had with strangers.” – @marciaskints

49. Bringing sexy back

Shot of the mahogany interior at Freehand Chicago

What makes Freehand Chicago sexy? It could be the Mahogany furnishings, a gourmet café, mixology bar, and the fact it’s surrounded by art galleries and independent coffee shops. The atmosphere is insanely great for travellers also. Chicago can be an overwhelming city, by this beaut makes it feel like home.

50. Sun, surf and beach bonfires

View of the street outside Ocean Beach Hostel

The staff at Ocean Beach Hostel believe in letting your hair down, and living life to its fullest. That means learning to surf, resting your weary travelling bones, and of course partying and eating at their beach bonfire jams (held twice a week).

51. Former boutique hotel

HI San Francisco City Centre is housed in a former 1920's boutique hotel

How could San Francisco not have amazing hostels?! HI San Francisco City Centre is housed in a former 1920’s boutique hotel. It’s majestically vintage, with marble tiling and mahogany railings. Plus, it’s surrounded by some of the best art and culture the city has to offer.

52. Escape the city

Picture of Montacute Boutique Bunkhouse

Located in a quaint little Australian village, Montacute Boutique Bunkhouse is perfect for those looking to escape the city. The rooms are adorably peaceful, and the log fire will up your snuggle game. Make sure you say hi to Lily and Tuxi, the resident miniature bulldogs!

53. Ecuador in style

Boutiquito Design Hostel in Ecuador


Ecuador is one of the most incredible countries in South America, just brimming with art, culture and delicious food. Boutiquito Design Hostel in Quito is the perfect manifestation of that and so much more.

54. Get loud in the music lounge

Mosaic House in Prague is a music, design and eco-friendly hostels rolled into one

Mosaic House, Prague is a music, design and eco hostel rolled in to one! The La Loca Music Bar & Lounge is where the party people are at, with everything from tango nights to upcoming bands playing on the stage. You can dance ‘til 3am then get a cosy night’s sleep in one of their snazzy rooms. Some even come with rain showers to dance in, and you can upgrade to their penthouse suite for a private garden and views of over the city.

55. Fair Trade travel

The Backpack in Cape Town is a fair trade hostel with a community farm shop

Like a lot of other hostels nowadays, The Backpack Cape Town has an amazing pool and amazing rooms. But unlike most other hostels, it’s a Fair Trade hostel, has a community craft shop and you can even book their lush loft apartment!

56. Colour Explosion

Yim Huai Khwang Hostel is an explosion of colour in the heart of Bangkok

Life is so much better in Technicolor.  Yim Huai Khwang Hostel in Thailand is a colour explosion, stuffed with delights backpackers will adore. A particular favourite is the garden, a small slice of peace in the middle of chaotic Bangkok.

57. Brazilian Mansion
WE Hostel Design is housed in a former 1920's Brazilian mansion

WE Hostel Design is housed in a former 1920’s Brazilian mansion, and combines a retro and modern feel that will blow you away. They’re obsessed with helping you get the most out of the shared spaces at the hostel, and thus have included a cinema room, and thoughtful touches, like the chalk message board on the ceiling of the glass room.

58. Soak up the Spanish sun

The Hat in Madrid is a hostel powered by biomass

Every traveller needs to experience the magic of Spanish sunlight, and you can on the relaxing rooftop of The Hat in Madrid. The hostel is powered by biomass (you’re welcome Earth!) and the décor is beyond chic.

59. Leave a note

Maverick City Lodge in Budapest

If you’re bored in Budapest it’s your own fault! The city is incredible, and so are its hostels like the brilliant Maverick City Lodge. The rooms are stellar, and the dorms are awash with quirky designs. Make sure to leave a note on the traveller message board!

60. Resort or hostel?

View of the pool and sun loungers at Rambutan Townsville YHA in Australia

This resort is incredible! JK it’s actually a hostel! Rambutan Townsville YHA in sunny Australia is what you’d expect in a resort, except without the hefty price tag. The atmosphere is very social and so laid back it’s practically horizontal.

61. Make yourself at home

Yard Hostel is an oasis of calm in Bangkok

The Yard Hostel, Bangkok is a must on your SE Asia travels. They refer to their garden as an “oasis of calm” and it really is. Whether you’re looking to relax and write, or socialise with other wanderers, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

62. Pool + Climbing wall = <3

Gili Backpackers Castle has a pool and a climbing wall

After a long day of exploring the Gili islands, you’re definitely going to need some much-deserved R&R. Gili Backpackers Castle has a pool that will rejuvenate those bones and muscles of yours. There’s even a climbing wall over the pool, so save a little energy for some epic jumps!

63. Minimalist and modern

The Piece Hostel in Japan is a minimal masterpiece

Piece Hostel in Japan is delightfully minimalistic and modern, while still capturing the spirit of backpacking. You’ll find all the rest you’re looking for, and they’re all about story swapping in the social areas.

64. Wine cellar basement bar

View of the basement bar at Wombats Hostel in London

One of THE hostels to check out in London, Wombats has an incredible basement bar that used to be an old wine cellar! It’s located right near some of the oldest and most awe inspiring things to see in London, so it couldn’t be any more perfect for UK-bound travellers.

65. It’s all about roof terraces

Picture of the rooftop terrace at Generator Paris

Generator Paris is basically Paris under one roof. Start your night with a cocktail at the magnifique roof terrace overlooking the Sacré-Cœur and Montmarte, then head down to the underground bar for some Parisian tunes. Mornings are spent with a fresh coffee in Café Fabien with its canteen and conservatory overlooking the garden, followed by a snooze in the Moroccan chill zone.

66. Not one, but two pools

PLUS Florence


Ever felt like going for a swim in your hostel pool, but wish you had more than one pool to choose from? Well you’re in luck! PLUS Florence has TWO incredible pools for your aquatic pleasure, just make sure you head up to the roof to check out that view also!

67. Work of art

Gallery Hostel Porto

Beautiful hostel, exquisite art. Gallery Hostel Porto is surrounded by inspiring art galleries and local music. Not only that, but the actual hostel is filled with original art pieces. Even the bathrooms are works of art.

68. Pure beauty

Czech Inn

Nicely situated in the swanky Vinohrady neighbourhood, the gorgeous Czech Inn is bursting with life and boutique flair. The private rooms are luxurious and every square inch of the hostel has been carefully designed to maximise its aesthetic lure.

69. Delicious hosteling

Ostello Bello in Milan

Is it possible to describe a hostel as delicious? Well there isn’t a better way to portray Ostello Bello in Milan. First, a free welcome drink is thrust into your hand upon arrival, then there’s free dinner between 7-9pm, and of course their yummy breakfast that won’t cost you a thing.

70. Great things, small packages

Boutique Hostel Forum in Croatia

Pod beds are becoming all the rage in the hosteling world as of late. Boutique Hostel Forum in Croatia is doing it better than most! The accommodation might be small, but it’s comfy, quaint and perfect for solo travellers on a budget.

71. See the Northern Lights

Héraðsskólinn Hostel is one of the most unique places to stay in Iceland

Héraðsskólinn Hostel is one of the most unique places to stay in Iceland a lakeside 1920’s building that is conveniently located on the Golden Circle trail – perfect if you’re on a road trip. Not only can you regularly see the Northern Lights from your bedroom window, there are Icelandic ponies frolicking in the nearby fields!

72. From laboratory to hostel

Amsterdam’s former 1920's testing lab is now Clinknoord Hostel

Amsterdam’s former 1920’s testing lab is now Clinknoord Hostel. There are stained glass windows on every floor, reminiscent of the building’s former life, and the in-house zincBar always offers great cocktails, gigs and serves as Amsterdam’s newest nightclub.

73. Backpacker dreamland

Kingkool is a boutique hostel in the heart of The Hague

This gem has themed rooms, luxury private suites and the perfect location right in the heart of The Hague. Kingkool is a boutique hostel, design hotel and backpackers dreamland all rolled into one.

74. Portuguese boudoir

Lisbon Calling

Who wouldn’t want to wake up in a hostel like this?! Lisbon Calling is one hot babe, a Portuguese boudoir with dorm rooms overlooking the church square. Leave your map at home as there’s a huge one in the lounge where guests leave notes and memories. Awww

75. Dorms to die for

Die Wohngemeinschaft

People go absolutely crazy for the dorms at Die Wohngemeinschaft. They really feel like you’ve jumped into a fairy tale! In the dictionary next to affordable luxury, there’s just a picture of Die Wohngemeinschaft Hostel.

76. Wes Anderson-esque

Ani & Haakien Hostel in Rotterdam

One word sums up Ani & Haakien Hostel in Rotterdam: Vintage. And social. And also fun. Oh and we forgot engaging. It’s also odd. Okay so there are way too many appropriate words to pick from but you get the point.

77. Step into Cuba

Little Havana Party Hostel has an impressive three bars AND a free breakfast

Little Havana Party Hostel lives up to its name. The hostel holds three different Cuban style bars and is full of energy every night. Its location has a 9.9/10 guest rating, and they include breakfast with the already low price. Boom!

78. Stone cold fox

A Room In The City is a hostel in the up-and-coming destination of San Sebastian


San Sebastian is one of Spain’s hottest up and coming destinations for budget travellers, and A Room In The City is a hostel worthy of such hype. It’s just a 3 minute walk to the beach, and the stonework interior is rustic and unique.

79. The party never stops

Picture of an amazing breakfast at The Yellow in Rome


The Yellow in Rome is one of those hostels that is constantly pushing the boundaries of what a hostel can be: party hot spot, tattoo parlour, hair salon, killer terrace, foodie magnet and local tour guide with the best off-the-beaten track tips in town. Also, THAT BREAKFAST!!

80. Swagger level 1000

Generator Venice features mosaic flooring, stone fireplaces and luminous chandeliers

Who would have thought that an old converted grain house would become such a stellar hostel? The attention to the design detail at Generator Venice is jaw-dropping: Venetian mosaic flooring, stone fireplaces, jungle print wallpaper, and luminous chandeliers all creating a quirky but artistic aesthetic. Oh yeah, and there’s a DRAWING ROOM!

81. Former royal estate

Picture of the fountains at Safestay Holland Park

The building that now houses Safestay Holland Park used to be a private estate belonging to the Earl of Holland! It’s had its fair share of important visitors over the years including Sir Walter Scott, Lord Byron and Mr. Charles Dickens. Now it’s a hostel, and a hell of a good one at that! Make sure to swing by the Japanese Garden…

82. All bling, no sting

Toc in Barcelona

If Wanderlust-land was a real country, Barcelona just might be the capital. There are so many brilliant hostels across the city, and Toc is one of the absolute best. There’s a game zone, in-house supermarket, and it has even hosted a few international celebs in its time.

83. Can we talk about that bathroom?

Casa Gracia has a secret wine cellar, hydro-massaging hot tub and a donkey in the bathroom


Where do we start?! Casa Gracia has a playroom, a secret wine cellar, a deluxe apartment, a super suite, and a hydro-massaging hot tub. They offer a range of workshops including Catalan Rumba, Lomography and Instagramming Food! Perhaps best of all, is that in the bathroom you’ll wash your hands in a giant donkey!

84. Beds, bikes and books

Barcelona’s Bed & Bike

Barcelona’s Bed & Bike is charming and delightful. Aside from all the usual fixings, the social spaces are unique and inspiring. How many other hostels have an indoor rope swing? Make sure to swap a book for the next leg of your journey. This hostel is perfect for quirky weekend breaks.

85. Hitting the B.I.G time

The B.I.G. is one of the best hostels in Africa

Cape Town is a must visit for many, and The B.I.G. is a must stay. A winner of the “Best Hostel in Africa” Hoscar award, its boutique vibe helps you feel like you’ve found a home away from home. The hostel is owned by real travellers who have fascinating and useful insider travel tips! Make sure to grab a slice from their in-house pizza oven.

86. Chasing waterfalls

View of the jungle canopy from Cascada Verde in Costa Rica

Stop what you’re doing and read this next sentence carefully: Cascada Verde is an open-air jungle tree house, located by a Costa Rican waterfall. Enough said really.

87. Three course dinners

Fancy a three-course meal during your next stay? Check out the Lisbon Lounge Hostel

The interiors are magnificent with each room freshly painted and decorated by local artists, and the location is perfect for exploring the city. However our favourite thing about Lisbon Lounge Hostel is that you can get fed and drunk every night with their three course dinner *PLUS WINE* for just €9.

88. Slides are the new stairs

Container Hostel in Malaysia has its very own slide

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably bored of stairs and lifts/elevators. Going downstairs has just lost its pzazz. UNTIL NOW 😉 Container Hostel in Malaysia literally has a slide inside the hostel! Oh and of course it just so happens to be gorgeous inside too!

89. Surrounded by poetry

Lisbon Poets Hostel

If you’re after somewhere with a little sophistication, head to Lisbon Poets Hostel in Chiado, the city’s arts district. Bean bags, hammocks, and antique lamps lend a homely feel to this place, but you’re also next to Bairro Alto, the nightlife district, should you choose to paint Lisbon red.

90. Floating hostels with quirky beds

ArkaBarka is a modern wooden hostel floating in the Danube River

Floating hostels are the shiz. Seriously! ArkaBarka is a modern wooden hostel floating in the Danube River. The view is to die for, and the rooms are stunning – one of the private rooms has a bed that’s just hanging from the ceiling!

91. Rooftop hammocks

Relax in a hammock on the rooftop at Mambembe Hostel

There’s one thing that brings all types of traveller together no matter the budget: hammocks! We dare you to find someone whose adventures were not instantly made better by a hammock session. Doesn’t hurt that Mambembe Hostel’s hammocks are on the roof overlooking the city either!

92. Alive with local art

Each room at the Hop Inn in Hong Kong is a literal work of art

Art is always a good thing, but we especially love local art. Hop Inn Hong Kong has transformed each of their rooms with work by talented local artists. It’s a living, breathing art space, as well as being a baller hostel.

93. Mongolian yurts are magnificent

Stay in a Mongolian yurt at Shantee House in Budapest

During the summer months, Shantee House in Budapest gives adventurous travellers the chance to sleep in their enchanted Mongolian Yurt tents. You can even sleep in a hammock under a willow tree! It’s like a chapter out of the best travel diary ever.

94. A native hollow in Brazil

Raizes Eco Hostel is an eco-friendly option in the middle of nowhere

Raizes Eco Hostel, Brazil: “Before Brazil was found by the Portuguese, the local natives used to live in hollows, built by themselves, with materials from the forest. This amazing eco-friendly hostel will take you to those times, with their authentic décor and welcoming atmosphere.” – @guidocarol 

95. Right in the heart of the action

Stay in a favela at Vidigalhouse in Brazil

Vidigalhouse in Brazil offers you the chance to stay in a hostel located in the favela of Rio. Travel doesn’t really get much more authentic than that!

96. Prison parties

Prison in India offers waterfall tours, clubbing, mangrove walking tours and more

India’s first and best party hostel, Prison offers an endless supply of beer! Their activity and events schedule is off the chain: waterfall tours, clubbing and flea markets, mangrove walking tours etc. The list goes on!

97. Cosy log cabin

HI Banff Alpine Centre

Typically most people think of hostels as being located in populated cities and tourist hot spots, but in Canada, you can even stay in the log cabin-esque HI Banff Alpine Centre as you embark on mountain adventures! They even offer a package for those seeking to work along their journey!

98. Firehouse with a speakeasy bar

Firehouse Hostel

Firehouse Hostel, Austin is a unique hostel in central downtown is the largest in Austin and a real life firehouse originally built in 1885. We love its olde worlde vibez, especially the speakeasy craft cocktail bar that you can only enter through a hidden bookshelf in the lobby. Meet you under the clock at midnight!

99. Slide into the ocean

Bambuda Lodge has a 150-ft slide from the bar to the ocean

If you’ve ever dreamed of being able to slide 150 ft into the ocean from your hostel bar, your dreams can now be realised. Bambuda Lodge, Panama is surrounded by natural rain forest, with 30 different types of fruit trees. They even have their own dock! Grab your snorkels!

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